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Last year, in the pages of «horn» was published my article «About us single-barreled gun MC 20-01 and its» less Bratz. » Time, of course, does not stand still. And something happens (well, if progress). It happened and I have something. And then there’s a recent note P. Golovko «About us single-barreled gun MC 20-01 and my other guns,» published … well, there is an opportunity to share their experiences in the pages of the newspaper. Sometimes conversations arise. Something like the painting «Hunters at Rest.»

Well … As for the tape, as well as the ratio of the diameter of the sleeve and the chamber agree with you Revnut that much winding sleeve is not necessary. I read recently from AP Ivashentsova in his book «The Boy and the service shotgun» as follows: «… chamber (chamber) must be so wide that the cartridge was a member of it without any effort. When the camera is properly drilled and walls throughout her gradually and uniformly tapering the transition, at the moment of the shot sleeve body, crushing under the influence of gas pressure, close to the walls lie down and no breakthrough will not fart … This is undoubtedly the first gunsmith of the world, not afraid Camera do so free that the cartridge freely banned from the camera is tilted trunks to the ground, his weight reached the place, and yet there was no case to the sleeve in such a gun burst … «So now I settled on a compromise version . Now I use a narrow packing tape, which would be almost enough for most of the length of the sleeve, and the narrow office, just to wrap a small part of it, immediately following the metal skirt.
In fact — at the height of the powder charge. Another turnover by giving the joint metal with plastic. In general, it turns out the sleeve with the increased height of the skirt. This is not new. There are also such branded cartridges with a very high skirt. But the sale of such sleeves, and even a 20-gauge, not seen. Winding is available with tape cartridges not only provides added strength and reduces the chance of overtaking of shot powder gases projectile still at an early stage of the shot, but also better aligns the sleeve in the chamber, providing better alignment sleeve channel to the channel of the barrel. And about the fact that you have not noticed the effect of the winding sleeve on the sharpness of the battle and why this effect I noticed is if you still kept my note, pay attention to one thing: I tried in his experiments is not to overstate recommended in the passport gun weighed portions. That is all within 1.4 g of «Falcon». Well, I take heart in the 1,450. For large charges may be sufficient sharpness and without winding sleeves.
Just go to the charges 1.5-1.6 g «Falcon» could not then. Since it is not enough for the thorough knowledge and empirically afraid to do so. For himself and for his gun. After reading the above-mentioned book Ivashentsova and SA Buturlin «shotgun and shooting out of it,» measuring the inner and outer diameters of the barrel of his gun, correlating it to read these books, now realizing that the trunk is strong enough, try to make steps towards increasing the powder charge. And then there is still something to think about. Trunk something durable. A gate? At gun design Ivashentsova but strong stems, and even block hoo what … I can not imagine why it has not issued a gun.
Tried to your example of a laser pointer, a foothold in the sleeve, used to boresight. All clear. By the way, there are even special laser cartridges for it. But it is very expensive. A pointer to the desired result can be achieved at least acceptable to the shotgun, especially if the laser is properly centered in the most orders. Of the three existing pointers I have only one more or less liked, and that — not really. So you gave a ray and not a speck on the wall, and a dash. Because it touches the wall of the barrel. I also like the fact that something happened. Although the spot, too little to be seen. And in order to understand whether it is true is set in the laser pointer, you need to somehow hold the power button, roll the pointer over the table. If the spot on the wall is not strong vertically moves or does not move at all, it’s good, and if up and down, then worse. Such are the cases.

Alex KRASAVIN19 June 2007 at 12:14

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