Holland chamber

In the first week of August 1968 on the occasion of the familiar hunter bought a hammer shotgun 12 gauge, very slightly (2.7 kg), the company «Holland, Holland.» Trunks of steel, not damaskovye, length 76 cm, can be seen made taking into account the use of black powder. Lodge direct, «English», wood dark brown, even black.

Holland chamber

A friend asked me to go to the booth and check out what kind of fight. Prior to the opening of hunting season is still more than a week, and then the opportunity to rifle company with a worldwide reputation in the hands of the hold, which may be objections !? He became patrons to check fit. What the British Drill broad, I read it.

I chose the sleeve having an inner diameter of 18.8 mm. About the length of the chamber the owner said nothing. I have used the available in my sleeve length of 70 mm. But the sample powder and shot were taken, in view of the ease of guns, at 16 caliber: gunpowder “Falcon” 1.8 g fraction N№ N№ 3 and 7 to 30, Twist “star”.

     Trunks, I certainly looked. The channels are very clean, there are no defects on the shadow triangles unnoticed. On the stamp pads “nitro” has a caliber “12” Set, and beside him the two letters next to Latin “LC”. I would have the brass sleeve of 70 mm in the chamber to try! But no: the gun in the holster, carrying case and backpack to the stand CA VVOO that platform “Northerner” It was.

     On the stand in the five years since 1964, I have had time to become familiar. If the hunting season is not open, then every weekend or on a circular platform Pigeon series pass or shooting tower on the site check his gun, then somebody knew. This time, even the instructor was interested, come with me to see what the result is.

     I hung up the target shot from the left barrel. Look — not what was expected: spreadingly once and board grains barely entered in the holes could be seen. The instructor also said that he did not fight. Trunks looked, but about the chamber and the length of the sleeves do not ask.

     Then I drew the attention of that shooting tower site a piece of wire to a nail nailed plank. I unscrew the wire along the length of sleeve 70 mm, unbent, and then the wire into the chamber “Holland” examples. I even caught his breath and threw the heat — in the shadow of the annular tapered transition wire lay! Then, the chamber is not 70 mm, and a total of 65! And I shot sleeve 70 mm! Terrified, not inflated to the trunk! Rotisserie trunks in everyone — like anything quietly.

     I was going to go away soon and wanted, and now head of the stand, Nicholas, met and asked that it go away so soon today. I told him what and how. He, too, looked at the gun, and again asked me that if I had friends who sedimentary “Holland” I would have. Then he told what their concern now. It wants to Comrade Marshal Baghramyan sedimentary “Holland” purchase. Only the owners of all, how do you know who the buyer will immediately back down. Sales do not want to fear. We are in front of Comrade Marshal very uncomfortable, we can say, even ashamed, nothing for him to do not.

     I responded admitted that the other owners “Netherlands” among my friends there, that’s the only one. Nicholas pondered and then said that I have an acquaintance asked if he would this “Holland” Comrade Marshal show simple. I promised that I will ask certainly, and already he chooses — it just depends on his will. He recorded me Nikolai your phone, and we parted.

     I arrived to his friend. The first thing to him about his chamber “Holland” I tell how the gun was almost spoiled. He laughed at my fears and said that he knew about 65 mm, but forgot to tell me. Then I told him about a proposal telling Nicholas and phone number on the little note to convey. He answered that call. And I went to his friend to his “Netherlands” cartridges for hunting fit only in the liner, cut up to 64 mm. With these cartridges have to fight that turned out! And as for the English one, I stigma and magazines “Fishing and hunting”Seems to be for 1959, I found an explanation. It was for me a science for life!

     A story with a gun to Comrade Marshal had continued. Here is what my friend the hunter about the bride Comrade Marshal: “I had nothing to fear. Money in my labor, bought the gun on good terms, without cheating. I myself like the front was ordinary, so ordinary and stayed. Age has already passed for 50, not liable for military service more. Well, Comrade Marshal on hunting topics to talk very curious.

I telephoned Nicholas, agreed at the weekend. He came after me Comrade Marshal’s adjutant, very polite young major on black “Volga” and with the driver. From the house where I was living on the streets of Minsk on Rublevsky highway not far appeared.

     We stopped at the gate when entering the territory of the garden, and Marshal in the open window and looks hour hand waving to let us in the car. And entered without inspection. The owner met us at the door with me by the hand greeted spent in the room. I invited him to dinner. We ate, of course, for the meeting of ryumashechke overturned. Then he went on hunting topics: Comrade Marshal became a gun to watch.

Of course, this trigger “Holland” in the hands of Comrade Marshal as a cane, it seems tiny. It is not a gun for hunting is necessary. Marshall, in the literal sense of the word, and positions, and the figure — a very big man. That sedimentary he would be just as well because I do not have this … Time passed quickly. I began to gather home. My Comrade Marshal carried to the car, hand me goodbye. Take me to “Volga” back right to the entrance of the house”.

     End of the story told me the chief Nikolai stand: “So there was no sedimentary “Holland”Despite all the efforts. I had to Comrade Marshal Tula domestic gun MP-111 order, for two thousand rubles. Like Comrade Marshal gun was quite pleased”.

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