Fears are on the hunt

I myself go on the hunt entirely alone. I am leaving for a few days in the deaf malohozhennye places tens of kilometers away from human habitation. There, where the person is unlikely to meet.

Fears are on the hunt

In the Statement Military equipment:  backpack and unloading, single tent, a supply of products. I spend the night in the woods, cook food over a campfire, guided by a map and a compass. Fortunately, now, in the age of information technology, virtually any information about the terrain and topographical maps can be found on the Internet. You can view the route on the photographs taken by satellite.

So, I want to say about another physical tests faced by many single travelers, hunters, military. It’s the emotions associated with fear.

Maybe there is not one person who could say that he is not afraid of anything. Fear of the dark of the night is present in everyone. It’s one thing to spend the night in the house, and quite another – one somewhere in the forest. Not in the company, namely one.

Somehow, along the river rafting, kayaking, remembered one of his nights. Somehow, they have long experienced the emotions firmly entrenched in the memory like a photograph.

I proshatalsya in the woods all day. I shot a duck in the swamp, and on the other silly missed. Very tired. I sit in the woods near the fire. The sun had long set, night fell. Around the darkness.  His eyes no longer see individual trees. Wood is a black monolithic wall with a ragged top of the tops of trees against the dimming sky. I am far from human habitation. An eerie silence presses on the ears. One night in the woods scary!

I recall all kinds of stories about evil spirits, devilry! Images from some horror movie about the dead! Br-rr! Even the body cringe from these thoughts! Our psyche oddly arranged. It is unclear why, but such nonsense often creeps into your head at such moments. Perhaps the law of self-preservation: afraid – I do not go. And it’s not just me, but also for other lovers of adventure. Some children’s fears!

Weak smoldering campfire, small sparks jumping from the burning coal to coal. Firewood is not to throw up, because of the bright flame of fire, nothing will be seen around. Suddenly, in the woods behind my back, a broken twig snapped, a second one and another one. As if under your feet walking person. Perhaps the beast. But he did not approach so close to the fire. Maybe someone else … Maybe the devil? Alarmingly screaming from branch frightened bird flies. Jay, damn it DELAY!

I have goosebumps! Fear raises the hair on the nape. I take a gun to his knees, take off the safety … in the trunk of cartridges with buckshot, just in case. Although against the evil forces will not help! An inner voice soothes: do not be afraid! Nothing that your fancy, can not be! But I have my own thoughts: yes hell knows! And suddenly, something to eat? Fear adds an unexpected, loud crash crashed in the marsh dry wood. I hear some hooting, fyrchane! Maybe, wild boar, and maybe wake-eared hobgoblin! Worried large bird took off, shouting, flew over me (probably a heron). Horror seizes me, fear holds down the whole body, while the brain analyzes these noises. But still will, gathered in a fist, does not give the abyss of reason! I spit on all the fears, climb into the tent, fastens on the zipper, close the gun, the knife hand. But the dream after all this does not come at once. I sleep like a dog, constantly wake up at the slightest sound. Soon dawn! The sun will rise and  come to an end all of my night terrors!

My condition that night I tried to convey in detail. Sleep was really heavy. Probably, there is still something that is very difficult to explain. The fact that at the level of reflexes and controlled only by force of will. But it is important at such times not to lose composure.

Last year, in a forest of white day, not far from himself, he heard a sound like a drum roll on the inverted iron barrel. The sound was so «human»Loud and real, what else can not imagine.

The nearest housing five kilometers. And the sound of twenty meters from you. Woodpecker thought, but no, it does not. Hare feet of stump … No. What, so now I can not understand. Alone, I go already for fifteen years, I can not explain much. However, this sound is still in the memory.

Sergei Kostyuk14 July 2014 at 00:00

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