Humpback, with pendulous belly, gray-red helicopter MI-4 as it sat down, pull their socks up and pushed all four wheels, raised on grass polegshey airport and slowly but surely gaining altitude and speed.


From round portholes looked out of three faces, – Two worried, serious, looking among the mourners of their wives, and one not smiling happily looking one just glad that soared that sunny day, happy life. This mug belonged to Vasily. He was the youngest of the company and subsequently its name and — Young.

Nobody saw off, the wife he has not got, and his mother was too old to hang out at the airport and worry for her son. Going into the forest, Vasily felt concern for constantly ill mother, but he hoped that all this time, and my sister, who lives with his mother, his excitement dissipated.

The first, concerned faces belonged to Stepan, and Nicholas, – For several years they hunted together. Stepan experienced difficult separation, – I did not believe his wife. These pillows was broken soul, pulled the wires. There were even thought of, to give up the hunt at all, but I could not. Here and now, Irina was a little to the side and, waving his right hand, the left cover for red, puffy eyes.


Stepan beat her mercilessly. Bill, leaving hunting or fishing, beat back, and just like that, for no reason, beat. Son, Gena, a couple of years to finish school will understand everything, but keep yourself Stepan could not, when it beat Irina mortal combat. Although he knew that the cure is not even now, – Only the owner of the threshold, it is for the bottle to her friends, – slut.

Nikolai like family problems were smaller, and can be reserved. His wife and two small girls elastic bore down on the stinking air jets, propeller helicopter to catch up, and tried not to look away, not to lose sight of the individual owner. Even made a step forward, he did not smile, eagerly watched. The girls have buried it in the hem of her father and did not see.

Basil also fumbled for the entire season for the first time. Before that, he was hunting near the village, and then somehow became friends with the guys on the summer job of showing them.

And with Nikolai Stepan plans for this season are grandiose. They decided to take a new, undeveloped land, build it, and to gain a foothold there for many years. Thinking about it for a long time men have wandered, but somehow it is not made, but here in the spring, by chance, a geologist talking, blabbed. It turned out that geologists working for three years beyond the range for Akitkanom. And this summer they finish all the work here.

…Nicholas then pritaranil two liters of vodka on the beach ducts for the village. Stepan already there is a small fire and ripped sgonoshil bank stew, bread sliced ​​large chunks. The geologist was sitting on the other side of the fire, smoked, I waited poured. Aware of their importance in starting the event, and therefore, not in a hurry to be frank.

Made on kameshnik bottles, one opened, warmed stew on dostochku put Nicholas hollow jacket rubbed mug, which found here, near the shore, splashed liquid and handed her a geologist. He slowly, struggling to restrain himself, he took the cup, even hesitated a little greedy and tipped the vodka in his mouth, showing nevybrity, wiry Adam’s apple. Then he broke off bread and dipping them in a jar of stew. Dirty fingers once covered solidifying fat. Geologist, delikatnichaya, tried to discreetly wipe congealed fat on his pants and then reached for a mug outstretched.

Hunters also drank. Gradually the conversation. Be far from good geologist told them about the hefty rich taiga exorbitant. It turns out there over the ridge, the taiga is not worse than the local, not harder, and even put more interesting and much more. In the summer, of course, a swampy, because heavier, but this summer there did not go. And in the winter so sweet deal. A beast! And small enough, especially sable, and the meat is easy to get on the transitions of autumn. Deer, and elk in the winter with little snow are in the areas are mined, how much you want.

Geologist told where their base is. The truth has been drunk, the reason the story turned out obscure, but most men have known – Playground helicopter there zhiluha, something which, for the first time there.
Advised men with hunters, but he was very green, has recently joined, and there, over the ridge, – did not know.

Maps studied, talked it over with the elderly and decided to romp, built. At the same time we decided that we needed a third person. The choice fell on the young, – offered to him, he immediately agreed. It should have long been something of this, but here is offered, – Fresh netoptanaya taiga, mountain lakes full of fish, and the most upper reaches of the river, – great!

