The first private owner in Russia

City Pavlovsky on Oka in Nizhny Novgorod region is traditionally known as the city zhelezyachnikov. The first forge appeared in the area in the VII century, and made them axes, knives, scythes and other farm implements.

The first private owner in RussiaPhoto by Oleg Zaytseva.Valery Sofronov same attraction of the town, like Pavlovian knives.

Orod Pavlov Oka Below­urban area traditionally called the city zhelezyachnikov. The first appeared in the smithy this location The VII century, and done in these axes, knives, scythes and other household implements. Once upon a time the town was called Vulkanovo — at every yard smoked forge. AND Now there is little that has changed — glamorous peteushnitsy internships at machine, not afraid to spoil the manicure.
Valery Sofronov same attraction of the town, as well as Pavlovian knives. He was the first «owner-driver» at Russia, who has received permission manufacture of knives. AT tourism brochures visit its production is called «for the knives to Sofronov».
«Governor does not take bribes»

The first private owner in Russia

Photo by Oleg Zaytseva.U good host throughout the procedure, even the all-terrain vehicle from the engine for the winter the water has drained.

Himself gunsmith — an avid hunter. Hunting with 12 years, in his arsenal accumulated about fifty guns. Favorite — usual
emtseshku — He bought fiat money wife thirty years ago. AND from Since then almost completely rebuilt. But the main thing — This knives. ABOUT Sofronov they can talk endlessly. A his «Legalization» he is obliged to coincidence.
— I turned «at the right time right place». In I had a small workshop, slowly making knives for himself and friends. I wanted legalized, I went on officials, but I always say that the blades do not produce individual can. Permit me shall then governor Boris Nemtsov. AT 1993 he came to Pavlovsky. It brought to me, I I showed him several knives. He really liked it, and He offered to sell me a couple. I He said that the present offers on Nemtsov said that that «Governor bribes not beret», and I bought them. The rest of the knives to snap up its environment. Nemtsov asked why I not to expand production. I said that it is not relevant laws. He said he will decide this issue. Say, is not those times.

The first private owner in Russia

Photo by Oleg Zaytseva.Luchshaya steel knife 95X18. It requires vacuum tempering followed by cooling in liquid nitrogen.

After some time, I I come to governor. AND I was given his disposal, which I I still remember by heart: «For the revival of the ancient folk art manufacture of highly bladed weapons citizen Sofronov open Pavlovsky enterprise release of highly cold hunting weapons single copies». There was an indication of Paul’s city administration to assist me, and chief of regional police — legalize my production.
Together with him we started to think how to do it, — edged weapons could produce only state-owned enterprise. It was decided that 51 percent of the authorized capital will be public. Six months later, there was a law on weapons, which has been registered, it is possible to obtain a license, but not required. However, within these licenses We still have a few years no one in eyes saw. For technical specifications had to go to Moscow to Interior Minister Yerin. There I also went to meet him.
Then began «squiggles». AT Nizhny Novgorod region Sofronov could produce and sell and in other areas — no. I had to wait to go temporary permits that were issued on year. But then there was one «marasmus»: by law of each blade had to be taken to the capital and certify. Sofronov made single copies, and it was enough to provide a sketch of the knife. In the second half of the nineties there were relevant guests and gradually began to bring the scope of the armory in order.
— Then I faced with staff turnover. Manufacturing neighboring VORSMA bent, people who have worked me and went They organized their own mini-enterprises. Now I work seven people. Plus worker, accountant, Lawyer on half-time. I myself for chief technician, chief designer, and head turner, and Milling. For machines at work I mainly. All my guys have gone through our school and art have a specialty «master art processing of metal».
There is one constant problem Sofronova — registration of weapons. It does not changed Ever since he started working. If he sells someone a knife, then must write it in ohotbilet client and check whether a permit firearms. A because usually a it comes donors have which this document, it is clear no… And New single ticket there are no graphs about the existence of cold steel. A it is a contradiction to applicable law. Therefore, Each blade he engraves on Guest: where is made, the stigma of the author, and the UHV Room blade.
— A how to deal with collectors? Human — not Hunter, but collect weapons. How did he make out your collection? In to people still the Soviet stereotype: «Oh, the police will take away the knife!» It does not Wear it on belt, and put in the bag. This is not wearing and transportation.

