Hunting areas: Myth or Reality?

The reason for writing this article was the information in the news on the site

Hunting areas: Myth or Reality?

Here briefly to its text:

«The Sakhalin Region map appeared with the exact designation of the boundaries of hunting grounds. The map is part of a huge development of the Khabarovsk Research Institute – layout, use and protection of hunting grounds in the territory of the Sakhalin Region. The document has already approved the governor of the island region. This work is to continue «Our Father» ohotustroystva territorial issues, planning and preservation of hunting resources.

The circuit consists of physical and geographical description of the territory of our region, socio-economic characteristics of the subject, the number of game resources, an action plan for their management. By the scheme included a map showing the boundaries of hunting grounds (fixed and public), specially protected natural areas, green areas and so on. In addition, the card contains information about where the future will be located area of ​​hunting grounds, which will help to simplify the procedure for the provision of land for rent hunting users.

In the coming days, an electronic version of the map-scheme will appear on the official website of the Ministry of Forestry and Hunting of the Sakhalin area. ANYONE WHO WANTS can get acquainted with the development, and download the file in an accessible format. Also paper analogue larger map is about to be accommodated in a public place in the building, where the Ministry of».

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Here and in the Tyumen region, as they say – the process has begun: «The layout of the use and protection of hunting grounds in the Tyumen region will adopt the December 1, 2013…After territorial ohotoustroystvo will be conducted and identify the farms, auctions will begin at the conclusion of agreements»- Said the head of the department for the protection, control and regulate the use of wildlife and their habitats Alexander Matichenko.

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In the Ivanovo region chosen absolutely the right direction – by decree of the Governor of all the territories, the waters transferred under long-term license IvOOOiR were recognized publicly available hunting grounds, but more Driving hunting grounds showing the boundaries of reason has not been drawn up, it has not been conducted auctions for the right to sign ohothozyaystvennyh agreements today Ohotupravlenie reaping the fruits of their mistakes: in Courts ohotsoglasheniya prisoners illegally invalidated…

It is instructive information came from the Tver region: in connection with the failure of federal legislation for the territorial ohotustroystva, hunting grounds and lack of circuit card with a description of the boundaries, not an administrative regulation of inspections in the exercise of state supervision of the deputy governor of the Tver region V.V.Melnikov (familiar name – approx., VB), the competence of which were issues of conservation and use of hunting resources, protection of hunting grounds, protection and reproduction of the animal world, resigned. And after him wrote a letter of resignation and the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment N.P.Protasov…

Why instructive? So in fact the territorial ohotustroystvo not carried out not only in the Tver region, hunting areas there:

  • or in Moscow,
  • either in Yaroslavl,
  • or in Kostroma,
  • nor in Vladimir,
  • either in Nizhny Novgorod,
  • either in Ryazan,
  • nor in Tula,
  • or in Kaluga,
  • either in Smolensk, and many other areas …

This is not surprising: this is a state policy, implemented by the Department of Natural Resources Ministry of Russia under the leadership of autfitera A.E.Bersenёva. Although, to be honest and correct – Anti-state. Why is ASTI? Because of the use of hunting grounds have to pay money to the state. No hunting grounds – no corresponding payments to the budget! Holders of long-term license, charging a fee for hunters hunt today almost get net profit, carrying expenses only to its own content: the salary, etc.

Hunting areas: Myth or Reality?

A few years V.Bodunkov taldychil about Russia’s lack of hunting grounds, and now suddenly — bang, and «flew head» Ministers and their deputies, although if you really «behead»Since higher – those who have not opened the public policy to protect the interests of the state, hunters and wildlife, and to protect the private interests of hunting users.

Mapping and map with a precise description of the boundaries of hunting grounds — yes, this is the information I wanted to hear from the director of the Department of State policy and regulation in the field of hunting and wildlife A.E.Bersenёva, but never heard.

But the provision of services and other activities in the field of hunting for the purpose of amateur and sport hunting can be carried out by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs only enshrined in the hunting grounds. Long-term license granted to legal persons the right to hunt and has no relation to the provision of services or other activities in the field of hunting. The scale of legalized lawlessness in the provision of the right to hunt kills any desire to be law-abiding citizen.

That’s what I wrote in articles and forums, ask experts and hunters – where to find anywhere in the Scheme placement, use and protection of hunting grounds, and with it, a map with the exact designation of the boundaries of hunting grounds? In vain !!! How much malice, malevolence, and just plain rudeness I had to listen to his address for my insatiable desire to live by the laws, not on concepts… Especially painful it sounded from the mouth unquestionably competent hunters, but living on the principle «none of my business»…

And the chief Mosoblohotupravleniya me in the eye and said: «We believe that the territories, waters transferred for use on long-term license – this is the hunting ground… While incumbent repetition Ivanovo script translation in public areas will not allow hunting ground».

Why am I so persistently sought an approved scheme of hunting grounds? The answer is simple: The scheme is a document of territorial hunting grounds ohotustroystva aimed at ensuring the sustainable use and conservation of hunting resources, the creation of infrastructure in the hunting of the Federation. The territorial development must be carried out on-farm ohotustroystvo enshrined in the hunting area, and as compensation for the costs incurred are entitled to services and other activities in the field of hunting. This is precisely the strategy of development of the hunting industry is defined by Federal Law «On the hunt …»…

Topic creation of hunting grounds in today’s Russia seems to me the most important, so I think vital to talk about this in more detail. Start with the basics suggest — Dictionary of Russian language, where «ground – the place, the area of ​​agricultural use as an object or as a hunting ground (forest, lake, field, marsh). Forest, land, water, wetland, agricultural, hunting». So, farmland – a territory or sea, respectively, shall be governed by the relevant legal regulations.

