Hunting Dynasty

I wonder whether the reader will feel the article light smack of envy? My personal envy. I do not know what color it is, white or black, but it is. I’m very envious! Having had two adult sons, who often take on various hunting, I can not say that my children have become hunters. And as I like this! Alas, they have other interests …

Hunting Dynasty

Active lifestyle, and allows you at adulthood to achieve excellent results.

Tue same time, I I know a family where all or most of Gaming actively hunt. How is it that the head of the family was the founder of the dynasty of hunting? What did he do? Or, vice versa, which is not I am doing?

Did you understand it better than I do, to get to know a remarkable person in many respects. His name is Valery Mitrofanovich Ostretsov. He was, as discussed earlier, a great career from ordinary employee to director of a large institution, which manages and currently.

Most of his life he was hunting in Russia, and, in spite of the eyes of the owner setter hunting, hunting exclusively Peru. But Once he picked up and He suffered a completely new wave of adventure. Continuing to remain true to its legashinomu field, he was like a trophy hunter began to discover and his countrymen other countries, other continents. First Africa. But After Africa were Australia, South America, New Zealand…

He was born in Moscow in urban family where hunting is not It was. And very long time interested in hunting. She fell on him, a second-year student, as an accident or as a revelation. Something happened to 18-year-old kid after inviting a classmate: «A We went to Holiday hunt!»

Gun legislation fifties was quite liberal and a very young man could easily purchase a hunting rifle. A becoming the owner of Izhevsk single-barreled gun, along with Valery another went in the Vladimir region. On hunting!

Winter to Tatiana’s Day came to talk. If students traveled from Moscow in slush, then in a village near Kirzhach they found a real cold, and snow wood piled on belt. Father’s overcoat not rescued from the cold. But then, in post-war years, the usual quality of the Russian people was kindness. AND rustic, as we could have helped — dressed.

Already on location at young people appeared reasonable question: whom, in fact, they will be hunted? We think and We decided, on the squirrel! Two days passed in fruitless search for at least one animal. On third day guys came rustic tractor and asked where and as they hunt, delivered its verdict. He said — as bran: «Do not round not While the guys go! Prepare skiing. On go hunting tonight. Together!» Rest of the day the students spent in tense suspense by building a variety of assumptions.

Before Sunset voluntary conductor brought the guys on the familiar only to him clearing and I began quietly to something to fail. «Probably so carefully move only front-line intelligence officers or engineers of minefield». — Valery had time to think, and suddenly very close to it was a real blast. It blew the snow! A from under the cloud of white sparks burst a huge black bird.

Grouse departed so suddenly that he was released without firing a shot. But second, the same bird, Valery knocked. A after a few seconds terribly sorry for that his hands are not shotgun, because following any grouse He or his companions are not hit. But when the general excitement has passed and raging idea seemed to have ended, because of the snow at a time pulled out three more birds. AND one of them the owner of the single-barreled gun was successfully extracted. How much joy and delight was this evening!

Thus was born hunter. FROM the day he was captured by hunting upland bird. AND almost the same as in first time samotopom young man hunted very long.

Years passed… Valery has become a student of the first in the budding, and then a recognized specialist designer. In he had a family, children were born. But hunting is not let go, and on the contrary, more and more exciting. AND at at some point, as any proper hunter, he realized that the hunt bird without gun dog impossible. There will always be hurtful wounded animal, will always remain unresolved even purely broken bird. He definitely needed, requires the dog!

Moving in Class hunters dogs still inexperienced «sobakovladelets» I had the opportunity to chat with those who for a long time and, most importantly, a successful hunt four-legged assistants. Most Valery Mitrofanovich grateful for acquaintance with Irish Setter breeder Gennadiy Anikeyev. New familiar expect from your dog’s puppies, which sincerely recommend hunters. I waited for the birth of puppies and Valeri.

From that moment began a new stage in the his life. My character is fully captured hunting setter. Before this time, he remains faithful to one breed — Irish Setter. Vega and Vesta Dina… The first two setters Valery Mitrofanovich coached himself. Walk the dog, too, is always himself, not limited to short walks. Maybe that’s why the cops were all his for a long time — before 13 years.

But, of course, Forty years ago, he has not hunted only with dog. AT 70s every night devoted to spring hunting traction. AT a small team the car was only Valery Barkov. For successful project architect of the city of Togliatti Ostretsov got the opportunity to buy out of turn while the vehicle scarce.

Closely nabivshis in Zhiguli, hunters sent «to the plane» — a place familiar to anyone who has ever traveled from Moscow Mozhaisk side. Get up close to the monument and always returned to prey. TO spring travel and gradually addicted son Alyosha.

