There is a growing trade in fish and seafood

Rosstat published data «The socio-economic situation in Russia in January-oktyabr2011 city» Head of the Analytical Center of the Information Agency for Fisheries Timur Mitupov notes that the organizations of wholesale trade in non-small businesses, in October 2011. compared with the previous month continued with a steady increase in sales volume of fish and seafood. The increase was 14.8% to 38.6 thousand. Tons and fish preservation and preserves recorded a slight decline of 3.9% to 9.2 million. Conv. cans. Thus, in the 10 months of 2011. growth of the wholesale fish and seafood amounted Read more [...]
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Today we can successfully combine fishing and a family holiday

Hunting, fishing - traditional male hobbies. One bad - escape to nature fails only on weekends and holidays, when it would seem, is the time to be with family.It is very difficult to choose between his passion and loved ones. In fact, this is not required – it is possible to combine these two parts of his life.Have you ever thought about how to bring your family on a fishing trip? Surely not, because his wife and children will distract and scare away the fish can spoil all the fun. There is a way to avoid all this. Today you can, along with their loved ones go on organized fishing trips in Read more [...]
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The first pilot project in the Russian Federation on the organization of the public freelance inspectors Rosprirodnadzor

December 8, 2011 in the Chamber of Commerce of the Tula region held a meeting on the topic: "The first pilot project in the Russian Federation on the organization of the public freelance inspectors Rosprirodnadzor"He chaired by the Chairman of the Public Council under the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources, AF Malyshevsky. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Governor of the Tula Region PY Voronin, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Tula region SY Osadchiy, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Tula region IM Zabotina, Head of Read more [...]
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Hunters shot escaped from the zoo in Romania tiger

Romanian hunters shot and killed Tuesday tiger that escaped from the zoo of the city of Sibiu, according to the Romanian edition of Business Review, citing local authorities."This morning zoo staff cleaned (cage with a tiger), and when he left, he left the door open. So the animal could leave"- Said vice-mayor of Sibiu Astrid Fodor (Astrid Fodor).Another representative of the city administration Mirela Gligorov (Mirela Gligore) said in turn that the tiger "It became dangerous"So I give it a shot, even though the authorities had promised earlier to catch the beast, after having Read more [...]
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Memorable scenes

 Catch on board Donkey is unique and gambling. Moment bite here, probably one of the most exciting among this type of gear.Storozhok quietly caving in under the pressure of currents, sudden stops, sharp bends down, then, helplessly leaning back sharply and nervously begins to shake, causing the ringing bell. Most often it takes bream likely – large. And bream take about the same, but still character poklёvki large bream characterized some solidity and imperiousness, which is determined immediately. Just sit out on the water a couple of days, you start to distinguish Read more [...]
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14 villagers Rossoshino Baunt area are in the hospital with a diagnosis of «trichinosis»

The meat of wild animals, produced by hunters, were infected with helminths. As a result tasted «not good» Meat many villagers. Infect basically just treated to brawn.Among hospitalized four-year girl, the daughter of one of the hunters. Another 60 rossoshintsev under the close supervision of doctors and specialists of Rospotrebnadzor. Health department continues to refine the range of persons, taste boar svezheninku.October 15, four villagers Rossoshino went into the forest to the game. Men are able to fill up a wild boar weighing 70 kilograms. In honor of a successful hunt, they staged Read more [...]
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Mysterious Bear

There in the Volgograd region Bear River, which runs through almost the entire area. It flows almost from the Volga, taking the start in the south of the Saratov region, and flows into the Don near Serafimovich Volgograd. I have long admired her from the window of a bus or car, while driving on the highway in the Moscow region Mikhailovka. I knew that it flows into the Don, and even have an idea how the place looks like it flows into the Don, but fishing in it I was fortunate this year alone.For many years I had plans to go fishing in the Bear. I was interested to catch a spinning rod and Read more [...]
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Tuvan hunters killed a record number of wolves

KYZYL December 12, Ivan Afanasyev. Hunters killed in Tuva this year a record number of gray, the proportion otstrelennyh predators totaled 669 individuals, which is half one fine day more than in 2010, says Republican directory.Tuva authorities previously tagged, that the termination of periodic fighting with predators in the early 1990s, was a moment of rapid multiplication of the number of gray in Tuva, the population of which the present epoch has reached 2.5-3 plurality of individuals (380-400 villages). Predators every year cause of losses to livestock areas, Coy tens of millions of rubles Read more [...]
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Ladoga 2014

This summer once again lucky enough to visit on Lake Ladoga. Fishing Get a short (4 days) and not particularly dobychlivoy, but nevertheless memorable and deserves report.I have long wanted to spend a few days in Leningrad bay on the island of Mantsinsaari. (I think this is the most beautiful place of all that he saw.) The difficulty here is that the bay facing the open Ladoga. If the wind will blow west, then withdraw from the bay on the water will not have to wait. You can escape on foot across the island, but on a boat with a motor does not carry off. But the boat, to be sure, Read more [...]
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The population of wild boars in the Rostov region decreased by 3 times

The population of wild boars in the Rostov region in two years was reduced because of African swine fever more than 3 times and is already less than 1 thousand heads, according to the materials of the Department of protection and use of wildlife and aquatic biological resources in the region.African swine fever virus thoroughly embraced the Rostov region in 2009. In 2010, the region was more than 30 outbreaks of ASF. This year, the virus has weakened somewhat active."Wild boar is a carrier of the virus plague, so we're shooting it, especially in areas bordering the regions where there are Read more [...]
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Pike «traps»