Is going to start in August. Map determined that to build a new place will have three winter quarters until three, but we’ll see. All the necessary tools, materials, stove pipe products for the whole winter, ammunition and weapons – all counts and strictly stipulated. It was necessary to keep the helicopter in one run, and then the excess will not take with him. Even instead of mattresses have only matrasovki, in the hope that there nabyut their grass and will sleep on a feather bed. Dogs, too, not all have, – Young was allowed to take only one dog, and two alone, a total of five pieces. They have to feed, and hence three kul cereals dog. So little and picked up polnehonky helicopter. The commander saw how loading and tightened:

– Well-at, – you would have put on the roof.

Stepan immediately on the attack:

– Yes you that the commander is the weight of something completely gone, some crackers, biscuits only.

And, really, the helicopter lifted off easily and immediately took the direction of the east, Akitkan.


Autumn in mountain taiga — a great time. Oh — by the thrill dyhom oh.

Early fall is amazingly beautiful. Blossom ragged paints trees and shrubs. Red leaves of aspen, alder, willow and bright yellow birch leaves unnatural magic pattern cover bays and quiet taiga river swamp. Water mountain rivers at this time becomes so clear that on a deep whirlpool appears blue and even green. Birds, in anticipation of winter, kuralesyat all day hop, flit, fly, chirp.

On the upper reaches of the river begins to slide in wintering holes grayling and lenok. At night in the mountains spread invocatory sounds of roaring red deer, — mating season. If you wish, you can hear the chattering of deer antlers fighting. The weather at this time is usually a fine, as the saying rings Indian summer. For people in love with the taiga, this period is particularly volnitelen.

The aircraft flew Basil many times, and always with interest the dominant forest expanses. The helicopter as he rose for the first time and was fascinated by all that he sees. Brilliant in the sun belt of the river with numerous channels and bays, the deep, dark Glens and gentle hills, studded with pine trees, merry. Even saw taken off wood grouse. And when closer to the pass, — breath away.

Rocky Ridge Akitkan was indescribably beautiful. The highest peaks have put on white hats and caps, and the contrast of dark green foothills was very sharp. Ridges seemed thin as a knife blade. A mountain lake stood out against the dark blue rocky placers, chilled saucer. At the highest, saddle ridges covered with snow, too, amazingly bright and unlikely to end of September. In many places, the ridges cut across, — This small and large rivers for thousands of years to make its way and continue to grind the rock, without stopping for a minute.

The passengers of the helicopter, stared at the windows, they were mesmerized by the view.

When crossed the ridge of the hill and back were covered with forest, the terrain has got a smooth, rounded shape, but from the soul drain the wild, uncontrollable enthusiasm, the door of the cockpit opened and the commander Stepan beckoned with his finger.
He climbed over the bags, boxes and slipped into the cockpit. The pilot pulled his card and asked:

– Where?

Stepan taken aback, but quickly mastered himself and explained that geological area should be chopped house — in general, all repeated what had already explained several times in the port.

Pilots something exchanged a few words and a little adjusting course, confidently took the car to stand out bulkoobraznoy hill. Skirting the hill, as if girding her glistening river.

– Look, there’s Marketplace! — Stepan shouted, jabbing a thick, gnarled finger at the glass. The pilot, who was kneeling on the map, nodded and then said something to his companion. The helicopter made a big circle, and the men looked good area with a large letter "T"Paved with white trunks of birch. On one side there was a house, but rather a hut next to it was some more structure.

Gently grounding the machine without switching off the engine, the pilot opened the door and began to rush passengers:

— Quick, quick, let time — money in a hurry.

Guys popervosti released the dogs, and then hastily throwing bags and boxes. Vasily almost hurriedly grabbed a bunch of clothes and folded. Keep up with the men, hustlers struggling.

When everything is unloaded, the pilot jumped onto the rocks, looked under the belly of the machine, gently kick the wheel, went to the men, squatting in front of his stuff and stick caps.

– Maybe you change your mind, — He turned to Stepan, — only a two sable, and we will take out of here any day appointed.

