FIAT Ducato: that we are cold and the water!

Outside, boring rain, ears are the words of head wounds portal «AvtoVzglyad» Alexander Rostarchuka: «When will hand over the material in the winter test drive FIAT Ducato? When the text is ready? » When? Yes, right now! All the sensations of the last trip still left in me, as the taste of a good cheese on the tongue …

FIAT Ducato: that we are cold and the water!

Cover your eyes and before me bottomless, promorozhennaya black sky of space to the Tver region. And not even the crunch, and penetrating into the spine creak — No shriek! — snow under the wheels of cars and our feet. Yes, I love the winter and consider myself a category of people who believe that we must not live in a country of eternal summer, and where «four season` lifestyle»And in our — where there is a spring and autumn, summer and winter.

Winter — this is when the frost and the sun, but not crushed gray sky locality near the metro station «Prospekt Mira»Where snow is not snow, and dark gray liquid substance. Winter — this is when the breast comes from the purity of the air flowing into you and teeth ache from his cold, both from the icy water.

Muscovites, perhaps this winter do not remember when all missing and bright sun, and the white snow, and clean air. But almost near the capital, and today there are places where the winter as it was in my distant childhood Cheremushkinskaya.

FIAT Ducato: that we are cold and the water!

The idea to check the FIAT Ducato normal Russian winter with snow and frost was in the edition from the beginning avtoistyazany «Italian». Yes, but now it is a rare commodity in Moscow — frost. So when my friends from Tver heartland in a telephone conversation mentioned that they have at night the thermometer drops to –thirty°, The proposal to get away for four days in the village went to cheer.

However, the first attempt almost came out lumpy: The battery of the van to start the day turned into a lifeless and useless subject of regular geometric shape. To our surprise, animate it, and with it the entire Ducato managed by a very small booster Taiwanese firm. He proved to be so efficient and easy to work, which is now on the right should enter into a set «survival» any motorist, conducting weekend is not in the company «Fat» and TV and the outdoors.

FIAT Ducato: that we are cold and the water!

Thus, several hundred kilometers — and we’re my favorite places. What my village for the past few years has had time to see the tested devices, I do not remember, one thing is certain: the local men clearly think I’m weird and impractical man looking from bright red Wrangler Rubicon, then on bronze metallic Ford Explorer, then on the dazzling white Grand Cherokee or silver Amarok.

It’s all beautiful, expensive, and therefore useless for their cars. No, of course they would gladly went to the German or Japanese pickups and SUVs, but only … However, all is clear, and so! Therefore, seeing our hefty van from FIAT and make sure of its practicality and seloprigodnosti, men rendered their verdict: «Well, finally I began to reasonable car ride!»

FIAT Ducato: that we are cold and the water!

Word «It is reasonable» It relates primarily to the useful volume of the luggage compartment and the passenger compartment. Rural people are practical, and even today, doubly so meticulously climb on «susekam» Italian van, after sitting on all passengers and the driver seat, my good friend Nicholas summed up: «You go in Toropets — tell. And I’ll go with you, but their shops in the city svozhu». «His» he has five: his wife, mother-in-law and three daughters. And the four of us, and this is not just a complete set, and even more, but you can try.

Anyway, the police did not see how the passengers sitting in the cabin: tinted windows. A three ahead — it please! However, not enough space to move the shift lever. But nothing, adapt himself, went without problems and temptations. And I fell in love with Nicholas van.

— You look like the way he keeps!— he cried excitedly, and a minute later I ordered: — You push it, push!» — and she smiled happily, listening to the chatter rising diesel.

No, not vybesh, no matter how hard you try, the simple soul of the Russian peasant love to iron, machinery and technology. And if his whole life for the tractor and driving levers held, the better the car connoisseur than fisted by poor living and very, very practical, thoughtful guy rustic, and come up with is impossible. Now, if only to give people living in the countryside, work to give them, then our city will be a great success vans to disperse.

FIAT Ducato: that we are cold and the water!

Ducato in this winter trip was a feast for not only my village friends, but also our entire crew. Judge for yourself. If the first night I was afraid to freeze a couple of times to get up and warmed dizelek, then from the second night forgot about it. The engine is started impeccably, despite the night –33°. And here, by the way, I can not help but say a few words about the work «stoves» and interior heater.

If earlier it seemed to me that the climate system driver’s compartment of the body barely copes with its task, during the winter trip this question did not arise at all. But about heating the passenger compartment I want to say separately. The control unit is submitted to them on the dashboard (strange: the heat needed for passengers, as it manages the driver). So that’s the first time during our tests Parking heater was turned on at full power, and our fishermen, after spending the whole day on the ice, pleaded subtract heat in the cabin after 10–15 minutes of heater …

FIAT Ducato: that we are cold and the water!

The battery for the road from Moscow scored 150 nameplate ampere / hour and properly do its job. Diesel, adapted to our conditions, successful «digest» provincial ordinary diesel refueling, loading the drivers absolutely no problems such as loss of traction or extraneous noises. Suspension properly rehearsed all the hardships of the Russian roads.

Salon «decoration», Molested on smooth asphalt track bothersome cricket and knock on Tverskaya lanes ceased to attract attention, but climbed road noise, vibration, and the passengers of the cabin, or rather, their fifth point of the spine and internal organs were able to taste all «charms» ride in the rear seat of the van unloaded. Yes, even I caught the eye (or rather, in the ears) gulkost huge half-empty body. No, correct that fiatovtsy use this van as a commercial vehicle. For buses and campers are used, and other settings chassis and suspension, and interior decoration materials. But craftsmen from Nizhny gone, it seems, by the way the budget, but only in the pursuit of economic efficiency forgot about our roads.

FIAT Ducato: that we are cold and the water!

No, I can not say that the van is not designed for operation on the level of noise and vibration, but that they need to know who wants to buy a car for the transportation of passengers, not cargo.

But as dashing engine cope with the movement of loose snow! In general, once again I want to compliment tyagovity veteran European engine. What on bottoms that at the top, this engine proved to be a good fellow and a couple of times allowed to go on virtually ice lake to deliver our fisherwoman lured to the site.

FIAT Ducato: that we are cold and the water!

The main thing, as always, depends on the driver. If he knows what to do, then, without breaking the wheel slip is able to pull himself out of a very unpleasant place.

the main thing — do not overdo it with the gas pedal, and then there will be impassable roads, even in such remote places as ancient Toropetskaya land where neither the village, either a wonderful fusion of the Russian language, wit and humor, and a small graveyard at the church, on the ancient gravestones are left names , forcing the heart to beat faster than any Russian person.

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