Christmas treats

Indispensable decoration New Year’s table, as a salad, red caviar. Delicacies for the holiday buying tons. The illegal shops are hard at work — thawed, salted, packed. That did not have time to sell artisanal packaging, roll up to the banks and put on sale under the guise of corporate product. On the difficult path that red caviar has come for the festive table.

Christmas table without red caviar is like a birthday without a cake. Thus, according to opinion polls say nearly 90% of Muscovites. Grainy before the holiday on the shelves do not lie. After all, even the simplest dish with it — becomes highlighted solemn.

"Sour cream, caviar, dill, lemon — a simple and straightforward recipe was popular in Russia 150-200 years, when the eggs were in the accessibility and cost as we have now sprat"- Says Vitaly flounder, a member of the National Guild of Chefs in Russia.

Who truly royal pickles costs from seven hundred to four thousand rubles per kilogram. Price — one of the guarantees of quality. The exceptional popularity of the product plays with it as a bad joke. Quality delicacy in a race for high profits is now becoming scarce. On the shelves of his replacing counterfeit.

"Caviar, extracted in the Far East are transported more than 9,000 kilometers, it is not known under what conditions. In the best case on the plane, and in everyday life is happening on the train for months"- Said Alexander Savelyev, head of public relations center Rosrybolovstva.

In such cases, the product is packed jars already in place implementation. On one of the markets in suburban Mytischi investigators seized more than four tons of counterfeit caviar. Plastic boxes with caviar, which was more like a red slime, was stored in a hangar near the tires and engine oil.

"We have seven kinds of microbiological parameters, which may be in the calf — a bacterial count, Escherichia coli, "stafilokokus aurus "- Highly pathogenic yet is mold and yeast — is often"- Said Nelly Rubanova, Head of product quality and safety FGBU "Kamchatka Interregional Veterinary Laboratory".

What could pick up caviar in "broth amateurish" — Not known. So mauled delicacy with tuhletsoy revived — washed in potassium permanganate, in a tea solution and even in glycerin to the grain swelled and took marketability.

"The standard as guests of 20 years was considered the caviar, which is made from fresh fish, which is three to four hours pobyla estykah, it just rubbed through the screen, through a screen, brine prepared — ready brine and 8-15 minutes in salted it it"- Says Vitaly flounder, a member of the National Guild of Chefs in Russia.

Stored such caviar is very long. It 13% fat and 30% protein — caviar twice-calorie meat. The product begins to oxidize almost immediately. In order to slow down the process in eggs added preservatives. Virtually no exceptions — a manufacturer of lies, or eggs transported frozen.

"Granular caviar chum comes frozen, that the rate of natural, no preservatives. Ingredients include only eggs, salt"- Says Oksana Kolobov, the manager of the trading floor.

The eggs should be firm, not cloudy, no sediment and burst eggs. However, experts recognize now meet delicacy so to spawn eggs — almost impossible. To achieve shortening is necessary to wash eggs in mineral water to wash off excess salt.

At the bottom of the tin embossed markings that are extremely difficult to forge in makeshift conditions. In the glass, of course, items that called person. However, this is likely to mean that the eggs were transported into another unbreakable containers, packed up and not know where, and under what conditions.

"Firstly, all written in a font that can not be read, even with glasses, and secondly, do not read, I can say that it is produced is not the Far East, but somewhere near Moscow"- Said Alexander Savelyev, head of public relations Rosrybolovstva.

Risk can be bought at least a spark on the Internet. Wholesale and retail offers bright advertise goods, clearly dividing its only good, super good and perfect.

"The first position it virtually no practically sold out. She’s such a little sparse, you put it, it spreads"- Says the seller of the phone.

Mashed beans not even mask the correct table setting — on the silver ice. Needless to rest not so grainy? It is not a quality delicatessen can poison the body if not, the celebration.

A source: PAR

December 27, 2011 at 10:00

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