Annoyance hounds

Brown eyes gonchuhi look from the bottom up, in two and a half hunters. Ask why half formed, so is my son. Guns are not allowed on the early childhood, but the backpack first half of the day is fine. And Ghosn is not an obstacle for the extra pair of eyes, but ears have.

So, are these gentlemen under the gaze of skilled workers and can not say in his defense or anything. And what can I say, the hare escaped our work in the bosom of unknown Mister X. With the speed that he did not show during all three hours with little rut. And it happened so.
Saturday, we had frost -6. Mushrooms were porcelain. I waited Constantine (Veps) village, he was detained because of the day tinsmith. Who really wanted to miss. So for the sake we arrived around 10 am. Clouds began to sag and goose flock for the flock, not stroivym order moved to the north.
Annoyance hounds

Our flock quickly raised the hare. Gradually expenditures are populated at him and began to cook. Meanwhile, Frost eased, and in the details was very damp and uncomfortable. A hare stubbornly refused to leave his apartment. I have chosen this corner of the forest, difficult to walk and filled with water several times he jumped over the overgrown ditch was pereviden, but no arrows.
Annoyance hounds

Predict its course or does not succeed. But the fact that it sinks fast to be seen. So for chips, for quite some time, I decided to cheer on the dogs because they did pomknuli 30 meters. The son ran up to me, fell crashing through the smallest detail. And we have something in common with him. But it is not terrible.
Distracting. Grouse we’re there to rise, two entire brood. Dogs chase, and he and mustache is not blowing (grouse). But as the man went, starting to take off.
Annoyance hounds

But time passes, and slash our obsoh. He became wider and wider walk. Yes, go and see-through. Here Kostya and moved to the flank. I’m at a place in the little things grew stronger defense. It’s been more than three hours, there comes another cleavage. And after some time, in a place where Constantine was distributed doublet. With the arrangement of the net well in one word. And silence. Often hare comes from the dogs when the dogs further cleaved straighten. So I thought of what he Vepsians and left Radim. By requesting radio. And I answered: — No, I do not. Himself a little bear did not suffer the disease.
And at this moment hound burst into. Few krutnuv in the raspberry patch went straight to the site of the doublet. Bend near the place, ask him to quickly catch up to the place. Dogs reach and fall silent. Cut, and there is no escape. Kostya on the radio reported that a person shooter retreated into its behold. Leaving us with traces of slip. Master immediately realized that what we are now and to justify in front of her. And the nature of her I assure you, no sugar. All the time drinking tea she did not believe in miracles. I go to see the parking lot geese hunters, but did not find evidence that there is a trophy has come to us.
Annoyance hounds

But as you know, you can melt the heart of affection. So we tried to stroke in chmoknu attractive face, nape of potrepim. And our Masya has sighed, convened and led assistance. The second work they have already done a kilometer and a half. Hare like small things, and decided to complicate the situation pulled miliarotivnuyu zone completely covered with water and was gone. Sipping tea again we moved back. Hounds This time we order taken away from the machine. And last month the brother accompanied us on the way back, we stayed in this time. But on the way, they ran into a hare that has already left to feed and despite the fatigue started to work. But there were caught and taken to the car by force.
Annoyance hounds

And it was not hard on the soul. No. Dogs have worked all day and effectively. Constantine only complained that they did not see the rabbit at the end of work. However, they knew that the case was brought to an end.
Well, Mr. X, perhaps he was very pleased. For him luck, no matter what it is.

Jaroslav Skvortsov8 November 2011 at 09:52

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