Stepan smiled and shook his head:

– No, we leave quietly skiing, will have nowhere to hurry.
– Well, as you know, — helicopter pilot slammed the door and the car roared engine, rushed up.

– Hooray! Freedom! — Young yelled, hopped on one leg. The dogs jumped to the owners and happily, with his muzzle, barking. Nikolai Stepan smiled frostily.


Inspect the base, the men were convinced that they were exactly where he wanted, which wanted to get the whole summer. Geologists have left, probably a month ago. In the barracks remained something which dishes on the shelf were three cans of canned fish, and the ceiling was hung a bag of crackers. All around lay some rags, torn pants and dirty shirts.

Barak was made in haste, and only for the summer heat. Walls laid without moss, and so the house in all directions slots. Near the barracks, almost to the shore of the river, there was a bathhouse. Neat, nice bathhouse with glass window. However, glass is blackened with soot, as well as all interior walls and ceiling, — the black drowned. Apparently, the stove was not, or prefer, but the bath was taken to the stove, lined with limestone. Stoke bathhouse with a half-open door to the smoke coming out, and wash only when the entire waste weathered, there will be one heat. On the hot stones shvarknesh boiling water, — ox, good sneaks such fervor to the very bones lacking.


There was a shed to one side, four-poster roof roofing. But apparently, the time of one bar and canopy looked rotten, I put back. And the canopy was made, once again, to the case, — beneath it was folded oven, too, limestone, good enough here, all of this hill was a stone. The oven was made for baking bread. If to heat it well, warm up, then rake the coals to the sides, and the broom juniper ash place and plant the bread directly on the hearth, — tasty bread turns, rolls round, curvy, with a crispy crust.

All these men were examined thoroughly and to take full ownership. Stepan was to restore order in the barracks, but the tea gonoshit, and Nicholas Young to become a drag pad clothes. Dogs were happy freedom and floated around, every now and then jumping on the path and mingling underfoot. They have already asked bashing kobelishke, which appeared for the first time in their company, but not in anger, but just as it should be, and now all together examined the trash and sniffed and labeled neighbors bushes and stones.

Stepan opened some drawers, untying bags and soon appeared on the table mugs, spoons, sliced ​​bread, even some pastries, fried pieces of Lenca, — Irina slipped on the road, — a bottle of vodka. At stake puffing, I started to boil kettle.

— Well, Che, guys, let’s go sip some tea, and then we’ll settle.

Seated at the tables. Young pretended that he hesitated a bit, but in fact it gave the opportunity to choose the eldest places that they like, and then sat down himself. The men understood it, silently approved.

They drank for coming vodka sprinkled on all sides — that luck was in a new place, ate.

We decided that in the barracks to live does not work — the night is already cold. Nikolai offered to settle in the bath:
– Threesomes there temporarily perekantuemsya and barracks to break out of this material and good cabin log house. So we decided. The men went to throw out of the bath heater and install a tin stove, and young again dragged from the site of things.

Already it was getting dark when in the bath crackled, earned a brand new furnace, and the men sat down, one to makeshift bunks, made half of the regiment, who on chock, blowing smoke from a cigarette in the ash pit. On the table, brought from the barracks and shortened by one-third, the lamp burned, and on the shelf in the corner, quietly creaked receiver, filling the cabin with rhythmic sounds and beautiful female voice gave out:

— "Once upon a black cat around the corner and the cat hated the whole house …"


The end of September is, beyond the pass, it’s not that there, in the plain. Guys got it right, the first night, — freezes the good and in the morning everything around was white with frost, grass crunched underfoot.

The day had gone out to bring order to things, and began to dismantle the barracks. But in the evening, on the board, it was decided to go tomorrow in the upper and start there to build a cabin, yet you could endure a couple of nights around the campfire.

So they did, — the night before collected hefty panyazhki where laid and link all the essentials. A need to type properly. Axes, saws, nails, stove with pipes, dishes, a couple of buckets, some grub, a piece of canvas, — to at least some zavetrie campfire do. Yes, it took a lot of things, laid them like horses. The gun is only one take, dvuhstvolochku sixteenth, — grouse may turn up.

