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The birth of a new generation Nissan X-Trail is long overdue. Other automakers are already being sold in Russian models competing with all sorts of «flowing lines» on the sides, and Nissan this year alone on the mountain gave his version of the midsize urban crossover.

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Form headlamps and taillights X-Trail, grille brand emblem, its plastic body kit — all as in Qashqai.

Paradoxically, fact: a radical change of the exterior of the new X-Trail upset significant number of supporters of the model. By at least Internet forums this phenomenon was observed. After all, the old «trail» many, loved for his looks «to stall ice cream». «Kvadratizm» silhouette of the previous generation X-Trail caressed established at Many still 90s of last century ideas about «big black jeep». A Now the exterior of Nissan X-Trail walks in keep up with the general trend. What He has become like everyone else. About the as happened recently when light a new generation of younger brother of X-Trail — Nissan Qashqai. His appearance as Interior is also radically different from the previous Qashqai.
If earlier crossover from Nissan’s great varied style exterior, the now they can be easily confused with each other. Today, X-Trail looks like a hyped about 12–1.3 times Qashqai. Corporate style nissanovskih lineup of crossovers is now even more than the the same Hyundai. Although Korean cars can be distinguished from each other at first sight, but when they stand side side. Identify these dolls on the same road — Only good eye port. AT design their cars Nissan went on nested doll one of the last path. The Japanese resisted, but market forced them to start designing their cars of different classes, as Volkswagen, by simple scaling of the same model.

All this facilitates the work of great automotive journalist. It is enough to tell the reader of only one car brand, and other representatives have described the model line, you can not puzzling. That’s I will do the same. How does the new X-Trail? Yes exactly the same as Qashqai. Put the machine near and You can play children’s guessing game «Find ten differences». But I not sure if this will be possible to dial a dozen. Skukota in Generally. Around the same way, things that look in Salon X-Trail 2015. The exterior of the machine, developed by canon zoom prepares Seeing the cabin. Here, too, there is complete Qashqai. I remember when I the first time was in his arms in head nothing it is but thought: Nissan did a great «Korean». — so the interior design of modern all-wheel drive vehicles of the brand reminded Korean cars of previous generations. Or is it a Japanese banter over rivals vain attempts of Hyundai-KIA — swiftly to break out the level of European brands? If yes, then joke turned out not very funny.

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X-Trail 2015 is equipped with Chassis Control, which is able to shift torque between axles depending on road conditions.

Eyes on

Eyes on

But I think the explanation is simpler. Apparently, some big chief in Nissan has decided that the time for Worldwide «People hawala» Korean masterpieces of car design, the it is the consumer and should be offered. It is sad that the implementation of this idea was late years of commercials on five. Current interiors Korean look much more stylish than the rustic line of interior decoration of the same X-Trail.

No, as regards the general ergonomics and a set of all possible options, the the Japanese machine it all order. Here following manners Koreans lard as many comfortable options in lotions, unit internal volume of the machine — a very correct decision.

Already in basic set X-Trail there are six airbags, heated front seats and Windscreen and and dual-zone climate control. The surcharge can be «thrust» at bouquet car electronic assistants: tracking markings, state driver’s blind zone and moving objects when exiting parking. A more rearview camera connected to on the large display center console, system circular view, power tailgate and other. Options are truly many. But or for any additional payments can not be equipped with steering the car heating system. It’s a pity! This is one of the most pleasant «Winter» options.

From a technical point of view, the new Nissan X-Trail is not very different from the predecessor model. Again we have the variator and manual in transmission. Almost the same engines — petrol, 2.0-liter and 2.5 liters (144 hp and 171 hp respectively). AND turbodiesel — new, French, 1.6-liter, 130 hp A But with suspension and nissanovtsy conjured great noise isolation. It so happened that, before sitting behind the wheel of a new car, I was able to ride a couple of days an old man — X-Trail the previous generation. Therefore impressions of the ride model 2015 were even more striking. It is unclear from what reasons, but suspension of the new X-Trail is not Japanese improved. AT the first time even thought that the wheel newcomer mercilessly pumped (atmospheres to commercials five!), so loud and furious Shaking machine passed in Salon is happening under the wheels. I even specially drove into tire Check the pressure in tires. All in OK. Miracles!

Cubic predecessor, the new Nissan X-Trail was also not ideal in sense of control and Ride. But Why would teach old tricks suspension harmful? For example, an additional vertical buildup on the uneven highway. And on sound insulation wheel arches clearly saved too. AT Qashqai, by the way, nothing like it observed, there is noise shaking on the wheel designers have managed somehow to suppress. It seems that the development of suspension and Acoustic Comfort saloon and X-Trail Qashqai doing totally different people. Or was it done deliberately in the peak of the same appearance of the car? Like, let him give us something other than the sizes differ?
In the experience of ride the previous generation X-Trail know that the combination of 2-liter, 140-horsepower engine, and CVT gearbox was designed to calm drivers. Oh very leisurely driving style imposes this couple. Most likely, the same situation exists the new Nissan X-Trail. TO Fortunately, us test proved machine 2.5-liter engine and CVT transmission. TO Incidentally, in the turbo the new X-Trail goes exclusively manual gearbox.

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In contrast to the predecessor model, the new X-Trail boasts an electric tailgate.

The combination of the motor 171 hp and variator — combination, perhaps, the best for this machine. The dynamics in this, of course, not like some hot hatchback 10.5 seconds before 100 km / h. But and in the city it is enough, and track overtaking is not nervous forces.

Here’s what not to expect from the X-Trail, so it is the conquest of any serious off-road. Yes, as in predecessor, here and there e-parody locking center differential, and fully grown 210 mm ground clearance. But at During the test, we managed to almost stall blue. It was enough for a little sharper than it should, click on gas, touching on slightly muddy clay dirt road, and all: the front wheels slightly buksanul lightly dig in ground, and car refused to go a little further. Kvaziblokirovka differential helped, it seems, only to dig deeper into one of the rear wheels. In fairness, I note that the car was not shod at «mud», a ordinary road racing tires. This situation usually does not cross He adds. But not to the same extent! From walks through fields, meadows behind the nearest tractor saved only in the presence of a shovel the trunk of a passing peyzanina. FROM using entrenching tools managed to dig for each wheel gentle exits nabuksovannyh personal pits that saved the situation.
In conclusion remains to say prices New Nissan X-Trail. The starting price is listed in the manufacturer level 999 000. But This, as you know, is absolutely «empty» a car. But on it you can comfortably go. The price for X-Trail with engine and 2.5 liters CVT starts with one and a half million rubles. «Stuffing» the same model to the maximum cost worth more than 1.7 million rubles.

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