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Accidents fishing vessels

Fishing vessels "Success" and "Ginga" shipwrecked off the coast of Sakhalin. The crews of the two ships were the Russians. In the first case, we saved the whole team in the second — not without sacrifice.

Just two fishing boats — "Success" and Ginga", Shipwrecked off the coast of Sakhalin. Previously, they were fishing under the flag of Cambodia. The crew of two ships were the Russians. In the first case it was possible to save all in the second – not without casualties.

It is known that on December 25 at 06:30 port operator "Vanino" It was received distress Cambodian fishing schooner "Success"The situation occurred in the northern part of the Sea of ​​Japan in the Tatar Strait. The ship lost power, the pump could not cope with the pumping of water, the crew asked for help. Maritime Rescue Coordination sub-center "Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk" (MSPTS) to crash the ship sent a boat "Chelyabinsk", At 07:10 "Chelyabinsk" He approached the Cambodian schooner and began to help. Later, the Transport Ministry reported that all 13 crew members "Success" We were saved.

Meanwhile, on Sunday in an emergency situation in the southern part of the Okhotsk Sea (La Perouse Strait) has got another Cambodian fishing boat, "Ginga". The ship was also in the area of ​​responsibility MSPTS "Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk". Since the accident occurred on the border with Japan, a rescue operation was mounted and the Japanese side (RSS OTARU). On the Russian side were involved: the ship "Atlas", Transport refrigerator "Ozersk"Two medium-sized fishing trawler "Paly" and "Bay Vasiliev" and the helicopter "Mi-8" (MOE), the Japanese — patrol boat "Rebun" and the aircraft. Currently, the search and rescue operation continues.

On Sunday, the head of public relations center of the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency said Alexander Savelyev "Interfax"The crew of the schooner "Success"That crashed 40 miles from Sovetskaya Gavan, consisted of Russians. According to him, a team of 13 people. All were rescued by ship "Chelyabinsk". "However, the fate of the vessel is unknown, probably it sank"- He said. According to Savelyev, the schooner ship owner has not been established. "It is impossible in this regard count on a crew rescued all the fishermen are in a state of shock, and then they can not answer questions"- Said the representative of the Federal Agency for Fishery.

Speaking about the second the tragedy off the coast of Sakhalin, Savelyev said that the crew of the schooner "Ginga"According to the crew list, there were five Russians and three Indonesians. "Under the flag of a country they fished until it appears. This may or Cambodia, and Indonesia"- He said. It is known that the schooner came to fish from the Japanese port of Wakkanai. Savelyev said that as a result of the search operation were found the bodies of two fishermen. "Identification marks their wetsuits indicate that the ship in distress should not be in the fishery, and be parked in the port of Nevelsk"- He said.

"Two of the tragedy off the coast of Sakhalin suggests that many so-called fishing vessels under the "comfortable" flags continue to conduct criminal fishing activities in the exclusive economic zone of Russia, — said the representative of the Federal Agency for Fishery. — And their owners not only neglected the ban on fishing and navigation safety measures, resulting in loss of life".

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December 27, 2011 at 10:00

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