Gifts of our forests

Dried raspberries in tea or raspberry jam — the most popular antiprostudnoe means.

Gifts of our forestsPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov

Our forests are not only rich in timber, under the canopy of the invaluable wealth produced annually in the form of berries and mushrooms. In the middle zone of cutting and a few pine trees, common wild raspberries. It is not such a big as its cultural relatives. However, the utility and their taste is much more interesting.

Dried raspberries in tea or raspberry jam – antiprostudnoe most popular resort. Leaflets raspberries (fresh or dried) to make any tea a pleasant taste and aroma. Decoction of leaves wild raspberries give drink women in childbirth to accelerate and facilitate childbirth. This method was used by the people and for the people, and pets.

On the open glades and edges feeling well and abundantly fruiting strawberries – for the middle band is probably the main berry, also nice and helpful. Collect it is not easy, but there is, especially with milk or cream, just a fairy tale. Dried strawberries and its leaves have long been using traditional medicine, but it is better not get sick, but simply to drink tea with strawberry jam

Perhaps the first berry pine – cranberries. She has some inexplicable urge to pine. We have repeatedly seen among the gray-green moss rise «beds»Almost entirely from red ripe cranberries. Always it turns out that it is «the colony» on the trunk of a fallen pine. Bush cranberries active «climb» and pine stumps, even quite fresh. Pleasant taste, high yield and good ability to be stored at room temperature even explain the huge volume of its pieces. In the cellars of a barrel of cranberries, filled with spring water, kept from harvest to harvest. At room temperature, store cranberries, pouring boiled water with sugar. Dried cranberry leaf used in the renal collecting. Drink it infusions and decoctions. Tibetan Medicine recommends berry cranberry and water as a remedy for colds. The property is well kept allows lingonberry jam with a little sugar. Sour preserves good with venison stew. Collect cranberries pleasure. Even in the middle (on the northern notions) crop type bucket arms (not grabilkoy) can be an hour. The words «cowberry» and «bar» originate from the Slavic verb «Brus» – abrade. Cranberries are not going for berries and «peel» handfuls. Speaking about cranberries, I can not think of bearberry. Its ripe berries themselves climb up when fleeced cranberries. They were almost an exact copy of cranberry, but a little alley and larger, and the powdery taste bitter. However, in pharmacy practice is widely used bearberry leaves collected during flowering.

Often «floor» in a pine forest covered with blueberry. It is well-known deciduous shrub. With a little practice, you can distinguish between normal leaf buds on the flower. If the middle of winter to cut the branches with flower buds and put them at home in the water, then ten days later twelve bloom and the leaves and flowers. Berries, of course, do not need to wait. In our poor villages in store blueberries with sugar did not cook as it is now, and dried in a Russian stove. In the northern regions, where the blueberry yields, it was a fairly common fish. It took the pharmacy. It is believed that blueberries, particularly fresh, good for the eyesight. But Kissel from dried berries fed «patients with stomach». Ripe blueberries – favorite food, young and adult grouse – capercaillie, black grouse and grouse.

To the north of our pine forest characterized by the alternation of dry ridges with high overmoistened, and sometimes marshy lowlands. Here’s the freedom for another representative of cranberry – cranberry. It differs from the majority of wild berries fruits a variety of forms. This is absolutely unique berry is also because once it fully preserves its roots in the great gastronomic properties throughout the winter, until all the snow melts. There is a spring collection of cranberries, which gives an excellent sweet and sour grapes when in natural conditions there are no other berries. Even cranberries from under the snow goes fermented. Cranberry jelly and fruit drinks are exceptionally rich in vitamin «FROM» and trace elements that are useful not only to patients but also healthy.

Moderately moist edge Dolov and wetlands – place the richest variety of shrubs. Among them, one can not ignore blueberries, also known as the northern grapes. Unfortunately, the good harvests blueberries happens not every year. Upland bird – great hunter before the ripe blueberries. In the mountain taiga regions have stunted blueberry variety. She does not lose ripe berries even after snowfall. Capercaillie like to feed on sweet berries. On good golubichnikah they are ready to graze almost the whole day.

Okrainki and marshes vershinki – places where often grows cloudberries. This berry, pineapple and smelling the same time, and something pharmacy, love grouse, especially when they are ripe. Have not once early mornings ROSNO successfully Tropez grouse broods on cloudberry. Young reluctantly raised – wet nogastye funny. Of course, sensible dog thing is a lot more fun. Cloudberry interesting unusual color change as they mature. From green berries are first white, then red, while remaining tough and even unpalatable. Then they oranzheveyut, and it’s time to feast on it (for grouse, and for the people). Overripe cloudberry becomes watery and somehow colorless. But you need to cook the jam when the berry is still red.

God willing, in the late summer – early autumn, there is nothing nicer than going white. On open ground white cap «sunbathing» to dark brown. In good years, aspen on them is so much that «although oblique Kosi». Of course, it is only where there is practically no mushroom. Reindeer diligently «collects» white and aspen. Caps young white mushrooms dried for future use proteins, impaling them on a dry pine sprigs. Good sense of smell makes proteins to locate and dig out young mushrooms when they are sitting with your head in the coniferous litter. Then the squirrel overeat leg below the cap, the benefit of it is very tasty, even our own, human taste. When young whites lot about some of the truncated proteins forget hats, and they lay next to his foot bite.

Only in the northern pine forests had to collect russules with brick-red caps, which have long not been disclosed, and to very large sizes are almost spherical and very strong, at least in football they play. Of course, in our forests grow and other edible fungi. Moreover, the Siberian concepts, mushrooms and white mushrooms, even «Purvey»Than white and aspen. These mushrooms are taken to salt the raw, pre-soak in clean, cold water. A couple of weeks getting the best vodka snack – spicy, aromatic and tart. So be Healthy!

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