Forty Days

Forty Days

Mikola Zuhar on the last fishing trip. With a recent caught fish.

We met with Nicky at all, consider recently. About 10 years ago, even, maybe less. But time to get used to each other. Now that Nick was dead, I have to wean. We give it hard. I still probably do not fully understand how much lost.

The most striking, I think, Kolya’s character trait was a sense of responsibility. Neither of whom I had heard so often phrases «That’s my fault». «it’s my fault». The desire to look for a cause failure – the best way to grow, to improve. Combined with the outstanding abilities is the desire to help Cole to become an outstanding fisherman and one of the best fishing of journalists. I think that the main specialty – Psychology – Kohl was strong, but about it I do not know much.

The first major, four-day joint fishing have happened in late autumn on the Kama River. We were invited Igor Golischenko, one of the strongest Kazan jig spinnings. Before that, I was lucky enough to go fishing with Igor, and I was impressed by his skill: polished style of casting and wiring, high tempo and intelligent search strategy, the constant rotation of baits. Nick caught otherwise. If I arrange a competition, Igor would, of course, won. But if used to evaluate not only the result but also artistry, choose the strongest proved to be difficult.

Losing in functionality, Kohl won in aesthetics. For him it was important to catch the beautiful. He willingly and successfully applied inappropriate seemingly bait, choosing unusual ways of animation. I remember he caught a large pike to the point where we were already half an hour, discussing the benefits of fish finder at a high pace. I say: «That’s really not the first cast». «From the first»- Meets Nick and shows a microscopic bait, I would never have occurred to put such…

Then I came to visit Kohl in Cherepovets. It was the middle of April, the last ice. Excellent fishing turned out. Good weather, moderately active – that is necessary for experiments – nibble. Fished in the vast, little zakoryazhennom watering with an average depth of 2.5 m. Given the variable cloudy and clear, but little peat shade the water, select the best jig was simple: black «ant» or «Uralcom» weighing 0.5-0.7 g with a large yellow beads. The theory is quite confirmed the practice, but only mine: I understand the situation better, Kohl never put optimum bait! He was interested to try and razlavlivat news.

We all love the novelty, but often lazy and walk the beaten path. We catch as already know how and where used to. Kohl acted differently. Targeted fishing for burbot spinning, he devoted a lot of time, and I for one single day. After all, it is clear that Donkey postavushka effective. Cod spinning I did not catch. But what to say…

In the same style Kohl wrote fishing articles. Fresh ideas in them more than any other author. And gently but firmly held idea: the pleasure of fishing is not measured, should not be measured in kilograms catch. The simple, but such an important message…

This summer we went fishing together with Nicky on Lake Ladoga. And most certainly not go fishing. The fact that I took part in the last Kolya fishing gives me a kind of bitter consolation. If death can not be influenced, it is good for me that I was fishing with Kolya, two days before his death. I was more fortunate than Colin friends with whom he was catching fish along constantly and lovingly called them «pack». I am proud of the fact that Nick took me to his flock.

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