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«Bad» fishing

Without bad fishings – no good. No, of course, fishing, which I want to tell you, can not be called bad. In the end, I went home happy. What ear cooked, comrade went home with five Sudak quite good, and I soaked the whole basin poplar blewits.

If I chose a day fishing looking at weather forecast – I certainly would not go anywhere, and left to sit at home. That bright sun, the strong wind, the rain, then again quiet, clear and cold! My experience is that the walleye is most likely to be afflicted. But one comes from Moscow, it is necessary to keep him company and help to catch perch.

Bearing in mind that during the weekend the left bank of the Don fishermen come much, we decided to cross to the right bank and try his luck there. We were in a cherished place first, but the joy was short-lived. Very soon on the same clearing came several cars. Those in favor of mushrooms, one with spinning, some with ground fishing tackles. We do not at all worried, because we have already taken place and been pretty caught was the first good sudachok that drew 1800 Nothing surprising in this was not. Location familiar catchability bait known, meet the conditions of fishing tackle. Andrew was next and helped take the fish landing net.

But still it was not enough bites. Usually at this point it pecked frequently. Many anglers are constantly shifted along the shore, here and there catching perch and small pike from the shore. But we needed something just perch! For this reason, I still hovered on the catching capacity still, constantly increasing its result. Here’s another sudachok caught, that’s a good perch, pike cheeky… By lunchtime Kukan awaited their fate 4 pike-perch, pike perch and 3. A friend from Moscow, frankly, fishing is not obtained. Nothing worthy, he could not catch. Several perch, pike and a pencil «transparent» sudachok, which he released back into the water.

And here is the promised storm

Strange! It seems to be the month of October at the Don – most catchability for walleye. Usually «fanged» bites everywhere and on everything. We decided to drive off a little downstream, check out a new place to cook and catch the ear on the evening sunset. There and spend the night in tents. To draw water from a well, we found a comfortable place. As I cleaned the fish and cooked soup, Andrew went back to fishing with nothing. No bites! How so? Here and deeper, and there are snags, where zander hide – classic Sudachie place! All hope was on evening out the predator, but that did not happen. In the evening, strong wind, but such that the bent our tent and blew away all the dishes from the table. About any fishing on a jig and speech could not be. Under the howling wind and faltering rain, we went to sleep.

Morning good weather we are not pleased. All the same, if not the wind poured down, then forced to keep spinning tighter than usual. Braids blown loop and absolutely no visible contact with the bottom of the bait. I am instead of 25 g of 35 tied that slightly improved the sensitivity of the entire gear, and immediately received a wild bite, Andrew noticed that even from the shore. On Lead sinkers were deep furrows from sharp fangs gossip. So, pike here ?! So even povoyuem ?! Sometimes it happens that the bad weather, on the contrary, contributes biting predator!

But pike is still capricious. Twitches once much larger but does not manifest itself as if it had never been there at all. My entire cargo had been tormented like a rasp, and no walleye I could not catch. All bites accounted porolonki or tail, or lead «bullet». A little thought, we decided to leave this place and move on fast flow, where the same wind was blowing across must flow, that is the angler’s face. It’s better than the side – easier to track the bite and have the opportunity to use a lighter weight loads. I quickly assembled a package of poplar blewits, folded tents and crossed back to the left bank of the Don.

East bank of the Don

I think there is no point several times to write about the same. Pike went vrednichat. We saw only three bites, but it never caught. In disbelief, I started calling friends anglers who calmed me – no one in those days nothing really lovilos, and even from the shore – even more so. Who caught on bait hooks open – content with rare, but productive bite. We have the same in snags were more bites than others, but bait to hook pressed bad pinpointing capricious fish. We decided not to tempt fate, and spend the night in the city on Monday to make a last attempt to catch walleye in the village Vertyachiy after which went home, he – Moscow I – Volgograd.

The reward for the patience and diligence

Weather forecast was justified by 100%. The morning was sunny, quiet and cool. Quite quickly I adapted to the driftwood that lay along the coast and spending the bait along it, saw the first bite. Pike in this time behaved «decently». After the first bite, they continued to be interested in my bait and I managed their Dolov. I caught one after the other three perch, one of which drew 1.5 kg. Well! At last! However, Andrew again, nothing happened. Only for dinner, he was able to get away from a small scratch, but quite edible perch.

Then again zakapriznichal perch, the wind picked up and the situation was repeated a hair’s breadth as yesterday, on the right bank. Rare and evil bite, but without any continuation. So bite the tail, it will leave marks on the cargo. Here the rain began to fall apart… Everything was as though the hours worked on the script. We had to admit their powerlessness before the forces of nature, to respect the unwillingness walleye eat our bait and settle for a modest catch.

Nevertheless, I am grateful to my fellow Moscow that his arrival, he made me go fishing at a time when she did not want to be caught. It is very interesting! It starts, and angry, and beats hands hideous weather. Rare bite regarded as a reward for hard work. Such fishing stick in the memory for a long time.

Alex Kolomiets22 November 2013 at 12:12

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