Sofronov consummate storyteller in Waiting for the order the client can hear a whole slew of stories. Not everyone will agree with Interpretation of History in sofronovski but listen to him — pleasure. Once he spoke on radio call where cold steel «certain piece of iron form». AND He said that the majority of crimes are committed with knives and kitchen the materials at hand, and not specially made knives.
— I do not care what I was going to be killed! I remember coming to me captain retired cutlass restore. AND said that as soon as he resignation came to it was a policeman, and He stated: «Not allowed». So it dirk shortened to and two-thirds soldered. A how many of these cases were. People for grandfather’s sword, which is attic stored, sent to jail. Incidentally, after the transmission and law changed — for possession of an article canceled. «Fighting knives» I come with the NEP. AT civil war instead of the awards were given weapons. Orders received only top management. Like Main character «White Sun of the Desert»: «Red Army soldier Sukhov presented revolver brigadier Belov». When the Red Army returned home, We found that those against whom they fought quietly zhiruyut. AND they are, to put it mildly indignant. AND by habit grabbed their weapons. Up to that rebuffed security officers who came to arrest them, and police. Sometimes gun from the window exposed! Then drill steel revolvers and in the Criminal Code when the relevant article…
By the way, Chaliapin because of that the country has escaped. He came home in the evening, and he tells the maid that came to people in leather jackets and his entire collection confiscated. Then he found it buried in backyard of the NKVD. On the next day he left the country. Budennogo went to take, and he exhibited at the machine gun and box I called Stalin: «Koba, contra rides!» Stalin gave the order type «Leave that fool in alone». A Cossacks as a weapon hidden…
Here the king’s father was smart. AT 1904 Registered Cossacks have allocated the same state-owned Checkers — 90 centimeters long. In one Cossack growth «Meter with cap», a it gives the same sword! A at hands of another two-meter Hoosier same sword stick looks. Then the king commanded «not forcing the Cossacks have a government-issue weapon, let stand a that which is, anyhow, it was useful».

The first private owner in Russia

Photo by Oleg Zaytseva.Po request blade decorate design on a hunting theme.

Bulat was not standing next
About competitors Sofronov not say loves. By his view, the arms market was lost in Sea consumer goods. But he believes that the piece goods will always find a buyer.
— I can say now former Moscow firms «South Cross». Or «Face» Zlatoust. You feel the tradition of the old masters. There are good masters and in our Paul, and in neighboring VORSMA.
I’m doing in mainly on order. Satisfied people — buy, there is no — Knife goes free sale. Therefore, the range from I was floating. As for series production…. For example, popular kizlyarovskie knives — they have always been in demand. But Now they have risen and take the amount, and not quality. It is clear that mass production, they are not may keep its previous level. Once I was approached by the KGB and 700 knives were asked to do in three months. I Kizlyar recommend them, but vouch for their quality are not He becomes. I myself not pull so much, except that the whole Pavlov Ears set.
— A Popular Damascus steel?
— Once upon a time, and blonde blue-eyed Aryan race came from India. They brought with is the technology. Then they dispersed, and assimilated. For those times it was unsurpassed steel — minced anything. Damascus — the intersection of trade routes his­imaginative «technology market». That’s why gave the name — Damascus steel. There, the steel in unfetters pinstripe and laterally chained conventional steel. Now this technology depends on the imagination of a blacksmith. But from initial formulation little left — we simply do not We know. The closest analogue — X12 steel. It is also called Russian Bulat — The original steel! Americans It came relatively recently, They called D4. AND I said: that’s what we are here made product! Although Russia, it is used for a long time. Most high-quality knives at We make steel X12 Navy. Steel high carbon content.
But It is very difficult the heat treatment by «educated bet». I had, as a general Anosov (creator of the Russian Bulat) experiment ten years, but I I made sure that my blades and solid and elastic. AND once again I emphasize that it is important not afraid and try, try, try. In I have eight ovens, and I have been looking for, it is not I found the appropriate mode. Now there are a lot of good modern alloy steels, near Bulat not that close I stood.

