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Ad Hoc hunting of bears and getting in Manchuria there

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Ad Hoc hunting of bears and getting in Manchuria there. Given him by chance, during the hunt for other animals. Methods of obtaining different. Most often bear hunting with dogs on the trail. Hunting this is as follows. On the heels bear hunter lets dogs that pretty quickly overtake the beast, surrounded by its barking and give the hunter know where the bear. The latter is not particularly afraid of dogs, but often stops with the purpose to scare away pesky pursuers; sometimes he rushes suddenly the short and puts her paw on the spot. Dogs must be familiar and handled serially, or many of them will die in the hunt. If the dog gape, and did not have time time to dodge by bear claws, she was gone. Experienced and quick dog grabbed the bear and the back of the force it to stop. Surrounded by dogs, the bear sits on the back, back to a tree, and trying to catch some of them his paw. Hunter uses this stop and hurry to the beast. Approach is necessary, though keeping a certain caution, since the bear, sensing the person or saw him, he turns tail. In the forest, you can go to him so steps 50-60. Shoot them in the head necessarily, namely in the ear or in the head, depending on the position of the beast. Wounded in the chest area is not always fatal, if not directly hit the heart. Bear is very tenacious and mortally wounded, the hunter can throw at and mutilate it, and the dog in this case will not have any help. Most local hunters weapons unsatisfactory and does not meet its intended purpose, and therefore the results of hunting big game are not always successful, and often even has a sad ending for the hunter. Local Russian hunters of the beast armed with military-style rifles different, that does not fully satisfy the requirements of hunting; The Chinese, Solon and oroqen people have in most cases, antique weapons and to some extent — the latest, and military-style.

Black Himalayan bear, pursued by dogs, often climb trees and holed up there. Approached the hunter can only successfully directed a bullet to remove it from the tree.

Bear with cubs is very dangerous for dogs, as furiously rushes to them and in most cases a few catches before the arrival of the hunter. The cubs rescued a tree. Almost always rushes to the approaching bear hunter, not paying more attention to the dogs.

Solon Khingan mountains bear hunting on horseback with dogs.

When hunting black bear in the den for almost always made great efforts to drive the beast out of the hollow. Often, even a way to apply the smoking, which cut through the bottom hole and set fire to hollow out. Kicked out of the hollow bear quickly rushes down, sliding on a tree trunk; gape and if the hunter does not have time to fire at this time, the bear, he found himself on the ground, making a big jump in the direction of the hill and starts headlong heels, trying to reach the top soon. Shooting theft in most cases is unsuccessful. Kicked out of the den, and badly wounded bear, if there is still enough power she rushes to the nearest hunter and breaks it, crushing under itself.

Brown bear hunting in the den is different in that here the amount of time for shooting a lot less and the beast came out of the den, found himself in close proximity to the hunter; This is why hunting dangerous and serious. Sometimes, to drive out of the den of the brown bear, it is necessary to compel the sixth cut down here. It happens that the bear grabs pole claws and teeth and pulls him to her before leaving. It turns out it quickly and first thing takes off running, so you need to shoot at a time when the head of a bear den is shown. Hunting den separately and described in detail the famous Russian safecracker Shirinsky-Shikhmatov, so we limit ourselves to the data shown above. Feedback from local hunters, the Kamchatka bear, being raised from the den, almost always rushes to the nearest hunter, so the hunt for him is considered the most dangerous.

The hardest thing to drive out of the den bear with cubs, as she, sensing the danger to their children, is stronger in the den, thinking there to sit. Big Bears sometimes refuse to come out of the den, even when their mother has been killed. Hunt den practiced here only Russian. Local Chinese-trappers extract bears in the pit nastorazhivaya to bear trails charged trunks and iron arrows. The first method is as follows: on the ground, where bears often walk, dig deep, up to 4 meters depth of the pit; at the bottom of the pit in the ground breaks sharpened stake, up to 1.5 meters; falling into the pit, the animal pierces his stomach and often die from this wound in the pit, but sometimes he still manages to get out of the pits, although in the end he dies from a wound far from the hole. The pit is usually camouflaged top poles, branches, grass and leaves, so that it does not see a bear, he stands on deck and it breaks through its own weight. Sometimes a sharp number pierces the beast in the chest and extends to the peritoneum. To lure the bear on top of the deck is placed ordinary cell of wild bees, or sprinkled around the pit acorns, pine nuts or grapes. Often in these pits get other animals: wapiti, wild boars and roe; then bear, in particular lignite, pulls out of the pit of his savior and devours.

Charged trunks are usually put in the ground, which bears go on utility bills. Usually put two trunks against each other at a distance of 3-4 meters; trails stretches across the thin wire at breast height bear; trunks fixed on strong pillars; ends of the wire are connected to the float and fuse at the breech, where the shelf and poured the powder under the heads of matches float. The Beast, walking on the trail touches the wire, which results in the movement of the grater, a match ignited, according to the fire powder on the shelf, and the seed of weapons, there is a shot and shell, consisting of pieces of lead, nails and iron, gets Bears in the blade, hitting him death or mortally wounding.

