Disappointed Wanderer

More than just today’s popular SUV market is growing. That’s one of the leading Chinese carmaker Great Wall, showed the world their version of mid-sized «SUV» — the handsome Hover H6.

Disappointed Wanderer

Russia accounts for 25% of exports of the leading Chinese automaker Great Wall.

And he made his debut (at least for the Russian market) is very bright — at almost 11000th Moscow rally — Beijing 2012, which ended in early July Red Square. AND not only bright, but and seemingly very convincing. Of the eight H6 from the Chinese capital to Russia got everything.
One, however, the clutch burned directly to start, but his watch five or six have changed, and the remainder of the route the car has overcome without problems. However, occasionally it junk «brethren». Buggy board computers, security systems, not withstand loads lighter, journalists are not used only intended purpose, but and to connect various gadgets (inverters, chargers…).

Pendants made their way to the punctually. So much so that the front and rear riders only teeth chattering. A on domestic questionable directions depressing regularity clogged air filters, and then «Chinese» rapidly lost momentum and flatly refused to move on. But nothing wrong — we are right in the filters on the way hastily cleaned (and which some Chinese engineering marvel and sucked bulniki quite a decent size) and confidently moving on route. But on the race is not nor was punched one wheel, though, once again, she came across the road-a-Kie !!! AND We reached the same roll!
And it’s especially nice when you consider that the car — and «truck», and engine — the entire Chinese design. However, as body design. It is, of course, strongly looks like and on the Chevrolet Captiva, and on the VW Touareg, and to the representatives of KIA and brands Hyundai (but this is angle of view). Nose However, no-one borrowing. We can say that everything is performed in sensitively captured the trends of the global automotive industry. And, by the way, the residents of almost all Russian provinces of which was the rally with acquainted with undisguised interest updates enthusiastically eyeing it stated price matching — more on this later — from the amount of metal, and comfort and equipment.

Disappointed Wanderer

Experts Great Wall, accompanied the rally Beijing — Moscow 2012, numerous small repaired damage almost on the fly.

Disappointed Wanderer

Both the driver and the passenger sitting in a chair comfortably. Trimmed interior with no frills, but quite decent — the quality of the materials used by the Chinese special claims have arisen.

Disappointed Wanderer

On the back seat freely sit down and five. At the same time their feet will be spacious, even if the front rider pushed his seat back as far as it will go.

Well, this is really a mid-size crossover and even more than that. AT the cabin will feel at ease and five people. And even in the if the driver and front passenger (both under two meters tall!) pushed his chair up failure. Well it is very spacious. This also applies to luggage compartment — its volume varies from 808 to 1216 liters ( the normal position and a folded sofa respectively).

Finishing Materials used Hover H6, of course, are far from premium cars, but and cheap Chinese crafts they have not name. The same market bestseller Renault Duster (if not taking its size — a clear and nearest competitor this Hover) on touch is clearly inferior to H6. AND dash, and door trim and very pleasant soft. By the way, and the level of fit of body panels level — all very rovnenko without joints and amazes different-sized gaps. AND even Lakokraska (unless, of course, its quality and durability can be judged after 11 000 km) soundly applied.

We can not said a very moderate «appetite» cars. ABOUT two petrol power units of 2 and 2.4-liter is not I will say, and Now a 2-liter turbodiesel capacity of 150 hp, which was piloted on your correspondent stretch Beijing — Irkutsk on track consumed 7.5–7.8 liters of diesel fuel on 100 km ( the city managed to keep within nine and small liters, although in deaf not stand traffic jams It happened). It is, you see, a good result for a car weighing nearly 1.7 tons. It is not forget that, as the manufacturer emphasizes, H6 is made of all traditions crossovers: hard bearing body, independent suspension, and disc brakes on all wheels. But here’s the begin nuances.

Indeed, the car is not especially annoying rolls on turns, but quite sensitive to even relatively small road irregularities. A already on gouging asphalt federal highway Chita — Zabaikalsk and more than doubtful dirt road that led us to Western on the east coast of Lake Baikal, our crew was shaking mercilessly, suspension, as already mentioned, made its way all the time. The same inconvenience to such Duster no similar tracks delivered, very dignified and fulfilling bumpy country roads, and comb graders.