Strode along the coast, heavy, weighty strode, slipping on the frosted stones. Mostly they trudged through the shallow water, so as not to climb through the bushes with such kotomischami. Dogs understand the direction, flew far ahead, and now there is, above them, staged a hubbub alarmed nutcrackers.

Guys often rested, smoking, wiping perspiration from his face and neck. With pleasure glanced around, we studied the place, which will need to mark the long winter. Somewhere for lunch the sun melted all signs izmoroznoy night, drained obtayavshie stones, and struck the travelers hot summers, threw them into the faces of the clouds midges. Oh, and stinging gnats in late autumn.

On kameshnike sgonoshili campfire and cooked tea, it could be seen in front of the fork, — the merging of two rivers. Hunters Map remembered this place and knew that now go up the left channel to the confluence of the big key. On the map all right, all smooth and nice, but as it dragged on so potholes ravine, jump on slippery rocks, but with such a burden on his shoulders, — All chertushek not remember at one time.

By the mouth of an unnamed key we were attracted at dusk. The key was not great, the rocks in three steps, you can jump over it, but loquacious hefty. And mumbles and mutters stops. Here, in the way, and we decided to hide in the mighty pines cabin.

On a good night suhostoinu cut down, to cut billets to three meters and built nodyu. Nodya, — a proven, reliable hunting fire when two logs are stacked on one another over the entire length, stronger and lit. They burn very long, smooth and hot. Here, the fire had built canopy of canvas, — to reflect heat, chop up twigs and pretty well spent here a couple of nights. As soon as there was a newly built cabin roof, — stove installed and moved inside. The roof is made of the material at hand — half of drannoschepiny (pricked meter lumps) and half closed spruce bark — the winter will stay, and there will be and bring roofing felt.

Zimoveyka get a nice, even though it hastily fashioned. We decided that the little things to finish and then, in the course already on the sixth day was again at the base.

The last two days of drizzling rain soggy night turns into sleet. Slushy weather lowered mood, the men talked little, — sawed wood for the winter.
Young decided to send a reconnaissance — to find a place for the construction of the lower winter quarters.

Basil coped with this problem adequately. He found a place on a high bank of the beautiful key. The key is to come to the river three kilometers below the base, here in its top and decided to build. All around was flat and high fir, pine, — just for the building, and on the opposite side of the key — old fumes, — Elegant wood.

Again they loaded their panyagi again dragged hard, built a cabin hastily, not even log skins.
Weather, as luck would have scoffed, — sleet in the afternoon, do not let us work, and at night razyasnivalo, freezes.

We returned to the base already crunchy snow. On the way dogs bark a few times adopted a protein, but seeing that the owners are not interested in this idea, throwing. We crossed a couple of sable sledochki.

– It may even melt snow something — They reasoned among themselves hunters.
– And let it be lying, though traces seen traps too soon start to take away.

But snow is not ulezhal, another thaw completely licked it, leaving only the most secluded corners of the forest, where the sun does not come across.

Nikolai Stepan were busy with the construction of the base wintering and Basil cruised in the upper, then the lower cabin, — I wrote down to products, equipment, and other junk.

– On the banks of the deer passed in the wake of five pieces, — Basil said after a hike. – Maybe I carbine with a drag?

– Well, take a carbine suddenly really lucky.

The men were finishing to lay down the foot. Cabin, a light, high and airy, – This Base.


On this day, everyone was on the base. Ever since the night zamorochalo and sprinkle with snow, but for dinner razvedrilo, pilfered ragged clouds and the snow began to melt again.

Stepan kneaded kneading troughs, — brought bread ran out, he decided to postryapat:

– Rusk has naderut mouth something over the winter, bored. – He kept running to the shed and puts into the oven dry wood.

Basil rounded hill with a gun, and returned by the evening, sitting on the chock, stripped mined grouse. Nikolai zhorevo cooked dogs was stirring stick hanging over the fire bucket.

