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The cartridge is much greater influence on the characteristic of the battle than even the construction of a conventional shotgun.

His patron

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova

With the cartridge easier to modify the firing. For example, the cartridge shells loose, and from the choke can be successfully extracted game at close range – 15–20 meters. Conversely, of poluchoka can achieve effective shot at long range.

The design and quality bores modern guns usually satisfactory. Complaints about poor factory settings easily dismisses battlefield, answering: «… the trunk of a medium-quality chuck middle distance gives the average fight». Try Pryderi … All within specifications.

Thus the type of steel barrels and heat treatment for the owner of a gun uninformative. These issues are particularly nothing to climb. The characteristics of the battle we are primarily interested in the cartridge will …

List the components of the cartridge, to a certain extent affect the quality of the shot.

Sleeve. The quality of its material, matching the length of the chamber length, wall thickness, surface roughness of the inner surface, the elasticity of the material.

Capsule. The power and effectiveness of its compliance with this powder and the air temperature.

Obturator for gunpowder. Quality, diameter, shape, elasticity, height obtyuriruyuschih skirts.

Wads. Quality diameters obtyuriruyuschie and shock-absorbing properties, the total length, weight.

Containers for the middle fraction. The design, flexibility, cushioning properties. For a large fraction №№ 1, 0, 00, – increment accuracy and uniformity of the fight is easier to achieve without the use of a PC, due to the fact that in a strong choke him violated the formation of shot sheaf.

  • The strength of the compression component of the cartridge with the sealing of the liner.
  • Corresponds to the diameter of the fraction of the game, the quality of fractions – sphericity, hardness, polishings, the mass of the projectile.
  • Approval of the diameter of the shot barrel constriction (important for a large fraction).
  • The presence and type of shock absorber – bulking agent for the projectile when each pellet is in its cradle (in the home is the same antiquated starch).
  • A tap in front of the projectile embedded sleeve.
  • Character expansion wads after leaving the muzzle.

So, what are the shooter has been recruiting his rifle cartridge for manipulating components of the cartridge? Indeed, not easier to buy a factory ammo?

The fact that the shot in the barrel is very complex phenomena occur. Here and in the walls of the bore deformation by pressure, and vibration of the trunk, particularly its muzzle. Very important is a good obturation gases (mean wads erupts about 10% gas). As little as possible distortion of the shot column still in the pocket of 50 mm from the Treasury at the initial moment of firing at peak pressure. It deformed fraction spoils shot scree, deteriorating accuracy of hits. For this it is necessary to pay more attention.

By manipulating the various components of the hunter chooses the option of equipment in which a given shooting distance according to the number of fractions better sharpness, uniformity and accuracy of hits. It is impossible to predict in advance. It would seem that the ratio of 2.0 g to 36 g of powder fraction will give better accuracy on the scree, than, for example, 2.2 to ’33, but this is not always the case.

Not very predictable processes occur in the barrel. In particular, we are interested in one shot, in which the vibration is minimized, and hence the smaller the shot shell are scattered. There enter into this relationship of the option holder, the weight of the trunk, geometry, wall thickness, length and others.

His patron

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova

I never aspire to accidentally find the best combination of components of the cartridge. Always looking methodically, step by step. And always find desired. In this sometimes leaves all summer. But what’s the hurry? But the owner will always know what chuck «loves» his gun.

Imagine how many options and equipment sometimes only when manipulating the masses of powder and shot have to double-check to make a great shot. The total amount of shootings rounds will be over 100. Some of it may get bored. At the desired option go out after a thorough analysis of all the shots. (This, of course, every shot is recorded in the table with all of your original data.)

For example, the best result – Shot № 67. Here we find a cartridge for a fraction of that number. Knowing what he will fight, want to have more such rounds in bandoliers, especially for critical shots – geese, foxes, grouse.

If by chance you hit afterwards cartridge factory, providing the same excellent results, – nothing to split hairs, you have to buy this series of rounds of the firm. The main thing is that you know now that can give your gun at the best cartridge.
Other random bullets will definitely be giving the average fight. But this does not mean that they are not needed. In the near and medium distance will suit virtually any factory cartridge. And if you do not want to bother and to achieve the best fight of his gun, then we can do without these efforts. It’s not for everybody, for the soul …

It is important to understand that in a complex smooth-bore gun – Insert first invented gun – trunk. And then he steals a cartridge. Thus, the selection of non-zeroing certain fraction to a certain distance, and in our time is not an anachronism, but a necessity.

Large firms also pick up ammo for the configurations of their trunks, and later warned that a great battle would be possible on their rifles, cartridges only their businesses. Equally easy to pick up and grapeshot bullet cartridge for the trunk … No passport, no visual inspection of the gun will not tell us the full, a cartridge suitable for him.

Only practical ranging series of cartridges of various equipment, it can bring to the analysis of his best rounds. And there is nothing to argue about it. Others are not given!

Anatoly Azarov20 June 2014 at 00:00

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