Bitter truth is better than a sweet lie

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Bitter truth is better than a sweet liePhoto by Oleg Filatcheva

That’s what people say when they want to eliminate the existing shortcomings, to restore justice or to achieve truth – adequate reflection in the minds of perceiving what exists objectively. There is no desire to read and moral satisfaction from issue to issue advertisements and articles concerned, praising the superiority of associations of hunters over other forms of game management. Especially since this «superiority» It is invented based on the personal opinions of the authors.
«The devil lured» Buy fourteenth number «HORN» this year, and there – «Hunter: prudent owner or barbarian?» Kandaurova E. and A. Kaledin, as I understand it, the Soviet experts hunting. Home Authors «for health» quote from the Bible: a person disposes of all living things on earth. Finished «for the peace»: All hope for public hunting education, where people are united by love for nature, but a passion for hunting and fishing.

Lord, you are where you live – in Russia or in its virtual world? Let’s be honest and objective today in the society at the forefront put money! Association of hunters split into two opposing camps – full-time employees and members. Revenues First – Second is the cost. And you say: «It is time for hunters to be more proactive in defending its interests». Is this a call for another revolution? How to protect your rights, even if the hunters Union ceased to exist, without asking the opinion of the hunters themselves, and united only by legal entities ?! Create a new alliance or a party?

To answer the question the authors in the headline article, do not have a lot of ranting and look to the Bible. It is enough to look into the

Dictionary of Russian language: the hunter, the master and the barbarian – a different concept! Hunter, by definition, can not be a barbarian, barbarian in the hunt called the poacher. Hunter dobyvshy hare (duck, elk) on the table in the family, will definitely be a zealous owner. Barbarian is the one who sells the hunters permission to mine «remnants of former luxury». It is not necessary to identify the hunters poachers!
I consider it my duty to make explanations and evidence against the position of the Soviet specialists Hunting and maintain adequate and objective presentation of the facts. If not me, then who?
«Our traditions of hunting and hunting case is fundamentally different from the Western, we can not copy them literally». – write Kandaurov E. and A. Kaledin. Strongly agree! Therefore I propose to continue the Western European «caftan» on game management «Russian arms» do not pull.

«In Soviet times, as a result of the work of hunters in hunting were very good results, any poaching nipped in the bud». – According to experts. FROM «results» partly agree, but with «poaching» no. Why? Because the very first poachers were themselves full-time employees of the hunting economies, and the state of their meager wages pushed to this. Hunters «pinched»And poach themselves! It has become a tradition, and today many poaching «Exposed» the so-called full-time employees «hunting leases».

Agreeing with the positive role of associations of hunters, said: ohotobschestva included into the state system and were part of the national economy, although the organizational form is not called as collective farm, and «social organization». That is why the workers hunting farms and community ranger was delegated state powers – right to inspection of documents and preparation of reports on violations. This is the main point of the role of associations of hunters – it was the structure of the state economy! Therefore, the money did not go into his pocket «hunting leases»As it is now, and the state budget. In the case of loss of the budget allocated grants.

Yes, in terms of public property hunters association effective. Today we live in another country where private property reigns between ohotobschestvom private hunting facility safely be equated.
Downplaying the role of the state in the protection of wildlife at the moment, for some reason, experts are using 2007 data. Why? My guess is, with the coming to power in POPC EV Bender on any information on the financial activities assessed vulture «top secret»And if the expenditure at least something we found out that there is no income.

Thus, according to the authors, in 2007 hunting grounds users invested in the protection and reproduction of game animals
491 250 000 rub., While the state only 101.2. The state received 150.2 million rubles. income, and hunting grounds users… Unknown! Somehow it turns ugly, ladies and gentlemen, in the state «pocket» looked, and in particular no. Why then biased to inform the public? At least it is dishonorable. This is the first.

Secondly, legal entities (hunting grounds users) do not take any credit or loans and, accordingly, did not invest their money, so let’s call a spade a spade: the reproduction of the money invested by hunters.