Hunting and fishing are very similar. One hunters prefer to shoot others - set traps for animals. Something like this is and at the fishermen. Those who are even slightly familiar with the fishing and know what zherlitsy. As in the hunt at the traps, and the fishing have zherlitsy have their tricks. It seemed to me that I know about zherlitsy enough to catch them. But recently I was on a fishing trip on which my fellow anglers from the suburbs all day well, unlike me, were caught zherlitsy.How to win drifting snowIn recent years, technological advances visibly shaken the firm Read more [...]
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In North America, hybrid population coyote and wolf has reached millions of individuals

This new animal appeared in the eastern part of North America during the last century as a result of natural cross between coyotes and wolves. Coyotes were forced to migrate to this region in search of food due to changes in the natural landscape under the influence of human activities. Hybrid weighs 25 kg, which is twice the coyote; he has big jaws and well developed muscles, which gives him the opportunity to hunt deer. Koyvolk equally well in the forest and hunts in open areas. In 25% of the DNA koyvolka — from the wolf. According to a study by Javier Monson of Stony Brook University koyvolk Read more [...]
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Coral coral strife

When it comes to the choice of habitat, such a large reef fish like coral salmon, snappers and sladkogub show increased demands on its «architectural» execution.A choice that makes the big fish finding shelter can directly affect its capacity to cope with climate change. This is indicated by the scientists of the Australian Research Centre James Cook University for training of highly qualified specialists in the study of coral reefs. As a result of research aimed at understanding the process of reducing the fish population, causing considerable damage to coral reefs, a graduate Read more [...]
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As we went to Salt Zaymische

The solution instead of the usual travel to the Volga Don did not come immediately. But… In Don I still have time to go and check perch at «family» koryazhin. But to see new places in Salt Zaymische – It was very interesting. According to the friend, this summer he was well caught there zander, asp and catfish. Early Saturday morning Glory drove to my garage, we loaded his belongings into my shnivy, picked up a trailer with an inflated boat and headed toward the fishing luck. For talk about that, about this quickly slipped night city. Flashed through the Read more [...]
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Remember youth. Outboard motors breeze

History, theory, exploitation, refining and upgrading.In the early '60s at the Ulyanovsk Motor Plant began to think about the issue, instead of the outdated "Arrows" better outboard motor. Before the designers were tasked to create the engine of the same displacement volume of that of the "Arrows"But deprived of all its shortcomings. In 1964. engine, dubbed "Breeze" It has been prepared for production. With a displacement of 173 cc managed to get power 8 hp The engine has been made on the two-cylinder scheme that combined with spring suspension drastically reduce vibration. Read more [...]
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Fishing at Christmas

First fishing in 2014 has stood out for Christmas. Long Christmas holidays helped raise perch lovers and here we are in the predawn four go on the ice Karpovskiy reservoir near the famous Gracheva beams. There Karpovka river makes a huge zigzag half a kilometer horseshoe. This is evidenced by an ancient map, drawn up before the flood, and caught the eye of Alex. Of course, after the flooding. Joke. In short, in this area can be found Karpovskiy so-called piled – favorite habitat and hunting perch. Thus, mainly the depth of two to five meters. At the bottom there are Read more [...]
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ARGO 8?8

8-wheel drive amphibious off-road vehicle with twin overhead valve V-engine Kohler LH 775 AED, liquid-cooled, engine displacement 748 cm3, power of 31 HP with electronic fuel injection, electronic ignition and electric starter.ARGO 8×8 750 Hdi Special Edition — 8-wheel drive amphibious off-road vehicle with twin overhead valve V-engine Kohler LH 775 AED, liquid-cooled, engine displacement 748 cm3, power of 31 HP with electronic fuel injection, electronic ignition and electric starter.In models ARGO 8×8 750 HDi Special Edition uses regular unleaded gasoline. Low content of pollutants Read more [...]
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Rybinsk Kubelwagen

Now build RM-Gamax AX-600photo: Andrey Shushpanov Taiwan, Japan and Russia joined. Not politically, of course, and especially not geographically… In private. But productively: their total was the brainchild of ATV RM-Gamax AX-600. We are all skeptical Chinese products. She captivated the whole world — cheap and angrily. But Taiwanese developers all denied ordinary Chinese «fellows». So I, like to any layman, wanted to know whether so much difference between the new quads from quads-«day» because Read more [...]
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The first ice in the middle of winter

When will the ice at the Volgograd sea? Last year, on the last ice we almost swore Sudak and Bershov that the first ice on our beach - do not miss! And here it was, but then melted. When you can safely walk on the sea, like the brigantine, in search of treasured gossip «cans»?And once in already built plans for the coming fishing like a tornado rushes information that became ice in the port of the Volga! On the ice is already out! And for one day in such a cold – clear ice will get stronger! The fear, of course, there is. Here and warning MOE, and just common Read more [...]
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Everything you need to know about snowmobiles

Registration of snowmobiles, right on snowmobile registration snowmobileREGISTRATION SELF-PROPELLED MACHINERY (CM)1. CM purchased after 1995.In accordance with clause 2.8. "rules" and p. 4 "Resolution" required:- passport (PSM);- reference account;- statement;- imported car customs Declaration;- a copy of the certificate of conformity.Lost documents recover routine.2. CM purchased after 1995 and was not registered, no papers.Documents recovered by the owner at the place of purchase. If the organization no longer exists or does not issue a duplicate in the court.3. CM acquired Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).