Do not rush the dog put to sleep!

Do not rush the dog put to sleep!author photo

For the first time I met with a sore more than 10 years ago – young, healthy, working dog yagdterer became very itchy in the area of ​​the left thigh, appeared baldness. Then this place became gnawing teeth, there was a feeling that her torments unbearable itching.

Attempts to protect the affected area with the help of bandages and the collar did not help (even in a sling with a fine mesh of brass morning was gnawing a hole). Trips to veterinarians in their own region and in neighboring towns have given nothing but lull the Board dog.

A variety of suspected causes and proposed methods of treatment did not add optimism and the results did not give. Meanwhile, on the hip of the dog was gnawing «funnel» a diameter of about 4 cm., and a depth of about 1.5 cm., the behavior was very restless, constantly jumping up, rushing, I slept only after the use of antihistamines (suprastin or diphenhydramine).

Since there was nothing to lose, my wife (she «human» Doctor) has offered to treat the dog as treat people with similar symptoms: diet, antihistamines, corticosteroids, which are also characteristic of a powerful anti-allergic

act. More regimen sign for below. Result: The dog will soon be 12 years old, is still working intensively and in a hole on the top, brought us 8 (!!!) healthy pups at a time. But there were relapses – every 2-3 years (usually in the off-season) begins to itch and gnaw hair in the tail, thighs, toes, ears.

However, we already knew what to do, and in the initial stage it was enough to smear ftorokort several times to half or quarters of the tablet diphenhydramine. And certainly appropriate diet to 1-1.5 months. Bald patches on the skin and tail happily without overgrown trail (there is no need to stop the tail again, sometimes hastily made).

From years of searching on this subject in the literature, and then the Internet came to the next.

The skin — the largest organ of outputting, it removes toxins, toxins and salts of heavy metals in three times more than the kidneys, liver and intestines together, so the cause of her illness so ambiguous.

Skin disease, manifested in itching, hair loss, scratching, and, in advanced cases, hair loss occurs not infrequently, sometimes is very serious in nature, often aggravated vesnoyosenyu or heat during periods of moulting.

 Do not rush the dog put to sleep!

Causes are different, and most often in the internal basis of their – a metabolic disorder associated with excess or lack of in the body of a substance, lack of vitamins, trace elements, a violation of their assimilation, kidney disease, liver, gastrointestinal tract, obesity, monotonous food, etc.

Most suffer purebreds, there is a genetic predisposition, so you should not use these dogs for breeding. The disease is often chronic, other animals and humans are not contagious.

Do not rush the dog put to sleep!

If possible, for every skin disease it is necessary to conduct a microscopic examination in veterinary laboratories to prevent infectious disease (herpes, scabies, scab). Be sure to check for worms and fleas (many people underestimate their danger, as centers of a variety of diseases).


Immediately transfer the dog on a diet. When aggravation of skin problems is always very useful to starve (1-2 days) – restrict carbohydrates, you can halve the portion of food in cooked food immediately before feeding add finely chopped fresh parsley, nettle (we Morozov summer wild garlic, herbs young beets, carrots, lettuce), sauerkraut.

To mitigate the itching well to give 2 times a day after eating a tablespoon of 10% calcium chloride solution (you can with milk). It is useful to give dairy products (yogurt, cheese), boiled rice — plays the role of an adsorbent for allergens in the gut. Be sure to give a multivitamin.

Remove hair at the site scratching (open wound).

If the wound is contaminated, processed antiseptic (1% hydrogen peroxide, ethyl alcohol, etc.)

Lubricate place any scratches antipruritic ointment with no effect, apply ftorokort — 0.1% ointment for external application (or similar): 2-3 times a day gently rub a small amount. The course of treatment — usually 5-10 days.

After completing the application at the place ftorokort scratching applied indifferent protective equipment: chalk, talc, white clay, etc.

Antihistamines and sedatives: diphenhydramine, suprastin, pipolfen, diazolin, promethazine, and others. — By halves or quarters of the tablet.

In the absence of effective treatment continue prednisolone: ​​each tablet (they are 5 mg.) Divided into four parts, and by giving the dog «quarters» as follows: 1-st day – «quarter-» in the morning; 2nd day – in the morning and in the evening; 3-rd, 4-th, 5-th, 6-th, 7 th days – morning, afternoon, and evening; 8th day – in the morning and in the evening; 9 th day – morning. If the 5-6-th day of symptoms is maintained (no improvement) the following 3-4 days of giving «quarters» four times a day (at night – break). Further decreases in the above scheme.

Do not rush the dog put to sleep!

We must remember that the chronic administration of diphenhydramine, diprazina, suprastin Tavegilum and may be addictive, so it is advisable to alternate them. And also they have a side effect — "desiccant" effect on the mucous membranes – take care of the drink.

If the disease is noticed in time, it is usually sufficient ftorokort and diphenhydramine.

Consider also that the main problem is the use of corticosteroids in reducing the body’s resistance to bacterial infections by reducing the immune response — it means dog in this period should keep.

Health your dogs!

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