Winter fishing thaw

The current warm winter, however, as all winters of recent years, has created around an old abandoned pier an interesting situation: the winter is on the wane, and the pond was covered with only a timid and fragile Ledkov, barely covering the Bay Lake.

The current warm winter, however, as all winters of recent years, has created around an old abandoned pier an interesting situation: the winter is on the wane, and the pond was covered with only a timid and fragile Ledkov, barely covering the Bay Lake. The real fishing have probably not be this winter. A half-rotten near the destroyed pier at this time silver and playfully flexing in full band free ice captivity water. This pattern is repeated every year. This is explained by active movement keys and underwater currents. They constantly urged on the light wave, and that, breaking a pile, breaking a thin icing. Naturally, such a mischievous nature is very pleased avid anglers. After all, during the winter thaw, it is possible to float the summer tackle — rods, spinning rods, and Donkey.

Old Pier, near which boiled fish, and hence the fishing life, has long collapsed, but preserved skeletons and a few piles of cracked logs. Fishing from the ice is not safe here. But what can you do if near the wreck, and especially in the days of thaw, and spun a bevy plotvichek, Okushko, bream, Yazikov, dace. Sometimes frequented by large bream to posobirat with half-rotten pieces of wood tasty larvae. Often visited these places pike-travyanki. In addition, Semiwall meters from the marina hit underwater keys, stirring constantly enriching the pond water and fresh air. Such sites are much easier to exist underwater inhabitants in the winter.

Float rod

The next day, I joined the friendly company of the old pier anglers. Strong and rosy-cheeked grandfather thoroughly prepared for a long siege of the water: he threw the sixth rustling ice slush, sitting comfortably on a folding chair and began to sort through a box of lures. The three-meter depth near the broken pier quite came to his four-meter «telescope» with a dull snap. Smart float high antenkoy and test a three-year program, though, but still snap-fitted to the conditions of the winter fishing.

Miniature coil wound monofilament diameter of 0.12 mm, a sinker and a hook shot, and instead tied tungsten light yellow pear-shaped jig with a hook № 4,5. At 10 cm above the jig tied up short leash in the same vein with a red hook №5. On his forearm strung white tubing. The wind and the light ripples Teasing float just shake on the wave, and get moving to the beat of their bait. Fisherman tried to fish near the bottom, but was disappointed besklevem, although small fish endlessly fiddling with bait. But tackle, fired in half-waters, brought the good news: the float floated sedately along the legs, and then he shuddered and swayed antenka submerged float is moved in the opposite direction. Uncle deftly hooked, and «telescope» slightly bent. All anglers tightened, glared at a successful neighbor and ready to consider an important trophy.

Eagle Eye trembled nimble roach, flexing scarlet fins. And here on the pier logs jumped first trophy. Ah yes plotvichnik quickly seduced krasnoglazku jig with replanting tasty «sandwich» of maggots and bloodworms. Fresh bait is already on the hook, and re-trim the float floats on the water. Tackle is a little over the side, and occasionally fisherman drags float closer to the piles, knowing that after melochishkoy may welcome a decent trophy. Like a fakir, Dzyadok waves his «magic wand», and out of the water again flies fluttering fish. But success lies not in cunning tricks of an experienced fisherman, and in the correct tactics of the game and knowledge of the winter fishing. The fact that at the end of winter and during the thaw the fish is kept near the shore, not a secret. It is also known that the underwater inhabitants beckon ice vents and zaberegi and that they do not freeze all winter near the docks. Lack of bites at the bottom, too, explained: near the reeds, bridge abutments, piles, fish individual items usually takes not from the bottom, and in half-waters. So the lucky angler, followed by the rest of us were soon rewarded coolest plotvichek, Okushko, Yazikov, bleak, dace.


On the other hand the old pier is located guy with a light spinning rod length of 2.5 meters. It also decided to enjoy the opportunity to catch a summer tackle. To the line 0.3 mm desyatigrammovy jig he tied with red and white twister. Throwing bait to the left, to the right, he gave her the opportunity to bury in half-waters. Then, alternating with short breaks and reeling potyazhkami, led rope along the pier. Slowly moving along the edge, it is fishing on the entire perimeter of the old pier. When the twister struck up to a depth meter, it stopped short pike. «Spotted» it is not too difficult to rush headlong out of the shed, where she watched with interest the game sinking fish. The fight did not last long: put out a desperate jerks zealous predator angler deftly picked up the trophy retractable landing net.

Usually zhor pike accounted for early and late autumn. Then the pike prefers to rush on their prey from ambush. At the same time, in a hurry to leave it to greater depths, to «winter quarters». In the dead time, she wanders around the pond, and the angler has to do a lot of holes to detect the areas of hunting predators. However, the protracted period of thaw and the ice-free areas near the reservoir, snags, piles, bridge piers, rotting reeds and grasses with the receipt of melt water and oxygen in the shallow water is drained fry. It’s the hunter moves to production of light, which attacks small fish out of hiding.

I do not hold back and ask the boy about his methods of fishing. As it turned out, he was constantly visited by the wharf, at the piles which the water does not freeze almost never. Besides posting tackle near the piles of logs and he often goes fishing in the thaw of ice in clean river and lake zaberegah. Although they are small, but 10-15 meters of open water is enough for the angler and catch fish podmanivaniya. And it often brings good luck.

However, a good bite in the winter thaw is not only near the piles, piers and bridge supports. The large pond in the days of the sharp and sustained warming the ice is kept in shallow water, and walk through a hundred meters to the fairway — and open water. It was here, on the border of ice and open water, fishing is unpredictable and often more successful.

Carefully walk the clear crystal and feel your breath for a wave. But here, at the edge of the ice at a depth of 3-4 meters and it occurs most exciting biting Krupnyakov. After drilling the hole, I bleed at the bottom of the tandem dvuhgrammovogo black «banana» and suspended 15 cm above the red on a short leash hook №5 replanting with maggots. Noticeable vibrations do not give because of water movement on the ball constantly bait, pulling it in one direction and then the other. We can only lift the «banana» from the bottom of a foot, to maintain 6-7 seconds pause, shake on the ground and slowly released back, then gently shake and nod again, pause briefly — the rest do undercurrents. But what kind of a joke? No bites. This can not be! Probably Krupnyakov suit, but a little later. And the weather worsens, more and more, and it looks like the fish felt it. At the head sprinkled whether sleet, or rain and snow. Either turn off tackle, or to wait?

Suddenly the cock suddenly timid sweetheart from the bites of fry. After some time fishing became the owner of a few unsightly and stubborn plotvichek brushes. And yet! Do nothing, I had to cut bait and go way back empty-handed. But armed with a four-under-ice zherlitsy fishing line with a margin of 5 to 12 meters. But what if you try to install them on the rock spit up a large depression in the middle of the Gulf? In the summer I often here good luck. So I did. Caught melochishku planted on double hooks-zaglotyshi №8, fixing sting of rubber and podtseplen fish per nostril. This option is considered more effective than live bait baiting the back. In the second case Zywiec injured more sedentary and it becomes less attractive to predators, and finally fry quickly falls asleep. In addition, production takes a predator to the head. And indeed, my expectations were met: pretty soon become the owner of three solid pickerels who took near the slope.

Winter thaw feel not only fish, but also bottom-dwelling organisms. They actively publish in the water fluctuations, crawling in the mud, eating detritus and raise a fuss, thus attracting fishes. In the days of thaw with the increase of the oxygen content in the water and the penetration of sunlight into the pond the fish acute sense of smell, they actively go to the source of sounds and smells. Skillfully throw tackle angler fishes have to taste.

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