For odnostolpnoy future?

Smoothbore gun, from which you can make just one shot, it would seem, is a complete anachronism in our time of laser sights and rapid-fire machine guns. Especially since already many decades ago, he replaced the shotgun different modifications, and later repeating rifles. But still «alive and kicking», adnetwork and today finds its owners.

For odnostolpnoy future?

photo: Vladimir Katkova

From hunting periodicals it is known that single-shot rifle, it may seem strange, have a stable demand on the world arms market, so the well-known firm still produce dnothreads. Ordinary people, who acquire a hunting rifle where it is allowed are usually limited to odnostoechny: or for self-defense, or simply «to crow shoot». But the fisheries, which are becoming smaller and fans often prefer adnetwork for its cheapness, lightness, ease of use.

It is known that in the West and in Japan there are a lot of wealthy hunters who rightly believe that an experienced hunter one shot is enough to get the intended animal. Among them are such fatalists that go with single shot guns even against dangerous animals. They certainly should not serve as role models for novice hunters, which for many reasons is not available such hunt, as well as large-caliber single-barrel fitting high quality and value.

But any hunter can get a good ruzhetso type well-known IZH-18. It does not seem hard nor youth, nor the old man even long «the trampling» ducks on a hot August day. About the cheapness and ease of use nothing to say — they are at the limits. To beat from it it is possible not only grouse or hares. In case of encounter with a dangerous predator is a reliable gun will not let you down — just has a steady hand at a critical moment.

Here he told the old hunter about an unexpected meeting with a bear in the magazine «Fishing and hunting» previous years: «The shotty’s mine that you saw, good enough to mind the old trigger adnetwork, but the fight is good. The bandolier shotgun pellet ammo, just in case a pair of bullet for big game… Not that I needed was a bear, I thought, we leave the world, but I had to shoot — rushed the beast… the shot Fir rushed, began to tear the felled bear. Great was the beast, but not old».

By the way, it is even more simple model, like Kurkova adnetwork of IL-17.

If the hunter can more or less nice to shoot, it’s usually enough of a charge to stop the beast, shoot it down. When worried when there is no experience, that rarely helps and the second barrel. So do not be ashamed to hunt with odnostolpnoy, you can leave the wounded nothing more than a shotgun or a gun store.

Safely and correctly entered Tula gunsmiths, when «with an eye» in XX1-th century began to produce enough that single-barreled and hammer shotgun TOZ-119. A well-known gunsmith M. Blum wrote that «it was very nice to know about it» without fear that him and the producers suspect in an unhealthy conservatism. By the way, he, as a person with more experience, agrees with the opinion of many hunters that shotgun with an external hammer more safe and secure: «Safer handling surkovym a gun, first of all, is because immediately clear when the trigger is cocked, which means the gun is ready to fire. It is also possible to produce a smooth trigger pull without opening the gun…»

It seems, and a gun psychologically closer to hunter: it seems more controlled, more subject to the owner than that at which the mechanism is hidden completely. Important, what is beautiful, just a toy ruzhetso weighs only 2.5 kg, even 12-gauge.

For odnostolpnoy future?

photo: Vladimir Katkova

Perhaps, this will attract the attention of a teenager who dreams of becoming not just a hunter, but a good shooter who trusts in himself, and not to spare the shots of mnoGoSearch. A young owner of such a gun were more likely to boast multi-charged guns with different automatic «twists» in our time more suited to their creators-the engineers, not those who shoot ducks from small flocks, and hunting in the den can only dream of.

Given the continuing decline of the hunting grounds and not growth in the number of animals we can assume that in the not too distant time when hunters will begin to hang on the carpet tees and semi-automatic machines and to take in hand a single uncomplicated kursovku.

There is nothing surprising: fishermen are forced to release the caught fish, and the hunters, unable to let go of the prey, will shoot at least two times less. Such tendency is already traced, restore Western hunters not only hunt with a bow, but with sporting rifles. These kurkoski, unlike raznosortnyh require at the bargain, and a lot of time for loading. Such a space for practicing skills!

Why the contemporary computer technology is not to compete with the ancestor who was capable of with a matchlock gun in his hand on a hunting feat, described by the famous scientist-traveler and hunter Nikolai Severtzov.

«For scared with your pantry bear overtook karakilis with a matchlock rifle; at full gallop, he shot and wounded the bear, which the bullet first only increased speed, but soon the beast was tired; Kirghiz, not stopping in pursuit, loaded again and the second shot, slowed down running bear, still loaded, still pursued; the bear stood up on its hind legs, could not resist and sat down; tears and Kirghiz horse and put the beast the third bullet in the heart.

To assess this hunting feat is quite appreciated, it is necessary to take into account that, in addition to loading on the run, we have for every shot, all without stopping, to carve fire on a wick, flint and tinder, then lit the wick set in the trigger so that it falls when the shutter trigger is right on the shelf of gunpowder; the entire dilatory procedure harder at full tilt than the firing of the percussion cap rifle, and the same karakilis from their matchlock guns killed a galloping foxes with one bullet, as I saw later».

One spring I shot once and got the only woodcock. That spring I remember more than others when fired, not counting the bullets that were extracted, but more smeared.

One good shot gives the hunter a love for his gun, honor to who got to fly the beast and, ultimately, respect for yourself.

So not odnostolpnoy future?

Alexander Piskunov October 2013 at 00:00

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