– We must somehow produce meat, canned food and then on, we will extend the spring legs, — grumbled Stepan – grouse, it is so-so, self-indulgence.
– Yes, — Nicholas picked up, — meat extract, and the dogs have been good victuals.

In the evening again overcast sky clouds, snow is expected at night. It was quite dark by Stepan staskal baked, steamy, fragrant bread. Compiled ryadochkom bread, sprinkled with water and covered with a towel. We brew fresh tea. Winter storeroom filled with a pleasant smell. The lamp on the table was removed, – that the bread does not stink of kerosene, put it on the shelf.


Vzlayali and immediately fell silent dog. The men listened, Vasily reached over and turned down the radio. Behind the doors of someone quietly shabarknulsya and as if, sneezed.

— Op-Panko, come! — Stepan quietly handed.
— Che is a Che is it? — Basil asked, looking into the eyes of the peasants.
– Bear came not hear something.
– Young, and where the gun?

Stepan’s eyes bulged at Basil and he thought he was going to hit him. But Stepan did not hit, grabbed only his shirt collar, pulled her to him and spitting in the face, gasped:

– I told you that the gun should be hung in the cabin, saying ?!
– He said, I went chasing grouse and hung on the flyer, I forgot to bring.

At this time, the bear growled and clawed at the door shkryabanul. Stepan grabbed the handle, trying to keep the door and hissed at the men:

– The ax, the ax remove, somewhere under the bunks.

Near the winter quarters, but rather near the bathhouse, where they lived hunters, right in front of the entrance, stood flyer — dug-in bar with knots. These knots before hung clothes when going to the bath, and now there hung two TOZovki and gun — shotgun.
The gun, in fact, has always been inside, on the bunks on a nail, and now that’s happened.

Nikolay day noticed that the snow on the roof melts and crack water dripping on the weapon. He outweighed TOZovki on the flyer and carabiner somehow removed to the other side winter quarters, — near the window. Young, when he came from hunting, mechanically hung in the gun TOZovkam. Here and now the hunters were left with an ax inoperative because a good, sharp ax were also on the street, at a construction site.

Bear easy, one touch, giving the glass and immediately shoved a towel on the floor covered with bread.

The men thrust to the opposite wall and silently watched the grinning, to look out for prey animals. When then, after all the events, talking, it turns out, no one really scared something, and Stepan so even then, in the window and saw that the bear was a toothless, — one tusk missing. And it could mean that he is old. And so it was, it turned out later.

Zverin put your leg in the window and dragged to the inhabitants of wintering, rastopyrivaya claws. People clung to the wall and felt a cold coming from the curves and dirty claws, Nicholas slashed with an ax on the paw, but apparently did not bring more harm, as the ax was dull, but shot hit casual. Only very angry shaggy.

Stepan saw that the bear has been here at the window, I decided to jump out and grab his gun. He gradually moved toward the door, and ran rapidly, opening her with his weight and tumbling out. But the bear was expecting this maneuver and throwing box have met brave hunter at the door opening. Stepan realized that too late, grabbed a pen and started frantically to close the door. But the bear, taking advantage of an oversight, was clearly stronger. He pulled the door so that he almost pulled out and defender. The opening has pushed all saw very thin, with tufts of hair drooping, but huge bear.

Nicholas put his ax in the hands of young and muttered:

– Distract him, – He threw his head out the window. He knew that the shotgun hanging nearby, hoping to get it easily. He could not foresee that the bear when shabarkalsya at the little window, dropped the shotgun. Vasily rushed to the door with an ax and yelled at the bear good mate. He, too, roared and raged.

Whether he heard Nicholas fumbles his hands on the wall outside the window, or felt, but in the next moment ran to the window and saw the men as sharply their friend flew to this small window, just boots sbryakali. Bear yanked it and immediately crushed under itself.

Nicholas shouted. He shouted something incomprehensible, unintelligible, from somewhere far away. Apparently, beastly bore down from the top, so the scream was muffled, as if from under the ground. More distinctly heard the cracked and torn clothes in the teeth of the beast and his roaring grunts.

