American Tatarstan

Oh, not only in sports, oil and KAMAZ now famous Tatarstan. That could not be «General motors» Yelabuga twenty years ago, it seems, has all chances to turn from «Ford» today. Remember, then people at GM have tried to put the Russians in a good SUV Blaser?

American Tatarstan

For a rich stuffing electronics SUV Ford has called a cross between a jeep and gadget.

Plans have been, as they say, is enormous, but imperceptibly program kicked the bucket, limited to a few thousand cars. Disassemble the reasons for the failure is not our problem, it says only that fordovskie managers have carefully studied the experience in the production of off-road vehicles Russian Federation, and hence, no forgotten on the ill-fated «blazers» at performance permanent friends and competitors from GM.

Try the new Ford Explorer was particularly interesting, as the early 90s your correspondent was almost first Moscow Private Ford Bronco, and give a lot of pleasure drayverskogo happiness on roads and out of them. Obviously, this hot love SUVs from the company «Ford» coupled with sympathy for American cars in general and He led me to meeting with last model Explorer.

Shortly speaking, «Ford» I invested in Yelabuga. But how! On at $ 100 000 000, turning in Tatarstan plant complete vehicle assembly (body welding, painting and assembly). Today only two cities world — Chicago Yelabuga — collect «EXPLORER». In vain, I suppose, marketing their bread to eat? In fordovtsy drool flowing from the Russian perspective and the number of small, medium and full-size SUV, sold at our market annually. So they We arrived with Explorer. You can tell how many full-size SUV now manufactured in Russia? Not Monster Hummer or rustic type «Koreans», a such «automotive crocodiles»To stay in which turns into pastime, comparable in to comfort living in Hotel «Venice» at Las Vegas.

«Ford» came to we did not Aby with than, and the last modification of its most successful over the past nearly 25 years the SUV. Seven million cars sold in States, Canada, Mexico and other countries 1990 to today, they speak for themselves.

The flow Explorer looks brutal — as well as, say, seven Russian paratroopers (just as many strong guys can stay it) to the participants in the gay pride parade New York. From the strength and blowing machines a hidden threat. Force him true enough: six cylinders 294 horse engine with Cyclone variable valve timing easily throw a heavy two-ton car road to pleasant acceleration. Before Hundreds of giant five-meter sprints in 8.7 seconds. Maximum speed – 180 km / h. Under a car and brake. During the three days test in I have no never the feeling that I I do not have time to stop the car, whether it’s dense and antsy Moscow traffic or road under Cymru on that is Hog family will pop up, then night Local native village, to meet you. Disc brakes immediately and confident of upsetting the car.
Here are just a strong and this brutal machine, it seems, is only Roads with paved. On I’m not a serious off-road It brought her experience, but something tells us that broken her no logging roads permanent all-wheel drive or 211-mm ground clearance, nor 345 Nm of torque is not enough. Well, not vaunted cope with overseas electronics our «lines»! Right about What are we talking about brutality, if you with all four legs… I’m sorry, the wheels in mud stuck, if this is the dirt all your chrome plated thick crust as collective farm hog? AT Unlike my old frame Bronco, very smartly crawl even Bolotin my favorite Tver heartland, Explorer offers us intellectuals dzhippersky powertrain options. Neat washer located under the right hand on the tunnel, you choose one of the five driving modes — «dirt-track». «sand». «snow». «track» and «descent slope». AT Generally, as in all, in sports, but without fanaticism, but It called all this intelligent all-wheel drive — Terrain Management. Here in fact are able to «Americans» to assign their child explanatory title! Unpretentious, but a big call fordovtsy wheel drive transmission control system nor many as few «Landscape Management»! Yes, they like things the global control (or control, or the like?).

American Tatarstan

SUV interior design to match the interior of the car business-class. In the same style framed «Puck» System Terrain Management.

But the pleasure you get from moving in Space for on roads this car! The car is surprisingly easy to manage. TO considerable size you get used to it after 10–15 minutes of movement, responses to like a wheel car, however, in turns and with active braking is noticeably sleepy, but and These features of a purely American driver soon stopped paying attention. But Explorer excellent road holding, perfectly fulfills bumps, cracks, holes, and pit road surface and gently, gently delivers crew comfortable leather interiors designated point.

And in many places! If k It adds that it is equipped with safety features such as system control in the trajectory rotation, which at the entrance of twist on high speed car engine and brakes retarding each wheel, traction control and stall prevention system, a number of airbags and curtains protecting all three rows of passenger seats, — then You can sit in cars without fear. And general equipment at it — on a couple of sheets of A4.

Still, I lost a little sorry for the off-road automotive world and the spirit of recklessness adventurism on which pushes us old honest SUVs. Still, the ability to drive a car — on the-art, flair driver is more valuable than a set of electronic psevdovnedorozhnyh qualities of the car. Boring century! Technique quite successfully brings to No man’s role in management’s our «adventurer» at add to «clever» transmission received rearview camera and the possibility to park their own, almost without human intervention. Rudder he twists himself, but for pedal responsible person. I imagine with what interest will be treated in the showrooms this device wife «senior officials» and all middle-aged women. A at a wealthy young everything is simple and Naturally, they Porsche and Ferrari parked it backwards, that before that across without problems.

American Tatarstan

American Tatarstan

American Tatarstan

In any way can not ignore equipping potential purchase of advanced multimedia system with My Ford Touch three LCD displays and the ability to connect to the car any media devices via SD, USB, AUX, Bluetooth and Other ports. Wags have dubbed the new SUV cross between a jeep and gadget. Ironically, I like. Even «crooks» should correspond to the time, and our hero meets his fully (which is the system FORD SYNC, which allows voice control, climate control, navigation, telephone, and multi-media complex other functional!). I assume that the process of recognition of the car and getting used to him for many of us would be akin to a computer game — a long, fascinating and exciting.

If someone asks me whether to buy the new domestic SUV, my answer is categorically yes — Yes! Solid all-wheel drive car with excellent functional, amazingly low fuel consumption (!) (compare 11 liters of petrol AI-92 combined cycle with 15, 17 and a 95-liter main competitors) — and less than two million rubles! On background even at current prices decently «stuffed with» legkovushki — almost nothing. Oh, the times! ..

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