How to choose a winch?

How to choose a winch?Photo by Anton Zhuravkova

Here are some practical tips for choosing a winch for your iron horse. You are ripe to buy a winch? And certainly suddenly learned that the winch to choose much more difficult than it seemed.

 Winches come in different shapes and sizes, in addition, not all are suitable for the weight of your car. Let’s try a little talk about this device:

Winches can be divided into four types:

— hydraulics
— mechanical
— Hand
— Electric

Well it is necessary, of course, to say that all winches serve one purpose: to get you from where you are "heap"Furthermore, without the expense and waste. Installing a winch, you can no longer be afraid of unplanned overnight stay in a forest or swamp.

Qualitatively mounted winch, essentially replaces the second car (now you can travel alone). Although, of course, is not clear, it is an advantage or a disadvantage.

Let’s start …

How to choose a winch?

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova

The hydraulic winch.

Suffice it a suitable option for people who love to experiment and be original. The main difference of the winch — it is overpriced for equal performance on srovneniyu with her fellow — electric winch. Will not we dwell on the fact that it’s a bit more complicated to set up, in the presence of hoses and fluid due to which it actually works. But do not forget about its advantages, which, as experience shows, does not need to bezdorozhe — a smooth and noiseless operation. Simply select another. Fortunately the choice is!

Mechanical Winch due to lack of its own engine, connects directly to the engine, so this winch is not very easy to install, in fact, many cars have to be provided initially to install a winch. And here it is hard to change something! Climb under the hood of a car, you probably know, it’s not rewarding and not very desirable, and to connect a winch necessary.

Electric Winch

Electric winch is the most common, because no additional options installed on the machine is required. The main thing when choosing a winch — should determine the choice of the maximum load. The load should be calculated as follows: the weight of your car’s 2.5.

For example, the weight of your car (gross) is 2,000 kg, multiply by a factor of 2.5, we obtain the maximum load for the hoist of 5000 kg. And do not forget that the index is measured in winch British pounds, which is about 0.45 kg. Now everything is clear. It turns out that a car weighing 2,000 kg winch suitable index of not less than 11,000 LBS (pounds).

The weight does not forget to turn on tuning your car, such as mud tires, roof rack, power bumper pad under the winch, winch itself, well, what you do is still at her trailer. Do not forget to look in the trunk and look carefully, you put there (which is really to put … we will write about this in another article). Actually so it is possible to calculate not only the traction electric winch, but also any other.

How to choose a winch?

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova

Electric winch is connected directly to the battery, so you should still pay attention to it, you may have to replace it with a more progressive — helium, but we’ll discuss this in the same way another time, but for now connect to what you have.

The connection is simple and painless. All you need is your hands, I think about the site you’ve already taken care of, and she gripped the frame of your car. The installation of the winch is very individual. Ideally, of course, the bumper has designed a winch has the necessary space and openings. You just put to the winch, fix and use. In other cases, a replacement bumper, making the site for a new bumper and winch.

Manual car winch.

Well, you can not of course forget the good old manual winch. Imagine the situation: wood, mud, mosquitoes (or if the winter: forest, Dubakov, snow), you will not at first, on this day, trash. Forces come to an end, but you need to go, otherwise you can not.

You got a hand winch unwound rope caught on a reliable support, ran to the car and start to work with your hands … Yes exactly. Of course, it is much easier to do than no winch, but … So to each his own, for someone, and it’s a pleasure. However, few of these have seen satisfied.

Of this "literacy" enough to choose the first in your life and in the life of your car winch. The rest you’ll understand from personal experience, and at the time of observation of their "cellmates" the forest, swamp, and of the rest "wickedness"Where you will meet. Just remember that the winch — the application to the car, it is a car is the means that you take out from wherever you brought it! Take care of yourself!

Author: Oleg Heat

March 19, 2012 at 23:17

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