Stepan shouted young, standing arm in arm with an ax:

– Flashlight! – and abruptly he jumped out and grabbed the gun. Jerked it so that if I had not broken twig on which it hung, — I would surely burst belt. To drop back into the cabin, Stepan broke the gun and make sure it is charged. Vasily meanwhile found a flashlight, and together they jumped into the darkness of the night.

Nikolai weakening voice shouted:

– Symite it symite, I can not breathe! – Dim flashlight illuminated the dark bear carcass. Man underneath could not be seen, it is the whole thing covered her belly.

Stepan caught a moment and when the robber, he felt the presence of strangers, raised his head and showed the bloody jaws, he fired. The charge hit in the ear, and the bear once blossomed and twitched convulsively.

– Oh, symite, crush, — It could be heard from below.

Stepan, without dropping the gun, walked right up, put the barrel to the back of the beast, and fired again.

– Now you can and shoot, and now will not crush.

Tossing the gun, he grabbed the hair and began to handle the carcass. Together they barely turned medvedische and freed his friend. Nikolai softly moaned. The men seized him and brought to the cabin, laid on the bench. The picture was terrible — all was torn groin muscles of the right leg dangling like torn rags, a great loss of blood and mud did not promise anything good.

All night long the men were busy with his partner — We washed the dirt from the wound, such as tied as they could, the blood stopped. By morning, Nicholas, and was still very weak, and the men snooping, who, where, and dozed off.


The morning was overcast and cold and difficult awakening. Nicholas was in a trance, only moaned softly. We had to make a decision.

Stepan decided to see where you came from a bear, he went on the trail and found that the last most of the day lying near the shed where they baked bread. Beds were thawed to the ground.

– How could no one have found neither we nor the dogs? And why he did not catch, the night dragged some bread.

Dogs, by the way, scared the bear to diarrhea, — Guess full path as fled from him. However, they were not zverovymi, chasing sable, squirrel looked for good, not zverovali, especially bears. They returned to the winter quarters until the next day for lunch.


The men hastily stripped bear. He was incredibly thin, and in the intestines of worms swarming heap. Skidan pieces of meat into bags and hung, – you can cook for the dogs. Skin slung over poles – let the birds eat round, during the winter the entire cleanse.

We decided to make a raft and float to the village of Nicholas. And there will be, and cause the helicopter, and the village has a medical assistant. The village at the mouth of the river, the men knew, but this river to swim, how many days, – no idea. Judging by the map, the days of five or six can be rolled up.

The logs were needed dry and unrolled guys just cut down the hut, knocked together and tied two-layer, a raft made a dais where Nicholas was packed and prepared a couple of good bars, even spent the night in a cabin. Knapsacks collected on the road, – products, utensils, weapons. Built a stretcher. Nikolai night rarely came to himself, — I moaned and asked to drink.

Early in the morning he was shifted on a stretcher, closed two blankets, pushed the raft and rolled down. Dogs, puzzled, walked on the water along the shore.

River clamped between rocks and increases the speed, then again sees space widely overflowed, rested, became shallow, shivernoy and the raft began to touch the bottom of the stones. But soon widely plёso again it ended, were coming over the rocky shore, and men leaned on a pole to hold onto the jet, prevent water and break romp raft of bluffs.

Nicholas was trembling, and complained that the freezes.

– Be patient, dear, be patient, now you have a lot to endure.

Somewhere far behind the dogs barked.

– Squirrel that you drove?
– Yes, probably, came up against the rock around it is not guessed.

Later in the afternoon began to look at the beach, choose a place to sleep. We found a comfortable place. Rock, like a wall, the night will reflect the heat from the fire and the wood near – fully – crammed into a large water timber to the rock, sticks, poles, and all over the summer dry. Not one night, you can live here.

When we moored to the shore and carried on dry Nicholas noticed the noise coming from the bottom.

-What’s that noise?
– Who the hell knows, like a waterfall, like, tomorrow we’ll see. Stepan scratched his head and said:
– No, dear, tomorrow may be too late, let’s run down there, yes see, while I campfire considerations, I put tea.