The first private owner in Russia

Photo by Oleg Zaytseva.Proizvodstvo knives is not only the hammer and the anvil.

Knife choice — Trial and ERROR
— A that you can recommend modern hunter? For example, from the old arsenal.
— For hunting suit «Knife Plastun». Scouts called foot Cossack something like spies, saboteurs. He kept his boot, and in advance of the design was laid versatility. However, its purpose — Dogfight in straitened circumstances. But and hunting them convenient to use; and kill the beast, and to cut.
— A of today?
— I am sure that the blade is more than 16 centimeters not hunting necessary. A hunting knives are not universal exist. As well as fish. I they do, do, and then I came to the fishing in Astrakhan and I thought, as I this 50-pound catfish will carve?
Selecting a knife — trial, error and habits. I I recommend to start to purchase a hunting knife and srednestatichesky of it has dancing… Not will also bear a knife to gut the duck! A at Later have to select for specific hunting: on Boar — one and the bird — is another.
The first sign of a more or less universal hunting knife — notch on blade — podpaltsevaya quirk. When working an additional lever.
— A how to test a knife right in shop? Not a secret that some savvy sellers can «vparit» anything…
— You can certainly take a magnet — the knife should have a good magnet. AT Ideally, it is necessary to take a small needle file and try a little sharpening hardness. Or check on the tverdometre. And on stationary — Pocket sin inaccurate. A In general, I I advise you to check before buying literature. Best book Alexander Maryanko «To help chooses knife». A then dealer napoet that knife and You can shave, and to cut the nails, and could theoretically cut the rail! But there is reasonable limits!
— A what do you recommend steel?
— I became better I think 95X18. It requires a vacuum hardening followed by cooling liquid nitrogen. She goes for the space and the aviation industry. Produce can be only industrial scale. Thank God, I have a contract with aircraft factory. I also He said to a group of X12 steel.

Knives harder than 62 units manually is very difficult to sharpen. AND generally it is better to give professionals sharpen knives. Any amateur can ruin a masterpiece. The knife should quietly shaving not to cut nails. It is a tool, an instrument of labor. Therefore, it should be a maximum of versatility. When they say that this knife I oshkurit hundred elk and then shaved — this is from the fairy tales. There hardness of steel, there is a sharpening angle… TO Moreover, each animal individually, and it is not in the knife, and skills and knowledge of the hunter.
Yet again — one thing oshkurit protein, and other — bear. Professional taiga men generally sharpened spoon enough! When I say: do me the knife, I with him on Bear go, I usually I ask: ten rounds you do not enough? Of course, I do bear knives.
That knife Tula gunsmith Yegor Samsonov. He did it when they were shompolnye gun. And dvuhstvolki were only master — peasants hunted spears.
Then a knife was really needed. A he is now what?
Or even extreme — edged weapons. AT it has no Fortress or correct sharpening. But it can be quite cunning sellers «vparit». I recently received an order for 8 sabers, 4 Bec de Corbin and a few helmets on the pageant People’s Militia of Minin and Pozharsky. But it is not a weapon is a kill them none Still, it is possible!
The knife, which takes hunting master himself, with plain sight. On engraved blade «his beloved» and «I will not give you to anybody». Hardness of 65 steel units. AT no metal handle: birch bark, cap, all impregnated with linseed oil, cap reinforced duralumin. Inside all of Durand and titanium. When you take in hand felt warm.
— Steel is my favorite — X12 Navy. I this knife came up, when he lived in Komi: on Outdoor minus 50, and Moose carve necessary. For cutting any of the hoof knife sharpening without missing. But Manually it is not Sharpen. The cost of the blade 8–10 thousand rubles. I it is sometimes under orders to do. His I already butchered nearly 30 wild boar, elk and a dozen two bears. On hunting always take it and additional knife respectively alleged production.

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