Instead charged trunks and put bows strung with steel arrows. System mechanism is the same with the only difference that the ends of the wire are connected to the trigger, holding a bow under tension. Budge wire down the trigger, and the string is released with great force sent forward arrow that pierces the beast in the chest in the heart area. Iron Bolt length 80 cm, thickness 1 cm; its tip width of 4.5 cm and the tip is extremely thin and sharp, the rear tip and made a burr teeth facing tipped back, so that a kind of prison, removed from the wound that can not be! Injured bear with such a dart usually goes away, but a few days later dies of blood poisoning.

Koreans, trappers practice bears a peculiar way of getting through special explosive shells that are placed or hung on the branches of trees in areas frequented by bears. The projectile has the form of goose eggs and is prepared as follows: a shell of fat tissue is porcine or beef tallow is an explosive consisting of potassium chlorate and other chemical agents, together with hydrochloric acid or other chemical compound which gives considerable power burst. The projectile that, once in the mouth of the bear, there molars crushed, there is a connection of elements and an explosion that shatters the jaw, palate and cerebral part of the skull of the beast; death occurs immediately. The shell is hung on a thin twine on a branch of the bush, at the height of half a meter from the ground, so as to bear took him to the jaws, without taking into paws. This method is applied exclusively Koreans that their homeland to the subtleties learned habits and lifestyle bear; moreover, this method is very simple, not complicated and does not require much preliminary work.

With deforestation, colonization of the region and its cultural development of the number of wild animals is reduced.

Bear holding solely for the deaf pristine forests and transporting close to human presence, goes farther and farther into the depths of the taiga, and becomes rare in places where twenty years ago represented a common phenomenon. At present, is particularly rich in all sorts of animals, and including bears, Eastern taiga Girinskoy province, namely basins headwaters of rivers Muren, Mudanjiang and Lalinhe, south of the railway line KV

Total mined in Manchuria in the year 1000 bears all three species, with most, namely up to 700 pcs., Falls on the black bear, the remaining 300 pieces. Brown Bear; the same number includes mining of Kamchatka bear no more than 10 pieces. in year.


Fishing Bear is quite beneficial, as it gives a considerable amount of valuable products, such as: skin, meat, fat, bile, feet and claws. All these products are currently selling in the market have their own customers and assessed according to their quality, depending on the animal species, sex, age and time of year. Bearskin fur goes for carpets and appreciated on the local market from 5 to 16 Mexican dollars. Particularly large brown skin and Kamchatka bears are in demand in foreign markets and in small quantities are exported abroad, mainly in America and England. The price of such skin sometimes comes to a standstill to 100 dollars. Bear meat is used as the locals — the Chinese and Russian. Especially prized meat of young cubs under the age of 1 year, as well as the black bear meat, which is considered more tender and tasty. The Chinese are credited with the meat bear the healing properties and believe that it is useful in anemia and general loss of strength. It is eaten fried, boiled and smoked. Russian bear of hams prepared delicious ham and the rest of the meat sausages. Bear meat is in the fall and early winter, when it is the most bold and tasty, prized from 6 to 12 Mexican dollars for pud.

In late fall is particularly bear is fat. Subcutaneous fat it sometimes reaches to the back and sides of 10 cm thickness. It is white, very tender and has no odor, as well as meat. As Chinese and Russian credited bearish fat the same healing properties as well as meat, only much more so. Many believe that this fat, when taken orally, cures anemia, neurasthenia, cachexy and even consumption. It heals wounds, purulent inflammation and accelerates healing of the toughest in the wounds and skin disorders. In Chinese medicine, the fat that is of great use and is part of many medicines and ointments. Chinese perfume uses it in the form of ointments, grindings, lipsticks and other products to make the skin of the face and hands soft. Rubbing ointment into the scalp it is prevented if the hair loss. Healing properties of bear fat is recognized not only Russian and Chinese, and many nations of the Old and New Worlds. During ancient times rubbed body fat bear warriors going to battle, to give flexibility to Members and field courage. He also filled in at the time the deep wounds inflicted heavy maces, axes and pikes. Obviously, bear fat has some life-giving properties, and, of course, has antiseptic qualities tested in practice for thousands of years.

Pulp front and back feet bear very much appreciated by local amateur-gastronomy. From it are prepared a variety of dishes in boiled, fried and pickled. Pulp sprouted through the fat, very tender and delicious boiled. Eat this dish with spicy soy seasoned with red pepper. By the conviction of Chinese doctors, bear paw helps with nervous disorders, melancholy and consequences of smoking opium.

Connoisseurs especially prized black bear paws, male; the price goes up 1 Mexican dollars per pound.

Bear bile is included as part of many preparations of Chinese Pharmacopoeia. In the fresh form, it is a brownish-yellow, viscous liquid, thick consistency; It lies in the leathery bag located on the surface of the liver; the length of the bag 10 to 13 cm and a width of 5 to 6 cm and a thickness of 2 cm.

Especially a lot of bile occurs in older males in late winter. The bile is used in the form of powder, pills, ointments, tinctures and drops. The most common drug — a tincture on vodka that drinking three to four times a day for a glass.

