Do you need a stuffed monkey and spring?

We continue to talk about ethics and rules on spring hunting with decoy ducks drakes. Perhaps the most controversial is the question about the use of this stuffed animals and hunting decoy. Today we look at these issues.

Do you need a stuffed monkey and spring?

Photo by Mikhail Semin

On a stool or with stuffed?

Hunting regulations provides both methods, but from time to time in the orders for spring hunting in some areas the use of stuffed animals put under the ban, hunting is permitted only with the decoy. Of course, this makes it possible to some extent to reduce the influx of hunters in the land, but still believe that this is not entirely correct.

At the European North, the Urals, and especially in Siberia hunters since ancient times favored stuffed («Manco»As they are called here). The fact that contain stool pigeons are extremely difficult due to the lyutymi and long winters. And here, for example, in the Moscow region, with its 100 thousand army of hunters, if allowed to use only stuffed, not while adjusting the load on the land, hunting pressure is excessive. And by the hunters in such circumstances would be interested.

When a well-functioning stuffed decoy can not be used at all, but they will not be denied. Many hunting guides of yesteryear wrote that the spring hunting with decoy is enough to land two or three duck decoys. I categorically disagree. Stuffed animals of several species, especially during the span are essential. Stuffed animals are attracted not only his, but also of other species. They seem to be alert duck, it is a place kormno and safely. Well, if you get on a spring flight, stuffed animals will be particularly effective. Fortunately now you can buy very high quality plastic stuffed variety of dabbling and diving ducks.

They should be planted in groups of species, males in breeding plumage are planted in pairs with females, and a little distance from them a stuffed single females. Therefore, it is desirable to greyish samochih scarecrows have been more than well-dressed males. Create large groups it is advisable to only teal, Wigeons and diving ducks.


Now Russian hunting stores sold a lot of different electronic decoy. Why on these discs recorded voice marriage and snipe snipe – I’ll never know, because the spring hunting of these species is prohibited, and in the summer-autumn they will be ineffective. If it were just training wheels, the broadcast of the same monotonous repetitive sounds for 15 minutes for each kind of loses its meaning. Often you can see in the brochures of these devices: «Make your hunting fun!»

Using hunting recorders and all electronic devices reproduce the voices of animals have banned hunting regulations. This was first noted in the Model Regulations hunting in 1986, and then included in all similar regional rules. At the same time the drafters of the rules rightly came from the world of amateur hunting practices: in all European countries, the United States and Canada, the use of tape recorders (playback devices) is strictly forbidden.

First of all, it was dictated by considerations of ethics of hunting. Undoubtedly, a role in imposing this ban, and played my article co-authored with my colleague on the Central Research Laboratory of the RSFSR Glavohoty IO Kostin «Decoy duck and her voice»Published in the journal «Fishing and hunting» Number 5 in 1985 at a time of the development of hunting regulations.

In it we are talking about for the sake of our experiments on the effect of different votes on the approach decoy drakes, wrote the following: «It turned out that the absence of females is almost no effect on the intensity of the reaction drake approach to the sound source. Drake, as a rule, he liked hearing the voice, quickly sat down on the water and started to swim around the speaker and looking for thrills zhvyakaya invisible friend».

I remember, in private conversations with experts from Glavohoty and primarily with the chief of the department of hunting Alexei Vasilievich Sitsko, we told how drakes literally climbed the external speaker mounted on the island 10–15 meters from our skradka. Perhaps the results of these experiments in some way affected by this specific prohibition.

Why do we have, despite the ban, these decoys is officially sold in stores? In hunting publications, including «Horn»These electronic innovations are widely advertised. In response to my comment was: «time is not prohibited to sell, it means not prohibited and advertising». Well, it is logical. Most of the products made in Italy. But in this country with them also prohibited to hunt!

In Italy, I explained that virtually all electronic decoys for hunting produce for delivery to Eastern Europe, where they are, despite the official ban, are in demand. And in countries such as Italy and France, the electronics buy a Wildlife Photography. Now it becomes clear why the voices of birds among the records produced at the mini size and chips are so many different singers and neohotnichih birds.

Several years ago, I witnessed, as French professional photographers animalists involved in our joint expedition in the Vladimir region, successfully used the CD-recorder to photograph the grouse of the tent-skradka.

And now pose the question: whether to officially allow the use of electronic decoy hunting? If not, it is necessary to impose strict fines and stop this poaching. I talked to many hunters. Most of them do not consider electronic decoys miraculously to effectively beckon drakes. And no spring or autumn. On these geese «toys» even sometimes work on the ducks is not as effective as a good decoy.

I can assure – because only that it does not come across hunters quality tape and, above all, the dynamics. And those records that I could hear, far from ideal. This is especially true of mallards, recording votes which migrate from the tape in the cassette. And the voices of other species are represented, mostly by marriage sounds drakes, while the voices of female conscription or non-existent, or not clearly recorded. Voices of the males in the spring, as experience has shown to be effective except for teals and Wigeons, and combined with the water exposed to these types of scarecrows. But the equipment and the recording will be improved!

Art decoy

Typically hunter walking at dawn with a proven feathered assistant, never takes a decoy. Even a good decoy «start» broken duck is usually not possible. But it happens that and a decent worker suddenly silent, or miss no «precipitation» drake flying side. It was then, and it can be wrapped decoy. And then again all hope for decoy.

Of course, it is good to beckon, it is necessary to know the voice of each species of ducks and be able to efficiently use their records. My opinion is that hunting with records uninteresting. Not because superkachestvennaya recording allows to shoot enough, but because such hunting will not give you pleasure. Besides persistent refusal to respond to record drakes vyzyvet bewilderment and irritation.

Can not you use a conventional decoy? After all, there is already a lot depends on the hunter, and his ability to attract. In France, there are even special clubs «decoy ducks». Many of them not only to attract a virtuoso, but also make decoys themselves. It is an art as well as the ability to competently enticing.

Now available in game stores can meet a lot of different lures mostly American and Italian production. You can buy a monkey not only mallard, teal and on both types, pintail, wigeon, gray duck, a variety of dives. Do not buy exotic decoy ducks are not living in our country. Such lures quite a lot of in the range of our stores.

Judging by the labels to them, they may well give and semolina podmanivaniya for our species. Therefore, it is better consult with experts, or bring a biological English-Russian dictionary and translate what is written in the semolina.

Usually, going hunting with decoy, I take with a monkey on the most common types we have: wigeon, pintail, shoveler, svistunka and garganey. These decoys are stored in my small leather pouch, but I had them laid out a tent. If flying kryakovy drake, Manco I do not use, fully trusting decoy. But when he heard a flock of duck or other kind of quickly taking the appropriate decoy and file the appropriate voice.

It is very effective decoy on Wigeon: it is made in the form of a brass tube with a wide cavity, so that the whole is somewhat reminiscent of a glass on a thin stalk. Unlike most other duck decoy, he is working on a breath. When you imitate the whistle of the male Wigeon, it is necessary, taking a straw in his mouth, sharply draw air into itself.

However, the reservation, in addition to one or two decoy, not far from the hut I’ve always planted 15–20 stuffed animals of different species of ducks. I can say that in order to attract «nekryakovyh» drakes, semolina played a crucial role. And happily take a couple of labor shoveler drakes, or put a flock of migrating Wigeons, podletevshih it to your decoy!

What do you think about this, dear readers?

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