Hunting areas: Myth or Reality?

Hunting areas: Myth or Reality?

In 2001 he was put into effect the new Land Code of the Russian Federation, in which the concept «hunting» It does not apply, but there is «farmland – arable land, hayfields, pastures, fallow lands, lands occupied with perennial plants, which are part of agricultural land have priority in the use of and subject to special protection».

Particularly draw your attention, dear fellow hunters, agricultural land have priority in the use and subject to special protection.

Article 23 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation establishes rules of land rights of the limited use of someone else’s land or easement. What does this mean? Yes, everything is banal simple owner of the land can be forced or obliged to provide burdened his plot to:

  • passage or transit;
  • carrying out drainage works;
  • water intake and watering;
  • free access to the coastal strip;
  • run or grazing;
  • haymaking and ATTENTION: Use of land for hunting, fishing in a closed area located on the pond and gathering, in due time and in the prescribed manner.

And here «hunting management» or «implementation of activities in the field of hunting» on another plot of land easement is not provided…

On January 1, 2007 put into operation a new Water Code of the Russian Federation, in which the basic concepts «hunting» It is not used. And only in the Forest Code forest areas provided on the basis of lease agreements for game management – business activities related to the provision of services to persons engaged in hunting, recognized hunting grounds.

I do not know why, but the former hunting area of ​​the legal norm is practically not used despite the fact that the rent for the use of forest land for hunting management was, ATTENTION3 kopecks per hectare per year !!!

Pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Law «On Wildlife» 14 years (!!!) in July 2009 for two weeks has passed three readings in the Duma and signed by the President of the Federal Law «On the hunt…»And on July 28 the law was officially published for general information. Instead, under the law on the concept of the animal world «wildlife habitat – The natural environment in which the objects of wildlife live in a state of natural liberty», The law on hunting made previously used in the existing legislation the concept of modern Russia «hunting – the territory within which allowed the implementation of activities in the field of hunting»; instead «wildlife (wildlife)» introduced a new concept «hunting resources»…

In Soviet times, «hunting grounds accept all the land, forest and vodopokrytye areas that provide habitat for wild animals and birds and can be used for game management» (that today corresponds to the concept «wildlife habitat») And it was quite understandable: the territory and hunting animals were public property and had only one owner or owner – people.

Today, under conditions of private ownership of land and other natural resources within the boundaries of the hunting grounds, only those lands, the legal regime which allows for the implementation of activities in the field of hunting. What is this land? First of all, land and forest areas WARNING – State-owned… Private land of the hunting grounds can not enter!

Dear fellow hunters, look around you – Do you see a lot of vacant land, no one sent and state-owned? More than ten years, our fellow citizens and legal entities obtained for use in the property and bought land in accordance with the current legislation without encumbrance, and now suddenly a new law on hunting these lands somehow took it «hunting grounds»…

The vast majority of our fellow citizens have in their own apartment. Now imagine that any newly adopted law will declare the communal apartments with all the consequences… You say, this can not be! Can.

A good example of this Federal Law «On the hunt…»Which amended the previously adopted Law «On Wildlife», FL «On Weapons», FL «On the development of agriculture», Land, forest, water, the Criminal Code and the Administrative Code. Now the ownership of individuals and legal entities on land and other rights to land within the boundaries of hunting grounds are limited to the Federal Law «On the hunt…».

Already today there are conflicts, especially in the southern regions, between landowners and hunters, land owners whose banal expelled from their territory and do not allow hunting, explaining their actions caused damage. I imagine what will begin the confrontation, when the agricultural land will be converted at the same time in the hunting grounds…

Here is what Ivan Larionov from Ryazan: «Private ownership of agricultural land — a tragic mistake for all of Russia. I come to this once in the late nineties, he worked on surveying nearly 3 years. Immediately redistributed land went beyond the farming and peasantry, and became concentrated in the hands of those most newly minted "princelings", Giving rise to new landowners. The same Kuschёvka — the first derivative of this process. But the saddest thing ago "rollback" bloodless — fail. Typically, a large redistribution of land associated with "a lot of blood". And owning plots of land comparable with whole districts of the region, it’s silly not to get hold of the right "create" their hunt on the land. That happens. And if he (the owner of the land) does not need this hemorrhoids, with time he will understand that it is possible to demand compensation from the users of hunting grounds for the use of land (damage done by cattle, burns, holes-skradka, eco-damage, etc.) and prove, and payments for it will fall back on the simple hunters. Agricultural land should be public, the problems were used less, but it then or even now are not willing to hear, gentlemen managers!».

And in my opinion neither the earth nor the subsoil or natural resources can not be privately owned!

So can occur «hunting» in a private property on the ground? In my understanding this is more myth than reality, for one simple reason: the same land can not have two owners – landholder and ohotpolhovatelya.

Correct term should be used «wildlife habitat – The natural environment in which the objects of wildlife live in a state of natural liberty». Only in this case hunting animals living on private land subject to adequate protection.

And the sooner we abandon the obsolete practice of fixing hunting ground, the quicker disappear intermediary between the State and the owner of the wildlife hunter, the so-called «hunting users»Acting as the absorption pad on a financial flows, both from the state and from the hunters. This money is in the reproduction of game animals almost invested, settling in private pockets…

Hunting areas: Myth or Reality?

Hunting areas: Myth or Reality?

Hunting areas: Myth or Reality?

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