We get the right ATV

It has recently become popular to ride on the road. However, not every car lets you do this. But to drive hunting or fishing in slozhnoprohodimye place still very desirable. The solution was found — a quad bike!

We get the right ATV

Admission examinations for operators of self-propelled vehicles and issue certificates tractor driver (tractor) ATV


Admission exams and issuing licenses tractor driver (tractor) is implemented by the technological supervision of registered residence of the citizen (place of residence) in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Admission examinations for operators of self-propelled machines made Gostekhnadzor authorities usually work together with the final fees of educational institutions for the training and retraining of people to obtain the right to operate self-propelled machines.

Admission examinations for conscripts and issue the certificates of tractor driver (tractor) carried out at the place of the military unit.

The order of examination

1. Passing the exam is carried out on a fee basis. Payment is made before the exam.

If a candidate is forced to give up the exam due to unforeseen circumstances, made the money to be returned in due course.

2. A person wishing to pass exams for operators of self-propelled vehicles of the corresponding category is the bodies Gostekhnadzor:

* statement;
* Passport or other documents certifying the identity of the citizen, as well as confirming its registration at the place of residence or stay;

Other identity documents of a citizen, which may be submitted to the authorities Gostekhnadzor are:

* Medical certificate of airworthiness standard pattern corresponding to the management of categories of motor vehicles;
* Documents on graduation (except for persons to prepare their own);
* Certificate of tractor-machinist (tractor) or other type of lt; license gt; the competence of self-propelled machines (it is the right to control the ATV) and a temporary permit if they have previously issued;

* Driver’s license (if any);
* Two pictures 3×4 cm on matte paper, with the exception of computer-aided manufacturing lt; identity gt; Gostekhnadzor in organs;
* Document confirming payment of fees charged by agencies Gostekhnadzor for receiving examinations for operators of self-propelled vehicles, issuance (replacement) lt; identity gt; tractor-driver (lt; tractor gt;) and temporary permits for them, as well as the payment of costs related to the acquisition, transportation and storage of special products.
3. After reviewing the submitted documents and test database candidate appointed place, date and time of exams.

4. Before the exams the candidate fills the individual card (if it has not previously was granted), which together with the passport or other identity document, submitted to the examiner.

5. The examinations shall be as follows:

* For the safe operation of self-propelled machines — theory;
* Operating machinery and equipment (for the category "F" and received qualifications lt; tractor-driver gt;) — theory;
* According to the rules of the road — a theory;
* Complex (for practical navykaem driving, the safe operation of machines and rules of the road) — the practice.
6. A candidate who fails to pass a knowledge test, a practical exam is not allowed. Re-examination is appointed no earlier than 7 days.

7. A candidate who failed three consecutive times practical exam, the next delivery shall be allowed only after additional training in management of self-propelled machines with the idea of ​​this relevant document.

8. Persons who have a driver’s license or identity of the driver of the Armed Forces and other troops of the Russian Federation are exempt from examination by the rules of the road.

9. The test results are recorded in the minutes.

10. Candidates who have passed the examinations are made on the basis of the report and are given appropriate lt; license gt; tractor-driver (right quad) and temporal resolution.

On the site you need to demonstrate that you know how to handle the ATV. Snake, turning in a confined space, movement in a straight line, check in the box. Immaculately completing all four elements, you can expect to receive a certificate of tractor driver. Remember that an error accrued penalty points, of which you can dial only five. Not the indicator is on (or have not filed a hand signal) is not checked before driving the ATV and the technical condition of such fines shall be punished with penalty points from 1 to 3. If before you have not filed a motion signal «Attention» (by pressing the horn, and if that is not, – It is not his arms
apart), did not look in the rearview mirror, then consider that an examination failure: once charged 5 penalty points
and welcome to the re-examination.

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