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This year’s winter has performed its mission by 146% without the help of a wizard Churov, leading many to believe even wrong, but no less apocalyptic interpretations of the Mayan calendar

ice AgePhoto by Anton Zhuravkova

Even Greenpeace activists on Time ceased to shout about global warming, wrapped in his coat of artificial fur.

At the whereas in most European countries on TV screens city ​​streets moved realities disaster movie «Day after tomorrow», a Venetian gondoliers are not could waking up in the morning, go to work because of their craft frozen into ice, Nissan has decided to accept the challenge of the elements and demonstrate how their SUV lineup is ready to infernal colds and for Europeans everyday Russian reality. To no one I doubted Extreme conditions of the test drive, he decided to hold on «main rink» Russia. Not no on the Red Square in front of GUM and on the ice of Lake Baikal.

Six hours before the summer Ulan-Ude, plus five hours playback with jet lag — night passed quickly. In a few hours we already took their seats on the vehicles. AT draw our «gang» photographers went crazy Nissan Pathfinder.

Ulan-Ude, despite status of the capital of Buryatia, not It boasts plenty of attractions but made on All very positive impression. If you try to pick one adjective to describe the city, the the closest, but Still sounds faded word «colorfully». Of the main attractions — the largest in Lenin’s head with the world Buryat slanting eyes and a slit located near the town Ivilginski temple in which do not lie­perishable power Pandita Hambo Lama Dashi-XII Dorzho Itigelov. Yourself power available for inspection is very rare, so after a short walk through the territory datsan we went to New Enkhaluk in time to catch the sunset on Lake Baikal. Choosing a long, difficult, but more colorful instead of federal highway R438 M55 all the way in fighting a desire to stop every 500 meters take pictures all around. Our Pathfinder with the new three-liter diesel V6 (231 hp) 7-speed automatic transmission with slid obediently road to vending us any direction, where we only saw a good shot. «Pathfinder» is a near-perfect image of the SUV, combining­yuschy Value for comfort and good handling that feels equally comfortable and on the city pavement, and on the country roads. AT Basically he’s a great challenger for part of my war horse on the eve of the last day of the world, but early to draw conclusions, this is only the first machine in testing. Passing the pass Ulan-Burgas, we switched vehicles with We catch up with colleagues.

The reason for the Baikal test drive Nissan the anniversary model Patrol. AT Last year, the flagship SUV celebrated its 60th anniversary. By claims managers the latest version of Patrol developed with eye on Arab market, the rich oil producers from countries with bad roads. AT our country roads and the oil situation is similar, so their customers will certainly find the car. From pioneers Offroad Patrol in its current incarnation has become a a representative pensioner. The image seems to match the driver’s car: a couple of decades ago, it is somewhere in the dirt and kneaded I worked hard, and Now I achieved a certain height, used to Leather interior, and unnecessary movements and it is not extreme status. AND despite in that the powder flasks rife in sane climb on car for three million rubles marsh is unlikely someone will be solved. The soft suspension of the car is good quenches all the irregularities of the road to the old men in the the cabin is not spilled the contents of their catheters. Perfectionism engineers some moments played on principle «best the enemy of the good»And to eg wheel «Patrol» at eventually I lost almost all of the information content. The track was generous and sprinkled with snow and uneven large gravel so choose which mode — snow or stone, — at This situation would be the optimum, we do not It managed as feel the difference in behavior of the machine when switching. I mentally I imagine how many people my size would fit in Patrol cabin and I come to concluded that the chances of entering the Guinness World Records is definitely great. Not so much because of my size, but because of the huge, so to speak, «territory» saloon cars. As for My charts «Doomsday»Then This beautiful airship better to let fleeing the end of the world with his uncle thick wallets and bellies and I have to look for something closer on and spirit price.

The thickness of the ice in Lake Baikal comes to different locations 70−120 centimeters, which allows to move on it on cars. Officially, exit at Ice is prohibited, but on your own the risk of people cross it in hoping to reduce the distance. AT detour of up Enkhaluk Irkutsk have to travel kilometers 200 is greater than straight on ice. You always have to be ready to the fact that you, together with the machine can go under the ice seconds and one did not even learns. Where yesterday there was a thickness of clear ice, can now be split up to a width two meters. AT This season several machines their passengers had already gone on the bottom of the deepest lake in the world sacrifice local spirits. AND if not considered the saddest scenario, there is a chance to cut a tire on a sharp ice and stuck in the middle of lifeless desert of ice Firing­yuschem frosty wind.

ice Age

During exit ice head involuntarily surfaced fact that polar stations all have an open cab tractors. Cool, of course, but but you can always jump. We, however, was not to worry for that, check on the reflecting surface of the lake, we were officially allowed MOE. All of the extreme automotive entertainment Ice was given by the organizers «youngest» from the family of crossovers Nissan model Juke in turboversii with wheel drive and fully independent suspension.

The queue of those wishing for podriftovat smooth black ice lined up instantly. Despite All driveability Juke, demonstrated in «figure skating»Salvation from global catastrophe on It seems to me enough cinematic. Casting on Actor Juke not I passed through my personal completely illogical whims — not I felt to this machine sincere sympathy.

Oddly I tried to persuade organizers of the test drive, try to the same crazy drifts Qashqai 4×4 I do not given. He is suddenly matured with in addition the family’s older brother, stood dejectedly aside and not enjoyed special attention from guests. Now he posted in family for prudence, thanks to the circular view when parking, to get him to inherited from the Patrol. AND although combat conditions to test the Qashqai me this time succeeded, this is the machine on which I I wanted to get away from the impending wave of ice, absorbing everything All on its path. A after a frank conversation with technicians Nissan, which with unconcealed surprise and admiration was told that, despite the «sharpness» car under the city, he alone was chosen in test rides on the edge of the land of the most incredible trap, I finally decided on his «savior».

ice Age

Before end of the world while there is time, I may still have time to try out for Qashqai in total extreme conditions. AT Next time I experience and do not mind other options end of the world, such as heat-waves. Somewhere in The Black Sea coast. A what?..

Anton Zhuravkov12 May 2012 at 00:00

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