Basil threw his gun on his shoulder and bounced on the rocks. I do not want, of course, at this time of night, dragged on the rocky banks of the river, but did not argue.

Rising to the nearest hrebtik hunter heard the clearer sound of roaring water. I had to wade in the coastal cliffs to see the place where the falling water produces a noise.

In fact, the river was more irresistible for the raft. Returning to camp, Basil said that the river there is clamped jaws, – huge rocks on both sides, but the riverbed makes a few steps, throwing water on three-four-meter height. While the rapids dotted with huge boulders.

– On raft fails, break immediately, at the first threshold.
– And what do we do now?
– While sleeping, but we’ll see.

Nicholas did not come to his senses. Guys moistened his lips, looked at each other uneasily. At night, a little cold, and threw a real snow.

– This, however, does not melt, – Stepan grumbled.

Languages ​​fire greedily licked the cool night air. Darkness is fenced off from the drawn curtains of millions of falling snowflakes. They came and silently lay down on the wet stones dog – Nikolayev.


Unable to find another, more suitable solutions, the men conspired to drag the wounded back to the base.

– The village we do not utaschim through these ranges, and then the heat, and the grub is, someone will go to the village and cause Vertac.

On raft it was good to go, – quickly and relatively easily. Now, back in the woods, on the rocks, without path, with the heavy stretcher and backpacks, — this is the end. On that Stepan was a healthy, strong man, and halts, like a bag of shit, I would collapse beside the stretcher and he could not recover.

One day before the base is not reached, even spent the night. Nicholas was very poor, it is true, once awakened, asked to drink, circle looked as if it was even easier, and then again forgotten.

– Well, Basil, run to the helicopter, then?
– Or maybe I will not reach, a distance which, as I have not very much experience something more on unfamiliar Taiga break.
– Well, then stay with the patient, if run Bois.
– No, no, it is better to run, but how to die, if you can, and I’ll go here. It is better to run.
– Talkin ‘about, Che got, where he dies, then the entire colon, but without eggs isho live so live. Blood just lost a lot oklemaetsya.
– God forbid.

In the morning, zavyuchiv panyagu, he threw the gun and strode Vasily opposite way. Kobelishka reluctantly reached behind.

– Hurry up, young, where you can sit, and you miss, pereshagay to end the break, where you can spend the night, and you will again bring himself, – Snow fell, a light in the forest-it became, until midnight you can walk.
– Yes pondering course, I’ll hurry.
– Look, on the fifth day I do start a helicopter waiting.

But on the fifth day of the helicopter it was not, it was not and on the sixth day and on the seventh. Stepan went hard, and every day obtaptyval area, made the now cleared of the dark fir trunks letter "T".

And on the eighth day, in the morning, Stepan found that partner died. Probably, even the night he died, and was only enough in the morning, – as a kind of quietly gone. Alone.

Stepan went to the site, hesitated there, stood listening, — Do not zagudit where. No, no buzzing. The river carried away the sludge, – It freezes the last days. Apparently, winter. Near the pile of firewood covered with snow dog howled, it suchonka Nikolaev.

Perekantovatsya cools the body comrade on a stretcher and dragged dragged under the shed, put it on the lumps and closed tarpaulin.
All day pushed on the street, listening to all the frosty air, hoping to catch the sound of a helicopter.

But the helicopter arrived just a few days, or rather, in two weeks, as the left Basil. The door opened quickly jumped game manager and nurse jumped awkwardly, holding his departure on a battered suitcase cross indeterminate color. Below her jacket fluttering floors white coat.

The pilots did not turn off the engine:

– Golf is not the standard, to fill up the car, and meet the who?


In the course of the game manager explained that Vasily sprained foot that he reached the village with great difficulties, but once recovered, immediately come running, one partner will not leave for the winter.

When pulled back the tarp off the face of the shadow darted mouse. We loaded into the helicopter Nicholas.

– That was the end of your taiga, partner, and it is a pity …

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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).