FIAT Ducato and Tambov wolf

Long test drive a van of the Italian continues

FIAT Ducato and Tambov wolf

Second trip «Italian» Russia had not so far, but not close. In late October and early November Ducato drove your correspondents Penza and Tambov regions, running as a result of about 2000 kilometers.

Recall that the first trip was longer — we obkatali car on a trip to Abkhazia (, passing over 4000 km. And now the purpose of our trip was the town Serdobsk, lost about half way between Penza and Tambov.

We planned to take a boar (stalking), and stock up for the winter environmentally friendly vegetables (delicious, we were told, potatoes, carrots, cabbage cabbage). Well, of course, to see how it behaves «heat-loving» Italian car on the first Russian frost, just «pereobutsya» in winter — studded — «footwear».

With the latter, perhaps, begin. Since, as we think, that it played a major role in the increased appetite markedly FIAT Ducato. If at the end of the Abkhazian trip diesel fuel consumption of 10.1 liters per hundred kilometers, the «Penza, Tambov» route raised fuel consumption to 11.1 liters / 100 km.

And here in general it should be noted that the manufacturer has promised clearly unnecessary, pointing to the official TTC «voracity» van at the level of 7.8 (!) liters per hundred. However, an injury to all carmakers, removing indicators «hothouse» conditions of the factory tracks with a master test. However, buying a car (especially for commercial traffic), the real fuel consumption of just need to know (

Well, a little more about «Foods». Traveling on the outskirts of Penza and Tambov regions, we had to refuel at gas stations such, from one species which wanted to roll away from the valley, not experimenting with the fact that their employees are called diesel. And here we are once again convinced of the amazing abilities «fiatovskogo» powertrain 120 MultiJet. This high-tech 16-valve unit volume of 2.3 liters and 120 hp, equipped with a fuel injection system of high pressure with electronic control, did not react to the obviously dubious, obviously razbodyazhennuyu Solarium, without losing any traction, no power. Although it may therefore «eating» more than necessary.

But, again, he pulled as needed. But on the way back we scored his luggage compartment with six sacks of potatoes, a bag of carrots and other fruits of the earth Russian (by the way, even luggage for that car and not great, but that’s another reason why grown fuel. The next mission will try to download Ducato under outset to estimate the maximum «voracity» Machines which can carry up to 2000 kg of cargo).

And now the bad news. Our operating experience «Italian» in provincial Russia has shown once again that this car is absolutely not designed for driving on rough roads. For example, fifty kilometers in areas of local importance between Serdobsky and Tambov, where the roadway with their «humps». «height difference» and unimaginable for the residents of the capital rut create a sense of the recent bombings, we overcame nearly two hours.

They feared not only tear the exhaust pipe, derived under the front left wheel and Lowering up to 150 mm, but also damage the fuel tank, unprotected located exactly under the front seats and also reduces ground clearance.

FIAT Ducato and Tambov wolf

It would be desirable that the manufacturer still has considered these nuances, building machines Russia. Especially since the possibility for some changes in the frame structure of the van there. And they are all the more real when one considers that FIAT Ducato soon will collect on balances of capacities ZiL (at least in recent years talking about it more and more often ( ).

However, where no cars going, you need to solve the problem, otherwise the brand will lose a significant number of potential customers. Incidentally, in this sense — if cooperation with ZILom becomes a reality — would be nice to go back and to the excellent, but unrealized FIAT idea to collect in Russia Ducato wheel drive modification to connect the rear axle, locking rear differential, and all the same, but with a number of step-down (that is in the plans of the Italians when they collaborated with the Russian company «Sollers»).

But back to our subject. Albeit with great caution, but he coped with bad roads and on the track and in-all, as we have already mentioned in my «Abkhaz Blog», Led and behaves like a fish in water (

Another thing is that we have identified flaws even then rework machines Russian partners of the Italian company «Nizhegorodets»Flourished absolutely magnificent color. Recall that this 6-meter combi van is more than 2.5 meters «growth» produced in Italy, while in Russia it according to the customer retrofitted certified FIAT domestic kuzovoproizvoditeli.

So, the second long-distance trip «Crickets». «settled» panels used in the Nizhny Novgorod trim body (the car comes to us in «goal» iron) was more. But most importantly — out of order «lighter» all located inside the socket. And all the additional equipment in the form of a microwave, refrigerator, TV set turned «de-energized». Of course, the first thing was a problem with «suspected» fuse.

Instructions attached to the Italian car, assistance in finding him did not have — she is made is not accurate, and «He speaks» in very bad Russian. As a result, we have found it in the fuse box, safely tucked away in the bottom right-hand pillar. Free access to it is extremely difficult the front seats and second-row seats. Nevertheless, a block (after half an hour of continuous Matyukov) we opened and really found a blown fuse. And even replaced. And … nothing worked.

Alas, in this publication, the answer to the question of who is to blame — Italians or dragged new circuits Nizhny Novgorod (and who among them have impeded access to the unit) — we can not give. We hope that will help us find it in the official service of the brand.

Annoyingly revision plans to eliminate the problem until the new year, because right after the holidays destined to another machine — now I really winter! — adventure. In which, in particular, we examine how the system is installed in the additional heating Ducato motor Webasto, increased capacity battery, high-power generator and an extra salon air conditioning system.

…Well, the results of the first 6,000-plus kilometers generally inspire respect to the machine. Excellent motor, excellent for a class dynamic performance, extremely convenient for the driver. Damage to the cigarette lighter is cons — to konchatelnogo «debriefing» — will not burn.

Alexander Rostarchuk14 January 2014 at 20:13

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