As I walked away from the fish

As I walked away from the fish

To participate in competitions on fishing can be treated differently. Personally, I do not so much to win as to practice in accuracy and skill. I am a fourth year participating in the competitions held on Akhtuba, and every time I use one «gun» — Bezmotylku.

This year I have to practice and have not escaped. Consumer routine tightened like a swamp. Well, it does not matter. The water area is familiar to me for the past year. It is a place near the town beach, the Volga. For nearly there, most of the fish turns on the border of algae and clean the bottom. Local fishermen often catch there roach and perch, prikarmlivaya couple of holes – sit on them with floats.

The weather this year was something incomprehensible. The fish is caught like a machine gun, it is as if in suspended animation, and on what does not react. In the previous week, the competition just had the frequent change of the pressure, so that a good bite count was not necessary. So, at bezmotylnoy tackles have more chance!

After the start, I immediately went to the border of grass and clean the bottom. Do not fortunate enough to one of the first to take place, where once someone has caught and fed well. These competitions are traditionally awarded the angler, the first catch any fish. I have never been able to do it. But today it is the third rise imp someone bent nod, and I pulled a 5-meter deep some small fry. I shout to the judge that there is the first fish, the judge is to me, but the fish is coming! Oh, shame! But the hope is that this fish under the hole – not alone. And, indeed, in front of the judge with a video camera approached I hook and pull out from the hole a little perch. There are fish! I have already received some prize! In the first competition was caught only one fish, and has since caught the first fish is welcomed by the organizers of the festival and was awarded a good prize. So my first fish notified of that event took place, the fish under the ice there!

However, very rarely bite. Not the ubiquitous caught roach and perch. I had a hard time just caught three perch with the little finger length. Decided staggered look for fish. After all, you can stumble upon a place where the fish are simply more. Bald among the grass or some bricks lying on the bottom, which stands near the fish. Drilled wells closer to the shore, farther – but in vain. Do not be caught nor I nor those who sprinkles the bait into the hole and waits for fish. We will briefly share information with friends anglers. Maxim said that no fish is caught, but the bite seen at depth. I went down to his side, the storm wells 10 meters. And that was! Caught perch began with an enviable constancy, and began to get even half the size of a palm. I looked around, I see whether my colleagues, with whom we have come to the competition – and they are sitting side by side and smiling. They also start nicking. All in turn began to move away from zero.

After a while, biting subsided. Apparently, we are scared away moody bass. I decided to pursue a strategy of finding fish in a checkerboard pattern and the first thing to drill a clean place. At one point I again got to the fish. I catch three perch, and something solid escaped. Oh, again, disappointment. For the largest fish is also off to a good prize! However, no more bites in the hole, nor in the neighboring. He looked around, and my friends and sit in the place where I first found the fish. Steep for this patch does not go away.

By the end of the competition is some 45 minutes. He returned to him – it turns out they have caught! Slowly, but caught! That pulled perch here and there. It turns out, I left the fish found ?! Buryus close, but I do not bite. But Anton bite. He also catches on bezmotylku. The judge announced that the finish line 10 minutes left, and he caught one by one! He’s in a hurry, running drills hole nearby. One, a second… From each snatches 2-3 perch. And I was silent – though you burst. Finally, the final rocket.

Weighing showed that all of my catch pulled 420 grams. Is small catch! But some do not catch! Anton, who until the last second in the sweat and drilled caught – beat third place at 5 grams! Wow! Runner-up, just in the last seconds! At such moments you begin to understand the beauty of the event. In the first place there was Valery, also our friend on the Internet site that caught jig with bloodworms.

This year, organizers celebrated the 5th anniversary of these events, and so we decided to award prizes occupied the first five places instead of the usual three. So suddenly I was among the winners. Results Table eloquently what turned serious struggle:
Valery Parshkov – 640 – 1 place.
Kapitsyn Anton – 465 – 2nd place.
Morgunov Stanislav – 460 – 3rd place.
Kolomiets Aleksei – 420 – 4th place.
Kovalev Novel – 340 – 5th place.

Again, a lot of prizes: winter boxes, winter boots, kilograms of bait to everyone who participated. Monofilament, rods, hats … While summed up – Traditional ear outdoors! In general, as always, the festival took place, it was very cool!

Alex Kolomiets28 February 2014 at 00:00

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