Each has its own truth

In the article «Seven times check» criticized me for Boris Laputko material on Kurkov guns. According to my convictions, fair criticism is necessary to recognize one but … I wrote once that everyone can make mistakes, sincerely mistaken, and something just did not know at last. Probably, and I am no exception. But it is equally true that, as a criticism of the side and to the side is exposed.

Each has its own truth

At the present time, trigger the gun — only lovers … Photo: Mikhail Semin

My opponent sarcastically asks questions to which I will have to answer in order not to lose face.

Did I hear anything about the safety notch? My answer of course, but first I would like to talk about the phrase from ohotminimuma that my opponent offers me to explore literacy: «The possibility of accidental failure to trigger a platoon from concussion gun to trigger guns prevented that triggers after a fall on the firing pin does not hit, and held a safety platoon». Even with my blatant technical backwardness understood the whole absurdity of the phrase. And it is replicated all the 20th century (B.L).

In today’s first gun trigger toe ankle holds the trigger position «rebound» or «pre-platoon», To identify possible departure of the striker after being shot and unobstructed opening rifle. At the same time is able to play the role of interceptor accidentally ripped off the trigger. My relentless critic thinks that pressing the shutter by filing with the cock all the way into brandtrubku checked the reliability of the safety of the platoon.

I do not argue, but safer to rest the back of the needle trigger on the table and push down. A previously announced by keying lets you check not only the level of the output pin, but also as a spring returns the trigger position «rebound» or safety notch, if you like. It happens that when replacing the spring, especially in the handicraft, the trigger will not be refunded. This, guys, from personal experience.

And so I think we just really different. On the side of my opponent truth or correctness of an academic, my, taking into account the practices, – homespun. Clarifies its position.

The whole history of technology confirms that any safety device is capable at some point fail, hence all kinds of locks, duplication, and so on. N. I of a decent life and a mechanic technician, with great experience.

Which is why all the fuss? In his article, I modeled the developments that can occur with a hammer pulling a gun out of the trunk of the dam. In a fourth embodiment version sounded the possibility of disruption of the platoon with the hammer, with no impact on the descent.

Now I would have written this phrase so. «Obstacles encountered, cocking and fixed on the trigger sear breaks and has a firing pin». My opponetov finds it impossible, I – quite probable.

In my article was the phrase: «Much of what is now in the hands of the use of technical illiteracy resolver» . Why I think so? The average owner Kurkova Tulku content is usually quite battered copy, because 30 years is not the gun discharged.

Renovation is made using parts of the exhaust period guns. Masters almost no repairing guns and craftsmen like the spirit lay. Often barely kept on board «porepanaya» Boxes, tape and wire bonded. Over time, the metal and tired and lose the elasticity of the spring. That’s when stereotypes are crumbling. In this case, the mandatory interception on the safety hammer cocked.

But back to the «grizzled» the Tulku. Thus, uncontrolled blow to Boyko. Frames newspaper article limit and take something for granted. Here’s the situation. The hammer is raised, but the trigger fails, and no shot.

Each has its own truth

TOZ-63foto: Michael Semin

The reason is that «cheeks blossomed», Ie weakened clamping screw sideboards. As a result, lift tab trigger is not hit in the side ledge who quit whispering. The situation is not so rare, especially if the locks were removed a couple of times, then without a screwdriver is necessary. But it could be so. A shot rang out, and slid off the ledge whispered and wedged into the slots pritershis to the end of the lateral drain whispered.

Understand the power of those who are visibly represented. I’d rather tell you about the possibilities. Sear may be raised. Once the shot is made, the incident can not understand and easy to change the cartridge. Next can be the ill-fated branch, cocking the hammer, without landing on the sear and useless half-cock.

Now the situation with safety in the context of a platoon «stop – will not stop». What primarily able to play a negative? This wear and tear and whispered his state of the pressure spring.

The condition of the guaranteed interception trigger is pressed firmly against the profile whispered to the profile ankle trigger that is a function of the spring. I also had to see tired, Edit profile, can only partially fulfill its purpose, cracked, perekalennye, ie before the disaster was just around the corner.

Almost impossible, but true – Cut the tabs to secure the spring. Spring is still resisted by the friction of the side boards, but the safety catch platoon was nothing, because the nose is already whispering «glances» down. On my own, is not indisputable logic goes that a combination of three factors, namely part-whispered, state pressure spring and an unfavorable angle meeting with Hitch-cock sear may lead to «will not stop».

Mainspring is revealed with great speed, exposing the lock vibration. All clearances and clearances in the castle Tulku (even new) excessive and selected only by the spring meet because sear with a hook, God knows. Can and to miss.

In 1998, the unexpected «gone mad» my safe and well maintained TOZ-66. At the end of the fall season several times misfires have occurred from the right. Spring picked from many reliable spring, thinking about the problem to forget. But the first shot from the left on the geese, stunned. Suddenly babahnul and right barrel. Once in the heat of it did not react.

The situation repeated itself. At the first opportunity the lock opened. Everything is fine. Shot on Drake again from the left, and re-volley. The right sleeve – and hunt on. Shot on the primer re-pinned. Through time. From month puzzled. Defeated defect, only replacing another castle. But one day in the same kurkovke, salvo shooting, the cause found. And in that, when the trigger failure will necessarily stop – I believe with caution.

You can like my opponent, repeating: «That can not be, because there can never be».
And you can listen to my opinion: «Any device capable of fail safety»And the old Tulku no exception.

Alexander Yarkovoy6 June 2012 at 00:00

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