Tibetan-Chinese Medicine attributes to bear bile quality and properties of agent activity of glands and internal organs of the body; accordance with this, it is used to treat the relevant diseases. Price bile old male sometimes reaches 40-50 Mexican dollars, that is, $ 1 per gram of bile.

The liver is the bear is considered poisonous and is not used for food, but cooked well-done and happy to eat it oroqen people, Golds and even some Chinese, with no apparent harmful consequences.

Bear Claws many savage peoples is the mascot, has a mysterious force for success in business and enterprises. As in ancient times, and is now big bear claws are worn as a trophy hunter, as a proof of courage, bravery and strength. Especially prized claws with the thumb of the front legs.

Sometimes they are finished in silver and decorated with weapons, equipment and clothing of the hunter. The price of one black bear claw comes to Mexican 1 dollar apiece, and one large claw Kamchatka bear, long almost human finger, is from 3 to 5 dollars.

The same value as claws, teeth have a bear — namely, upper canines, which are also worn as a talisman or trophy hunting.


In the days of ancient times, when primitive man was a fierce struggle against large predators start of the Quaternary era and defend the right to life and existence, cave giant bear was a terrible ruthless enemy, who, because of their multiplicity, threatening even the more or less organized human communities. Weapons and methods of protection that remote era were so primitive that the animal has better means of defense and attack, had every advantage over the people and is a true master of the wild primeval land. Since then went Goals; most of the large four-legged predators disappeared due to changing physical conditions of life, or was destroyed by man, Is the evolution of their culture to the extent possible perfection. Now the man has become master of the earth, and the wild beast cornered him in the impenetrable jungle of the mountains, deserts and forests, ekes out a miserable existence under the threat of ultimate destruction and extinction. Yet, despite the enormous development of culture and civilization and the highest human achievement in the field of abstract thought, practical engineering and pure science, charm, which enjoyed a wild bloodthirsty beast in a dark and distant era infancy of mankind, preserved to this day, having gone through a string of centuries, millennia.

We see that many of the Old and New Worlds, there are beliefs, customs and practices that constitute a special cult of reverence, worship, and even the deification of some animals. This cult is preserved in its entirety in modern wild and semi-wild people, but there is no doubt that some remnants of the cult still live, even among the most civilized nations of Europe and Asia. Recall the cult of snakes, tiger, dragon, and many others. Such remnants of antiquity is also the cult of the bear, which exists in many nations of Northern Europe, Asia and America. This cult is essentially quite monotonous and among different peoples differ only in details and specific features, respectively national character and worldview. The general idea of ​​this cult is that the bear — a rational being endowed with human intelligence. Urgency makes a hunter to kill the bear. After the death in front of him for the purpose of prayer is made to appease the soul of the dead man and ask for forgiveness for death. In honor of the slain sacrificed and cast spells.
This cult, associated in part with Christianity, there are still at the Lapps of Norway and Finland, Samoyed Arkhangelsk tundra at zyryan and Voguls Pechersk region.

All natives of Siberia and Kamchatka, as well as in the cult of the Indians of North America, this is of great importance in the religious and moral views of the people and, moreover, even plays a significant role in the entire way of life.

In Manchuria, the cult of the bear in one way or in another form exists in Solon oroqen people and the mountains of the Great Khingan and Golds in the lower reaches of the Songhua and Ussuri, and Tungus. Bear is for the Tungus, these semi-hunters, precious animal and at the same time extremely dangerous, so it is not surprising that these naive children of nature trying to appease him, and after the assassination of debt is considered to bring the ransom sacrifice. It consists in the fact that the skull of a bear killed is placed on the number, which is located in front of each Fanzoj on the east side. Since then, the skull of a bear becomes a sacred object. In honor of the bear they found the festival, which is the redemption and, together with the feeding of the young bear, annual solemn supplication committed in the autumn in the presence of all members of the genus. For elected bear caring and fed him; then kill him, in compliance with the well-known solemn ceremonies, and many sing, dance and drink vodka. In conclusion, tear off its skin, drink it warm blood, liver and brain eaten raw and hoisting his skull on the sacred pole.

Chinese-trappers and hunters do not worship the bear, as some Tungusic tribes, but still have the custom after a successful hunt this beast to pray his soul and to sacrifice it in the form of pine nuts, branches with bunches of grapes and other plant foods, employees bear food. The dead animal’s nose is usually allowed smoke from the pipes, and some hunters invest in the bear’s mouth a lighted tube. These and some other rites there, probably since ancient times and preserved from their ancestors — wandering peoples of Northeast Asia and the Tunguska Mongolian origin.

Some hunters, not only Chinese, but also Russian, before hunting for bear smeared his face and hands bear fat, thinking that the bear, sensing the smell, do not touch the hunter, even being seriously wounded. Other superstitious hunters there is the belief that the bear claw, hit a tree butt weapons contributes to a successful hunt for the beast. Many others still hold superstitious practices among local hunters and industrialists, but their description is beyond the scope of this essay.

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