What will spring?

What will spring?Photo by Sergey Fokin

Early spring worse later. Early usually become protracted, interrupted warming return of cold weather. Late spring early summer months are warmer, which is favorable for wildlife. Hence the saying: «Late spring will not disappoint».

Late spring is repeated more often occur in early April. In the middle of the ETP spring snowmelt often begins March 18. Then there are other phenological podsezony – revival and the height of the spring, and then, in the 20 days of May, there will predlete.

Autumn rainy – It will be rainy spring. Last fall was not rainy.
If the fall of snow applied early, and early spring. Early snow was not.
If the cold September – in March the snow melts. September was warm
Early snow in the winter – in early spring. Winter snow this winter was late.
Early Hidden – a long time will not melt. In early February, not zataya.
Long icicles – to a long spring. Long icicles yet.
snowy winter – to the long spring and rainy summer. Winter this year is enough snow.

Early defoliation of trees (birch, maple and aspen) – in early spring next year. Last autumn leaf fall in Moscow was delayed for almost a month
If the trees around the edge of melting snow steep – to the cold spring, gentle – for long.
Mice make their nests at the bottom of stacks or in the ground – to the dry spring.
Woodpecker knocks early (in January) – in early spring. In January, the woodpecker was silent, it was cold and not to knock.

The colder the last week of February, the warmer in March.
In January – March March – January. January was «January»Instead of March. One might think that in March and will «March».
If February is rainy, you can expect a rainy spring and summer. February was rainy.

What we prophesied the People’s calendar:

23.07. If birch leaves begin to turn yellow from the top (third decade of July) – expect an early spring (the following). And if the bottom – late next spring. If evenly – average. In our part of the birch leaves have turned yellow tops and bottom around the same time, later than usual.
07.10. Thekla-zarevnitsa. What’s in October, so is April. Last October was a good
08.11. Demetrius of Thessalonica. Dimitriev day. Dedov week. Nov. 8 if cold and snow – Spring is late and cold, and if the thaw – warm winter and spring. In the central regions of European Russia in the day temperature was positive, sometimes marked incessant rain and drizzle. We look forward to the warm spring.
09.11. What is the weather in November, so is in May. Weather in November was mainly a little bit warmer than historical averages.

22.11. Matrona winter. Cloudy, rainy snowy weather forecasts in May.
On the whole territory of European Russia noted cloudy weather with snowfalls.
28.12. Day shows what will be in March. In most of the ETP cloudy weather prevailed in the area took place outside the cold front snowfalls occurred.
29.12. Haggai. Day shows what will be in April. Day held a warm weather front which brought cloudy weather with snowfalls, which become day in the heavy rains.

30.12. Ananias, Azarias, Misael. Day shows what will be in May. Above the center of the ETP was located south-eastern periphery of the cyclone, in which the atmospheric fronts «provided» overcast, in the southeast with snowfall in some places, and in the north-west in places with rain.
06.01. If this day heat, the spring will be cold. It was cold.

07.01. Nativity. The Trinity-Sergius Lavra, founded by the abbot Sergius of Radonezh, is the manuscript of the XV century «Kolyadniki» This manuscript contains the signs determined by the day, which falls on Christmas (celebration of Christmas Carols). Christmas this year fell on Saturday, and that’s what is written in the manuscript: «A ashche on Saturday will be Christmas – Winter winds, the fruit of the scarcity of good, Yesenia dry, wet spring and summer, the sheep misery, loss harbored many, a three-day tryasovitsa, old misery». In other words, the spring is to be expected «wet».

24.01. Fedosei-Vesnyak. Fedoseyev warm early spring has gone. The warm days of January are not good speak. It was cold, early spring is not expected.
25.01. Tatyana. At Tatiana peep sun – the early arrival of birds. Early sun – early birds. Peep sun – to an early and happy spring. Do not shone.
26.01. First «chi-chi-fi» big tits portend an early spring. In mid-February has not yet sounded the first spring songs tits.

31.01. Athanasius, clematis, Cyril. At noon the sun – Early spring. The sun «peeped».
01.02. Makar’ev day. Clear sunny day Makar’ev – early spring. Kolya drops – in early spring trust. Clear sunny day was not, but about dripping … Day temperature was -20 …- 24°.
02.02. Euthymios. At Euphemia in the afternoon sun – early spring. The second day of February, the spring shows: sunny – the red spring, cloudy – wait for late blizzards. The weather was cloudy and cold.
04.02. Timothy-poluzimnik. If this day at noon you can see the sun, the spring will be early. Almost all ETP was a complete cloud cover and snowfall in the atmospheric front.
06.02. Aksinya-poluzimnitsa, poluhlebnitsa Xenia. What Aksinia, it is spring. In fair weather poluzimnitsu – Spring red. Fair weather was not. Frosty weather was cloudy, in the north-west zone of the front seats snowfalls occurred.

14.02. Trifon. On Trifon Stars – late spring. If the sky seems a lot of stars, the winter will stand for a long time, and spring will be late. Stars were not.
15.02. Candlemas. Sustretev day (meeting of winter and spring). What is the weather on Candlemas, and the spring is will. On Candlemas Day Snow – dozhzhok spring. Snow sweeps across the street – It is late spring, and if not sweeping, the earliest. If this day cock drink water, winter will continue for a long time. On this day, the weather in the center and in the south and south-east of European Russia was cloudy, with snowfall of varying intensity, just north of St. Petersburg observed gaps in the clouds.

The results of inspections carried out climatologists have found that after a very warm December, 70% of the years in April and is warm, and in 60% of cases, very warm. December was relatively warm, you can hope that April will also be relatively warm. It is revealed that after a very warm January March at 90% a year as warm. January was very cold.

To summarize:

Timing. The vast majority will say about the coming of spring or early or late, and the usual time.
Rain. Most normal than cloudy.
Precipitation. You can expect a lot of rain, as they say, will «Wet» Spring.
Air temperature. Opinions will split about equally between «fine» and «heat», but «a small margin» toward the warm spring. On the advice will take March and April you can expect cloudy, «wet» and warm. In the same cloud of rain can be expected in May – the temperature is not warm and close to the long-term average temperatures.

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