Not pleased and brake system «Chinese». The algorithm of its operation and It remained a mystery to me, though He did not disappoint on Over 4,500 kilometers. But I keep under voltage: when lightly pressed pedal cars almost slows down, then there is a failure, and only in end of travel of the pedal car gets almost like a number. Emergency work right the first leg makes the car slow down only slightly and Only then (though this time without failure) abruptly stops the machine.

Disappointed Wanderer

«Interface» of the «Chinese» is not overloaded with unnecessary functions, but all the necessary controls are in place. And are fairly ergonomic.

Disappointed Wanderer

Disappointed Wanderer


But the special «song» — This six-step PCR. On copy to get it to our crew, the first transmission «sticks» not always. Too «long» clutch, works somewhere the end of the course, on the Initially forced regular stall almost at every traffic light (the crews of other vehicles swore by this issue is not our less!). Climb on the same the first to under 35 degrees slope–40, which is for some reason it was impossible to take the course (for example, when entering the at low speed a podium finish, mounted on Red Square), it comes with a completely released the clutch pedal is not forgetting the working gas! Gear ratios are selected in such a way that second, for example, the machine does not rides, if not untwist the engine to 3000–4000 rpm. AND all of this, a moment at diesel! For the crossover, which is still a big part of life you have to live in urban traffic conditions, — complete nonsense.

But also on country highway ear should be kept open. Acceleration of the power unit such that speeds from 100 km / h to think twice before starting to overtake or actively rebuilt. And, for example, riding sixth gear at all deprives you of the possibility of anything like a responsible maneuver. And at maximum speed declared by the manufacturer in 180 km / h I not It recommended that exceed the limit in 130–140 km / h. Firstly, because the Russia more than 110 km / h ride is prohibited, and secondly, for such speeds the car you need «Keep», And it is very hard, because it is and then «falls» from trajectory. Although it should be I say that quite often completely desert highway column for a long time to maintain speed 140–150 km / h, so forgive us, and the traffic police in China Domestic traffic police. Incidentally, all speeds the cabin is pretty quiet — riders are not worry operation of the engine, or Rolling noise.

Additional comfort is Available navigation, DVD, Bluetooth, USB-connector, on-board computer (which, by the way, in addition to indicators such as kilometers traveled and the amount of fuel consumed, and informs the driver pressure of tires).

Disappointed Wanderer

One of the most difficult tests — sand — Hover H6 failed miserably. On the shore of the lake it turns dug and front- and all-wheel drive versions of this crossover. Presumably, muddy fields and the car did not overcome. However, the conquest of the hard off-road car and was not calculated.

Disappointed Wanderer

The luggage compartment of the Great Wall will satisfy the most demanding gardeners. In addition, the car lacks branches and niches for the carriage of different small things.

Disappointed Wanderer

Trim «silver» elements does not look vulgar. Quite the contrary — its charm.

Well at the end of the the most interesting — the value of China’s news, which has already appeared at Russian dealers. Prices vary range of from 699 000 899 000. For the latest offers in including four-wheel drive (the test car had front-wheel). It is understood that versions 5- and 4-speed «automata»Which will appear later, will cost even more. AND here’s the whole question of «of budgetary» car goes on no. For the money in Russia can be bought car much more known and already perfectly reputable manufacturers; and already mentioned Renault Duster, and UAZ Patriot, and SsangYong Action, and with a small surcharge even KIA Sportage. Moreover, some of these models very similar trim levels, but with a much better performance characteristics. Another thing is that all of the competitors — compact crossovers, and Hover H6, we repeat, this mid-size (as KIA Sorento). AND Yet if the Chinese automaker, conquering the Russian market, «dropped» Labels on All modifications to the thousands 100, could well be if not the best seller of the market, very sellable brand. Especially when you consider that the plan to collect on the N6 Circassian plant Derways.

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