Hunting Dynasty

Three generations of the dynasty hunting together.

Spring flew quickly. A summer, no matter how much seethed inside us hunting passion, anyone who considers himself a loving husband and responsible father thinks about family. Conceived and Valery Mitrofanovich. It was found that no only son, but daughters interesting to spend summer vacation on Nature.

Gradually, the tradition in August the whole family to go to Belarus. On the map of the republic’s easy to find the point where the merged Berezina Dnieper. It was here the whole month was carried out in Ostretsov tent. Hunting, fishing, mushrooms, berries… So it was on for 11 years. Not yet The Chernobyl disaster occurred…

For a long time, Valery Mitrofanovich recognized only by hunting Peru. AND only when friends invited him to hunting Poland, in It woke zverovoy hunter.

For the first time Poland saw the eyes of the hunter, Valery Mitrofanovich able to assess and a large number of game, and European-serious organization of hunting. TO Moreover, we managed to get two deer. Within a month part of another group, he again came to hunt Poland. So the excitement of bird hunter supplemented zverovogo passion. FROM since the May Polish hunting male deer enters annual mandatory program «Pan Ostretsov»His daughter and son in law.

For Valery Mitrofanovich craze coincided zverovymi hunts time the ability of our citizens to freely travel abroad. Each of his trip abroad was aimed at and gathering information on best foreign hunting grounds. He became one of the first to actually build a relationship between the two and foreign hunters. AND it is not surprising that he found like-minded people Moscow hunting club «Safari».

Today Valery Mitrofanovich is the owner of one of the richest collections of trophies Russia.

Of course, the new hunting and demanded New game «tools». Today Valery Mitrofanovich amateur and a connoisseur of good weapons, although it was not always. It seems that it was yesterday. AT late 90-ies the hero of my story with his teammates visited his first pheasant hunting in Slovakia. «With Italian semiautomatic dressed in gloomy jacket, we looked outsiders». — so smiling, he remembers that trip.

On European hunting is not decided to dress in camouflage good practice to have at four charges in store, and a pair of identical double-barreled shotguns. AND although half of his life hunting with Valery Mitrofanovich native IL-54, he had to seriously attend to the contents of the safe weapons.

At some point in our recent history of interest Arms satisfied very easily. Anyone hunting rifle from abroad to import free of red tape and red tape. And prices do not biting. Acting our country is a limit on the possession of a weapon (5 smoothbore units plus 5 units of rifled) led to the fact that the gun that the head of the family and founder of the dynasty before hunting acquired for himself, remain with his children or grandchildren.

I hope to surprise the reader that I He called the hero of his story head hunting dynasty. AT Family Ostretsov hunted almost everything! Father never pressured are not I tried to forcibly hand shotgun to carry their children on swamps. The father watched as similar to the changed attitude hunting first son, and then grandchildren.

The traditions of the family began to grandchildren. Dmitry and Andrew taught to see and feel hunt grandfather. A When the boys grew up, embodied in the life of their dreams — three times to take is on hunting Africa. Grandson is now 26 years old and it is ready, as his father, go to any country, anywhere in the world for bird. Another grandson, as well as his mother, perhaps, more interested zverovymi hunting.

Daughter Mary for a long time to hunting calmly. Not He was a hunter and her husband. Young couple often go along with Valery Mitrofanovich observe the work of a gun dog. But It came the moment when-in-law said: «I want to try!» Tried and… literally «ill». Following her husband she was fascinated by hunting and Maria. In-law is most fond of hunting Peru. He loves so that another family member was the English Setter. A Mary interested in hunting for beast. Just on African hunting and to Spanish Monterey she visited several times.

For a long time our hero has linked his fate and the fate of people close to him to Forest district of Tver region. Nobody knows what would have happened to the land society of hunters in the area, if not outside assistance. AT Institute Valery Mitrofanovich formed team, seriously helping hunters Tver hinterland. Help is absolutely open, «in white».

The opening of the spring hunting — a real feast for all Ostretsov: big hunting family necessarily going in Forest. Every spring, Academician of Architecture, Honored Builder of Russia Valery Mitrofanovich Ostretsov ready to relive the feelings are familiar even for the first hunting 60 years ago. Excited like a little boy, he would fit the song to its wood-grouse.

FROM decoy own factory definitely wait a couple For green handsome drakes. Listening to Evening bird chorus, will try as early as possible to hear the familiar horkane woodcock. AND will know that the same feelings shared in this time most people close to him. They are also here! They with same bated breath waiting for gifts from nature in spring. A If everything is so if they are close, so his life is good!

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