What is more powerful?

Unfortunately, in our country quite developed system of galleries and shooting ranges, where hunters could improve their shooting skills. Available shooting complex is very few and for the most inaccessible due to exorbitant levies for those wishing to take advantage of their areas.

What is more powerful?

It is necessary to train and just the pleasure of target shooting use public pneumatics. In order to make a safe and fully functional in shooting «home»Suitable air pistols. The fact that they are not as powerful and bulky compared with rifles is their indisputable advantage for use in confined spaces.

But in order to safely use such weapons, it is necessary to represent its actual characteristics. I spent a very interesting, in my opinion, the work of such testing airguns, the results of which I want to tell in this article.

My first pneumatic gun IL-53M was the issue in 1994. In reality, the first shots of it were made in April 2013. For testing we used lead bullets weighing 0.52 grams. This sample is a nearly 20-year-old «age» It showed an average muzzle velocity of 95.1 m / s with a range of 12.5 m / s to 8.9 m / s.

In the test sample is very tight lock of the trunk, which requires a very considerable effort to reverse the trunk. «Sport» pistol grip «fearfully» uncomfortable, and really it is very difficult to aim. Available now for sale pistols IL-53M with a handle made of traditional form that removes problems noted. Tight loading eliminates the possibility of young children by the charge and fire the gun.

It so happened that I got interested in Gas-cylinder pneumatic pistols, copying the shape of Russian legendary weapons. Several of these samples I purchased and tested.

The first of these was tested gun company Umarex Pistol APS, copying legendary Soviet APS. The gun has an impressive weight of 991 grams, in a man’s hand small size is not convenient. A can of compressed gas is placed in the arm and urged the screw with spring-loaded knob conveniently enough, and wrapped in a position not protruding from the pistol.

It was decided to carry out a test to establish the maximum number of shots possible for one gas cylinder company Crosman. For the analysis of the method used, where the store fully charged and shot. In order to save a certain number of balls was done blank shots. Then again, its ammunition and shoot balls. The average rate of charge determined for each store. Test results are as follows:

  • 1 Series – average velocity 120.8 m / s, and the spread of -3.5% + 2.9%;
  • 2 series – average speed of 126 m / s, with a range -4.1% + 4.2%;
  • 3 Series – average speed of 117.9 m / s, and the scatter of + -4.8% and 7%;
  • 4 series – the average speed of 119.1 m / s with a range –4.4% and + 6.1%;
  • 5 Series – the average speed of 116.7 m / s with a spread of -6% and + 8.8%;
  • Episode 6 – the average speed of 104.2 m / s, and the velocity dispersion of -19.4% and + 10.8%;
  • 7 Series – average speed of 63.9 m / s with a range of speeds -27.2% and + 33.3%;
  • 8 series of seven shots has an average speed of 41.6 m / s, and the velocity dispersion of -12% and + 23.6%.

Total 192 shots, and 7 series about 150 shots. It should be noted that the first series was performed with a new gun that may have led to a lower rate than in the second. Beginning with the third series, the rate decreased from the first to the last shot, as the shooting was intense, it causes cooling gas canister. When recharging shop balloon is heated and the initial velocity of the shots in the next series was higher than at the end of the previous one.

Experienced shooting showed that one canister of gas can provide a speed of more than 100 m / 150 shots (given pattern pistol). Maximum speed of the ball – 131.3 m / s.

Similar tests were conducted c gun company Smersh model H51 weighing 700 grams. Spray using recessed screws urged special knob. When attaching a small gas leak has occurred, ie, it is necessary to turn quickly.

Results firing can be represented as follows.

The average speed of the speed deviation

  • Series 1 134.9 m / s -21.3% + 6.4%
  • Episode 2 115.8 m / s 4% + 4.7%
  • Series 3 123.8 m / s -7.6% + 18.3%
  • 4 series 118.3 m / s -21% + 19.3%
  • 5 series 115.8 m / s -25.2% + 16.3%
  • Episode 6 126.5 m / s -11.1% + 14.9%
  • 7 Series 104.5 m / s
  • 8 series 93.2 m / s -10.2% + 12.8%
  • 9 Series 69.5 m / s -18.4% + 17.7%

The total number of shots given idle –? 185. The number of shots to fall below the rate of 100 m / s – 150. Top speed – 145.3 m / s.

For a submachine used metal balls weighing 0.53 grams.

These results suggest that air guns are well suited for high-quality recreational shooting, produce relatively stable characteristics and can be recommended for initial training in weapons and for training purposes. But you should always remember that no matter how safe it may seem a weapon, it is necessary to observe safety precautions scrupulously.

Alksandr Hlupnov10 September 2013 at 16:16

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