Under the ice blockage

I descended the ridge crest, the river separating Yuklya Kumankuchu and that the merger Rassoshina form. On the left there was a first rising noise, then a roar, and visible from the top portion of the shaft Yuklya swept water.

Under the ice blockage

Yesterday I could not climb up the the flood plain of the river to cherished Putikov and pulls out «inheritance» to see to Kamchatka writer Anatoly Kleshenko. The riverbed in many places was blocked by ice dams formed from accumulated sludge, consolidated by night frosts. Water on reaches above the dam is frozen, but More ice is not thick enough made it impossible to cross. In addition, young ice in many places there was water to form frost. The islands were flooded. Back on the river Dams can be, but Only after the device bridges, at least from the poles. TO Besides, to make this kind of exploits it was scary. TO By the time we had «passed».

One day my partner was trying to move on hummocks across the river, stumbled, took a full suit of water. I had to dry at fire, but not on «home» shore. This was followed by: a long detour every spills return hut in the darkness and cold, forcing him to spend a week in bed. Meanwhile, the next day there was a breakthrough of water, and All crossings were quite preodolevaemy in Conventional rubber boots.

When I approached the hut, rattling on River stopped. Momentary flood ended. In merger with protowhich Kumankuchu Yuklya turns sharply, and the island has been thrown a huge amount of ice floes, bottom ice — the frozen slush on stones reaches. All of it was mixed with fin of creases, coastal scrub, skived, like a knife, along with the layers of soil, and issued on Island under the pressure of rushing water ice floes. This mass lay on Spit pioneer shrub thickets of willows, poplars and Chosenia. Young trees bent under the weight of multi-ton cargo, but not broken, and when the water receded, everything mess — ice, rocks, sludge, logs, bushes and blocks of land with coasts — left lying as if on weight, spring-loaded bottom saplings.

Daylight remained fairly and I have a snack, went to see what was done for the beginning of November an unexpected short-term, but Yet the flood.
The water in the shaft This time was low: the level of the river rose all on meters two. Removal of ice with all other components are a motley conglomeration of remotely resembling a frozen lava flow after a volcanic eruption. Some «labyrinth» ice, logs, bushes, boulders and earth Stones raised bottom with ice reaches Yuklya. By floe the top of the dam marched important «old friend» — limping when walking crows. Here feed and him «half». Birds carefully examined thrown stones to peck They left not erased icy buchey caddis larvae. Immediately spun couple kedrovok, poke their long noses into all niche between the ice floes, and even forty one. All the intensity of labor is likely to being able to find affordable and tasty food.

I crossed the river and he has not undertaken to stir of frozen slush and shafts cloth. Surprisingly, there were the same as on stones, caddis flies; I found some amphipods, some colorful fish with little finger length, some unknown insect larvae. Close to evening feast attracted imagine a flock of blue-tits-with gaichek their conventional fellow travelers — nuthatches. There was a great evening meal. Only some medium-sized predator sitting on top of the poplar, often shrill squeal and apparently wanted to take part in this holiday gluttony, biting someone in the audience here feathered. Birds larger predator beware, but often looked at it. Trifle was a guard, so that slip in the event of danger niche between ice floes. Around the dam on trees shook her pair of big motley woodpecker. Discontentedly «Kika», but They did not depart from its mate flock, and blue-tits nuthatches, and themselves in no blockage climbed. Something was not so on their view.

Close to evening all consumers began to scatter on night apartments. Crows flew to nearest osprey nest, settled near him while away the night. It was getting dark. I also went to the hut, accompanied by some nasty on at least unpleasant, shouting mysterious bird. Usually these sounds are attributed to the owl. That fall there were many hawk owls, although this bird — more daily than nocturnal predator. Even almost the darkness of the crows something talking to each another, often simply filled the district usual croak, probably sent out about Tasty and hearty dinner, and Perhaps, thanks to Providence for giving generosity. Their cries in vain, and It was heard by many inhabitants of the neighborhood. And not only forty stinted information to others: «Fly here, run, rush — enough for everyone!» Of course, the last sentence I Speculation over forty himself as to Regrettably, not I have the gift of understanding the language of birds. Watching them, their behavior on «holiday belly», and he was filled with expectation of something unusual and good.

Processing production, brought to Putikov, then the diary, then the radio. Probably too far from coffee strength: long and sleep I slept in hunting sensitively. Through slumber I hear what’s going on around the cabin as voles rustle somewhere under the floor, and behind the wall (a little Do not at the level of ultrasound) cheeps shrew. By trail to the hut padded hare somebody else. It all off «cannon» cotton slam «graze» — traps on big game. She stood in the twenty meters, and hut all shuddered from the impact. It happened when dawn broke, and curiosity allowed to watch the latest morning dreams, no matter how I was hunter before them.

Under the ice blockage

West Siberian Husky — the main assistant to the Siberian hunters.

