When aiming at no time

When aiming at no time

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Shooting game of the sand, such as snipe and teal, requires a certain skill and quick shooting. And Mallard on Vecherka flashes in the dark — there is, and not have time to raise his gun. And in the forest autumn woodcock and grouse broods vzmaterevshie unlikely to quietly take aim, so that it is clear that we need a quick shot.


It is necessary to start a conversation about the rapid fire on the hunt, as most fans of shooting in flight once cited as an example a shot without thinking, describing such a manner as the processing target shooting without leashes. And this is usually added: little or no preemption.

If we consider the pre-emption as a completely abstract value, then mathematically it depends on the game and the speed of flight time during which a fraction over the distance from the gun to the target and will always be present. How will he take away almost depends on what angle fired relative to the line of motion game. Among these shooters anticipation called true and visible.

It should be noted that the impact on the magnitude of speed leashes preemption is essential to small and medium-range shooting.
When shooting in flight is not only important to properly assess the distance and speed shooting game that comes with experience, but also to learn quick leash with accurate touch on the descent, which is achieved by regular employment.

Without going into the physiology of the arrow and timing of work and trigger the burning powder charge, I note that a lead should be less than 0.15 seconds. This time includes pressing the trigger, and usually shot from a stationary (stopped) guns. Fraction pass behind the target, though the hunter most likely own actions will be perceived as correct.
But paradoxically, entering without pre-emption (without perception) often occurs in shooters, apply accelerated fast-tracking leash with a short shot results, but «retarding» with the click of the trigger.

Then, between the team ‘head’ index finger to shoot and its implementation is an interval of time during which the barrels ahead of target at the distance needed to hit. Marksman is mistaken point shot at the decision point (ie, without removal forward) and not at the time of the shot. However, these are getting more random in nature than permanent.

If the shooter fails to perform simultaneously tab leash with the necessary anticipation, control preemption if more quickly presses the trigger and rear sight through a track results shot, then this way of shooting can be called deliberate shooting at random.

Shooting offhand — a set sharpened and correct movements, when at the same time quite deliberately carried out the rise of a gun to his shoulder, turning the body to the target (as part leashes), the exact formulation of the lodges in the shoulder and cheek while pressing the trigger with the knowledge that the movement gun has already been created in the right direction with respect to the flight of game and most of the pre-emption lies in the speed of implementation of this technique.

Rapid Fire implies that the hunter has mastered certain skills of shooting. If the «classical» scheme of construction of such a device a shot, like shooting with both eyes open, would be very useful, when firing offhand aiming with one eye, if not an error, it is extremely undesirable.

And do not forget about the correct position of the head on the crest of the box. I note only one thing: the position of the arrow head on the crest of the stock should not be put in the right eye obviously unfavorable perception of the target (usually the lowering of the head to the right). During the early vskidku when the gun raised to shoulder, at the same time there is a movement of the head to the place of «meeting» with the crest of the box. In some cases where the manner of tabs backplate overstated or shape of the box does not require a significant tilt of the head, this movement may be missing.

It is equally important for fast shooting dexterity of his left hand, the managing body of the arrow shafts and bringing in prospective point shot. The main thing — to be able to learn and accurately «exposed» gun in the trajectory of the target.

The position before the gun vskidku primarily determined by the manner of lifting the gun to his shoulder. Fluctuate with respect to the stock dropped shoulders and too battened up the trunks (above the eyes) are undesirable.

And a little bit about the gun to rapid fire. Here, as mentioned above, productive shooting unlikely further 30-35 meters. So what about the strong choke or heap chuck think not.

A maximum of 0.5 mm to 12 gauge, and possibly 0.25 mm will be useful. Of course, many hunters may be noted that such restriction for weak shooters. I will not accept: it is a choice, certainly not weak, and experienced hunters, know perfectly well what the shot accuracy of the talus is rational for a particular hunt.

What to look out for hunters who wish to master the technique, not only fast, but accurate shooting?

It is necessary to develop the reaction of pulling the trigger.

Do not place the sole purpose of the speed of the shot, and pay more attention to the correct implementation of shooting techniques, even if you have to shoot with a leash and marked proactively, ensuring that the term quick shot is always added a good.

How should arrange the components of a successful shot? Of course, the base will be: technical equipment of the arrow, right Front, monotonous grip shotguns, Waste tab or vskidku; gained motor skills, short leash, and coordinated the work of the body movements of the left and right hand.

And importantly develop the «courage» quick shot «not brake» taking off from the noise of grouse or partridge broods, «not afraid» unexpectedly flown herds or flocks of geese ducks. And most importantly, because of the blunders of the first not to abandon the quick manner of shooting that the hunter is well mastered and has always brought luck.

Yuri Konstantinov24 September 2012 at 00:00

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