Bait Boat + = bream

Bait Boat + = bream

For a long time I catch a spinning, but I still have to always have a pair of moving goods by 30–45 g and several meter leashes of monofilament fishing line with different diameters and with different hooks. Enough to pass a braid in Georgia, to bind to the appropriate swivel leash – Donka and ready! It can be caught in a variety of settings. Specifically for catching bream I have always cooked two leash. Length approximately one elbow, the other – with his hand. Thickness leashes – 0.22 mm. Hook – Kamasan Carp specialist, № 4 — on the white bream and number 6 – on bream (International Classification). As shipped, I use ordinary olives desired weight.

Where to find bream?

I caught bream from a boat more often in August – September. Selected on a wide Pleso with weakened over the depth of 4-5 meters and are anchored or tied to tree trunks protruding from the water. If there is such a comfortable koryazhki at the desired depth, I often omit the tank with bait in the evening and morning swim, charge a new bait tank and immediately begin to catch.

It bites most of the day, but the best – to 6 am. This fact I associate only with the fact that my favorite snags were not far from shore, and bream, calmed down for the night, closer to the shore, and the bait he was held there for a while. Perhaps in other similar places, but further away from the coast, could be biting all day. But it so happened that I’m stuck with these snags. Below them was strapped tank (not yet withdrawn «good people»), And put the bait where the distance from the coast was problematic. Self hate being in the middle of the Volga anchored floating plastic bottles.

Oil cake, bread and patience

At this place lured to wait for exactly one hour. I say this with confidence, because it came to the ridiculous. I actually timed the few times since the lowering of the cage with bait and the first poklёvki bream, and each time it was exactly one hour. Do not be sure that the location is correct, and wait an hour poklёvku – agree that it is difficult. A bait – very simple. An ordinary loaf of bread. I tore it into pieces and stacked in a tank with a brick. I also broke the single disc pressed cake and a quarter-pushed into the tank. For odor and dolgoigruchesti something. From time to time, when biting subsides, I shake the feeder. Just raise it a meter and a half and lowered again two or three times. Bait at this moment more abundantly floats downstream. I catch a worm. I skewer generously 3-4 pieces that hook was not visible. Sting hide in the body of the worm.

Sensitivity spinning and shape of the hook

It seemed to me that the best thing I did it catch on laytovye spinning rod. I have a spinning test with 7-28 g, so he catches bream best. Not that it pecked more frequently, the percentage was higher realization poklёvok twice. I think that plays the role of a good value for stiffness-sensitive. I was reminded of this when I learned that Serikov Aleksey prefer to catch bream from a boat on a spinning test with 14-28 g

The second important point, in my opinion, is the quality hooks. I have already written, but I repeat that I use Kamasan «Carp specialist» № 4. I do not know what the reason, whether such a right bend, whether it sticks to «trunk» bream, whether its weight allows it to be where it should be, then you just set aside the sting out of the plane, or something like that, but they were always faithful poklёvki. This convinced my clients, when after several gatherings, I tried to persuade them to tie up just such a hook, and implementation poklёvok sharply gone up. Maybe it’s karma…

Focus at vyvazhivanii

In conclusion I would just say that when playing the bream I have not in a hurry to output it to the surface and give a breath of air per square meter and a half before the board. Then a dozen and a half seconds of fish stupor enough to no problem to take his arm, or rather with three fingers, hook and unhook the lower tank in minimally get their hands dirty. If he glotnet air away from the boat, this time may not be enough. You lose the fun vyvazhivaniya, bream and then comes to life beats in your hands, you take over the landing net and catch him in the boat… that, in principle, also fishing.

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