Durability outboards

The modern outboard motor deserves a higher valuation. It is a brilliant combination of high power and low weight in one small unit.

Durability outboards

The modern outboard motor deserves a higher valuation. It is a brilliant combination of high power and low weight in one small unit. Currently even 7.5 hp motor. from. They have an electric starter.

The modern outboard motor deserves a higher valuation. It is a brilliant combination of high power and low weight in one small unit. Neither type katernogo engine had so many stages of development in a short time. First Drum starter cord has been replaced by spring starter. Then the ignition system has been improved to be started manually receive candlelight powerful spark. Currently even 7.5 hp motor. from. They have an electric starter and the engine capacity of 20 liters. from. it has become commonplace. In 1949, first appeared switchable reverse.

Previously a fuel tank installed in the upper part of the engine. Now tanks equipped with a device for quick connection, available separately, so that the engine is lighter, and increased fuel capacity. It has proven its release of gases through the propeller hub, introduced by lt; Merkyurigt ;. It began to be used in factories and other businesses. It was introduced shock-absorbing suspension and motor insulation. Significantly improved engine protection against corrosion in seawater, although so far the problem has not been solved.

Power outboards is growing. Ten years ago, a 70 l capacity. from. It was considered huge. Currently, all major power plants produce motors 100 to 155 liters. from that for a long time, can operate with a maximum load, especially on racing boats.

Almost all of the outboard motors operate on the two stroke cycle. The advantage of two-stroke engine is a combination of high power with low weight.

Previously, because of the addition of lubricating oil into fuel igniters quickly sizing and needs to be cleaned after every 20-50 hours of operation. By replacing the engine bearings sliding on roller bearings, as well as improved quality of the special lubricating oil could change the proportion of pre-existing components of a mixture of 1: 12- 1: 16 (1 part oil to 12-16 parts gasoline) to 1: 50, and even to 1: 100. It is now allowed to purge through the spark 200 parts of the motor.

Separate fuel tank can be used to power outboard motor of 5 liters. from.; electric starter — from 7.5 liters. from; recoil starter — up to 60 liters. from. Remote control can be purchased for any engine capacity of 5 liters. from.

The life of the outboard motor, as already mentioned, is influenced by three main factors: operation in fresh or salt water, frequency of use and care of the owner. Nevertheless, try to determine the average service life of the motor.

In the factories, the test engine often work for 5000ch, and made only small breaks for inspection and maintenance. The staff of our shipyard was also able to achieve 5000 hours of continuous operation without a major engine repairs. Due to major overhaul, as well as a small periodic repair service life is well served by the outboard motor can be increased up to 10 000 h.

The service life of the motor used in the sports boats, other. The greatest success is the outboard motor in the water-skiing, as it is resistant to the change of speed from low to high. At maximum power regulated ignition system, heat transfer, speed, reduced to about 3/4 of the maximum. It is undesirable to use a long-stroke engine at partial load, as well as its long-term storage in the random short-term use, as during idle corrosion (interior and exterior) is stronger.

Direct observations in the repair shops have established the following types of damage to the motor:

destruction of its internal walls as a result of wear due to the use of the fuel without the addition of oil;
burn-out at the bottom of the piston too much inflammation and a large load on the engine during the race;
failure of roller bearings and gears lubricated with the irregular underwater motor.

If the outboard motor falls into water, it must be immediately dismantled and dried for 24 hours, as due to corrosion of the crankshaft and bearings are unsuitable for further use.

Small motors are generally more durable than great: it is easier to care for them, they are easier to carry in a garage for cleaning.

Compare the following information about the service life of outboards.

If the operation of the motor assumed equal to the average of 200 hours per year, the durability of small engines up to 12 hp It can reach 10 years. However, to be considered and repairs, increasing after five years.

Large engines from 50 to 125 hp on average, it has been in operation for three years before the first repair. After five years of operation maintenance and repair of engines becomes unprofitable and sporting purposes they are used reluctantly. Sold at discounted prices, they are often a number of years used for official purposes. Regular use of motor positive impact on their work.

These motor potential observed in the operation of the engines in the river water. When operating in sea water in greater corrosion problem. Since only a few owners outboards are well washed with fresh water after each use, hours of operation of engines should be reduced. How many? It is up to the owner.

Compare the three most important types of machine installations, stationary engines has a long life, good efficiency, economical operation.

Engine with Z-shaped transmission has the following characteristics: a limited lifespan Z-shaped transmission, good efficiency only light speedboats, easy installation of the motor.

The outboard motor has a small lifetime, minimum weight and maximum power, suitable as a main engine for light speedboats. Low-power outboards mounted on small boats.

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