While melted the stove, cooked breakfast gathered, dawn. To speed even was the go to polynya on water was limited to a couple of handfuls of snow. AT «graze»Calculated for Wolverines capture or fox was a different, unexpected production: sable, big, surprising red cat. In Hunters have a belief that if the morning starts with unexpected production of a trophy, a day to be successful. Therefore, he suggested to go to previously unavailable due to water spills Kleschevsky Putikov. While fiddling, the sun rose. Below, on the visible from the hut icy rubble, to the accompaniment of incessant crackling kedrovok, hysterical and forty vereschanie dissatisfied, but reputable «krunganya» crows on ice floes calmly strolled into a fiery red sunrise fox.

During rifle! .. But not was a a target and the ammunition riflescope stayed in basic cabin. To get in Beast a distance of about three hundred meters have been very problematic, and Hit ordinary soft point bullet from foxes remain two halves. Especially raged magpies, staged on red competitor entire raid. It does not bother her Only his crash, but very active swoop. The breeze pulled down the top river, applied to It is my «spirit», Fox disappeared into forest.
Go to exploration to blockages. On Wash off-site snow on rocks, logs, ice floes on a frozen water formed kurzhak but no major and small crystals of frost. By it was printed many traces sables, foxes, weasels, and Even a hare on some of its need to jump from the water’s edge. What to do? Traps have been separated for Putikov and go after them — Waste time. AND then remembered the ice dice. Once I using them quite successfully caught in column East Sayan. The ice was, and even a lot.

Under the canopy at hut on Just in case, hanging a dozen four Chelak — Gatehouse for squirrel dies. These I once made a little larger than it needed, and They remained unclaimed. Plashnik on protein was down in spruce. There sometimes catching these animals, nastorazhivaya traps dry mushroom fitting. Here, at the top, not Chelak useful. Spruce forests are not within walking distance It was. Year three Chelak weathered, dark on air. TO Moreover, every detail has been adapted to each and other all linked by individually to the installation does not I had to re-adjust all. That’s useful. AND even that one was 25 centimeters long, was on the benefit the cause.

Under the ice blockage


All day I «plowed» like a wound. One floe — the base plate. Other — cap. Under one edge — Chelak with the lure of fresh arctic char, grayling, the other propped stone or sleet. When cut down the cover plates, met ten or fifteen and more kilograms. TO evening furnished dies three ice dam — Chelak ended.

All this is to distance from 300 meters to one and a half kilometers from the hut. Before beginning far Putikov — three kilometers. On return to the first production of the rubble had already been — steam and kedrovok one sable. Again, quickly alerted the trap, the more that are not ice floe split, and no mining I managed to freeze them. Nutcrackers went to «visual» bait. What exactly attracts animals here — perhaps the cries of birds? Lee himself crashing during the formation of ice removal — congestion, and maybe even the sounds that flew in District of ax blows by ice floes, when I them to cut away the right size? This could only guess.

In the following days, in Within a week or ten days, as if in passing from two to five animals for the night becomes my prey. A at it is time to work and the other three Putikov. The weather was perfect, soft. A couple of times dropped out easy newly-fallen snow. At first had the feeling that if sables specially gathered at ice with debris Near the whole neighborhood. Also sable, ermine across several kedrovok and forty one. Titmouse fingered bait, but not rasstorazhivali traps. We had to replace only the dried slices of fresh fish.

River nearby, and fishing rod — at hut. AT as bait to loach — a piece of red cloth and bright red beads on Grayling —artificial flies. Ten to fifteen minutes of pleasure — that’s bait and their food in a fresh grayling. Couple on pan and — «Balde» imagine how the neighbors from the forest ice dam. Grayling fry in a day, stale, savory or frozen, — Absolutely not the taste.

Days in ten sables from the vicinity of the debris caught and other fresh longer fit. Before the end of November a plan was almost completed. Hunting ice stopped dies alone Me, swept blizzard, hammered with snow piles. I had to take off traps and Chelak hang them back under the canopy. A all of a sudden?!. It remained to get the last dozen animals, but because at Putikov and the remaining huts from basic, basic, remained in stage alert — and alarming catch. And animal was there untouched.

They say — lucky, luck. No. «First identify and then catch». That’s right: it is determined that attracted and sable concentrated on a relatively small space. AT case — catastrophic phenomenon. AND instead of heavy, sometimes exhausting work, at Throughout the hunting season, as if playfully, I collected «harvest» for half a month. That’s left plenty of time to experiment with new traps, drive and chanterelles all hold the hunting season pleasure.

Hunters are right: do not work Only legs better the season starts to think more. Well, I was lucky… But there is also like this: pass the same shaft, but in another year, Elsewhere, a animals from windfalls no ice going. Come one or two, and All on this. A many other issues, such as, for example, the concentration of migrating from sable riverbanks before freezing them, when no sludge sable It passes through the water. It also should be noted, and seize the opportunity. Or decide the nature of the food animals: in some areas, for example, when going from sable vole colonies.

In the process of hunting no ice dies It comes as the extraction of traps, almost every second animal to kill their own hands, squeezing the living chest to quickly stop the heart. FROM age, this process operates on Hunter depressing…

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