And thirdly, if you divide the state revenues (150.2 million rubles.) On the number of hunters (2.5 million people)., It turns out that each of us has to pay the government all… 60 rubles. Today, for the money «sing and dance» no one will!
«Music books one who pays». – explain the experts. I agree! For the hunters as part of legal entities to invest in the reproduction of the animal world, the state of long-term license granted them the right to free hunting and determined it appropriate list of wildlife. The long-term license is an official document authorizing hunting! Hunters «bought music» not the state, and pay a hunting users, which do not allow them «to enjoy the fruits of their labor, hold for unreasonable children». In such a state of law can not be, but we live in a country «legal nihilism». Administrative impotence – diagnosis of a serious illness that’s Russia.

The situation with the income I propose to consider the example of our regional society of hunters: in 2007, 2737 people have brought the public revenue 5.1 million rubles. or an average of one hunter 1863 rubles. Total expenditure amounted to 3.8 million rubles., Respectively, the received profit – 1.3 million rubles.
In biotechnical spent 898 thousand. Rub. (17.6%), for the maintenance of the hunting farm – 1.375 million rubles. (thirty%). Where spent the remaining 1.527 million rubles., Help on the outcome of impossible to understand. Hunters do not care! Like the fact that the hunting grounds no one – no game!

If we assume that each Russian hunter (and then we had about 2.5 million people) had paid a similar amount, the total income of hunting users is estimated at 4,657,500,000 rubles. More than four and a half billion rubles hunters hunting users pay for the right to hunt! This is the real price of the membership of the hunting ticket …
Now compare, distinguished experts, government revenues – 150.2 million rubles. and projected revenues hunting users – 4,657,500,000 rubles. From its revenue the state has invested in environmental protection 101 200 000 rubles. (67.4%), and hunting grounds users – 491 250 000 rubles. (10.5%)! Where you spent the remaining 89.5%? So who is investing more in the protection and reproduction of hunting animals? Users of hunting grounds and are a major obstacle to the development of hunting in Russia!

«And who is going to plant and protect the game?» – ask experts. The answer is: the one who gets the money for the use of the game. And to protect your property is to only the owner – state. Hunting users of the wage can not be trusted: they steal!
«In government agencies there was little hope, – We are trying to convince the experts, – no budget is not enough, the area of ​​hunting grounds Russia more than 22 million square feet. km, try coverage will not work!» Strongly disagree!

Firstly, the scheme and the boundaries of hunting grounds in Russia is not defined, as it is not exercised territorial ohotustroystvo. Why do (sorry) lie? The only exception is the Ivanovo Region (maybe someone else), where the governor decree established public lands. Moreover, the existence of hunting grounds stipulated by the Land Code of the Russian Federation, and how to behave landowners – unknown. The grounds will include only the land, the legal regime which allows ohothozyaystvennuyu activity, when it will be – unknown.

Second, you yourself wrote: «In recent history, there are other, just to say fantastic examples. So, quite remarkable example of the United States, where for a short historical period, the number of game animals has increased by several orders of magnitude, and 15 million hunters are not left without a trophy. And all this thanks to a thoughtful, consistent policy of the federal government and the governments of individual states». And do not (again sorry) lie that «American hunters have created for themselves a hunting paradise, and now with the success enjoyed fruits of their labors». Why, in our pure, into another barrel of honey certainly blurt out his spoon tar?

As evidence includes information corresponding member of the RAAS VG Safronov published in «HORN» (№ 46, 2007) Article «By the end of the debate»: «The experience of the North American wildlife management proved to be very effective (and this despite the absence of hunting farms in our understanding). Throughout the last century has not disappeared either one type of prey, large and medium-sized predators. Many species are excluded from the lists of rare and endangered animals… numbers of some species has reached unprecedented levels, even under conditions of intensive hunting, causing damage to ecosystems and the human economy». Hunting users headed RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz, opposition to state structures are the main obstacle to effective management of hunting!

Dear Kandaurov E. and A. Kaledin, other specialists of Game, what «fantastic example» the abundance of hunting trophies for the 15 million hunters and preach to reject «very good» the results of the Soviet era? Why unequal forces and means to oppose hunters «bulldozer» industrial industry? Think of a school course: «For the balance of power in the nature of any effect on the action to be a force equal and opposite reaction»! Why in the civilized world manufacturers of weapons, ammunition, equipment and supplies «unfasten» part of the proceeds to the protection and reproduction of the animal world, and you gloss over the subject in every way, and we continue to «slurp soup bast»?

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