In anticipation of the opening

When you set the length of spring hunting in ten days, likely to be in favor of it in the period of mass migration of birds we have a little bit. If in the past year, in my mind, the opening would have to be moved to a week or two later, but this is the opposite.

In anticipation of the opening

I can not understand why you can not adjust the timing of the actual situation (in other words – Looking out the window), and not to take the absurd attempts, based on long-term projections, opinions and advice of various predictors ignorant assistants? It’s okay if the amendment will be introduced in a few days instead of a few months before the opening. We hunters are going fast!

But as long as everything remains in full compliance with the ingenious expression of the famous master of Russian literature that I would like better…

First, this year, I was pleased with the starling Matin March 18th. In the last week there were wild pigeons and lapwings. With individual kryakovymi ducks had met earlier. After the twenty-fifth were gulls and geese.

On Saturday, March 29, is no longer able to stay at home, armed with just bestowed on the anniversary of the camera, going to land. The weather is beautiful: clear +10 slack breeze invigorating and emphasizes the freshness of spring. Snow is practically gone and the river, where last weekend he even sat with winter fishing rod today drives the waters to the Caspian Sea, equaling the beaches. No spill, and would be unlikely because and then, a little this year, the amount of snow melted and gone totally unnoticed in the soil.

In the meadows wide front was burning last year’s grass. Year after year, repeated one and the same! Whatever special fire mode is not, do not force the heads of agricultural enterprises of any form of property, remove from fields and meadows and stubble uncut grass to others, much more costly way.

As long as for each case of arson is not provided for personal responsibility of the head of the economy. For example: in your land there was a fire on the area of ​​100 hectares – please pay a fine of $ 100 thousand, for the fact of the fire. Yes, plus compensation for the possible damage caused to natural resources! Nobody will not ignite!

Not only will protect themselves, so as not to set fire to. In the meantime, – easier to ban, and so neutered, hunting as a demonstration event for the prevention of fires. Once again, I repeat: never hunters did not set fire, extinguish quickly. That hunters are really the harm caused by uncontrolled burns in the hunting grounds. I’m talking about the hunter, not the other men with guns. So in another, on the terms and restrictions, and does not give a damn!

In anticipation of the opening

The river is open, and in the backwaters is still ice. Fishermen can not see, though available, built from felled trees sunset. In the shade, under the dam remained thin film of snow on it and, to my great joy, clear hare paw prints. It is in these coastal thickets and manages to escape from the few riders dashing hare. Early flock to the snow fields gave them this year, additional chances to increase the population.

We leave the car on the beach and is sent to investigate. Immediately above the head is carried by a gaggle sviyazi. After a hundred meters, I fix the rise of no less than twenty different kinds of ducks. Here and duck and pintail and teal, and, of course, the mallard. Raises flocks and pairs. I will not tease the reader, but as I was walking along the flooded bushes, everywhere duck was just full!

The explanation is simple: in the meadows of the lake is still under ice, pouring, there is little – that’s the whole duck and settled in coastal bushes. This is really the peak of the mass flight of ducks. Long time I had ever seen! More than twenty years ago, I remember the moment when the duck was just above the floodplain Moksha continuous stream. At night on the meadows was the incessant hum of voices from the geese and ducks. That was a long time ago…

A few pictures taken by me this day, fill up my hunting gallery. Disappointing lack of new camera with a decent viewfinder optics. For this reason, some details not captured Saturday’s attacks.
In the fields, at first, it seems pretty empty. But this is only the beginning!

Binoculars help catch some movement in the area of ​​birch planting. Well, of course! Closer to me beet field, followed by corn. Ever since the fall marked all promising space to crow perches – That’s not wrong! If today was the opening day, my skradok and would be in this place, but before the opening of three more weeks!

Walk on the muddy field, I do not want, and I attempt to approach a landing on the other side. Last year there were meter snow drifts, later turned into arable land and the border of the ravine to the impassable swamp, and now I, with minimal risk, manages to sneak on «Cornfield» along the ravine. All! Then I’m happy to take a walk on foot.

In anticipation of the opening

As well as hunting, carefully looking through binoculars neighborhood cautiously advance on a balk. From the field puddle soars ten Wigeons and passes directly over my head. Heart pounding, and my lead «weapons» in the firing position is not easy. It does not move the fuse! Still great! It’s happening now and not on TV. The big difference, you know!

However, gradually, to distinguish a black beet field clear color difference. A whole lot, like ashes, covered with gray bloom. Short jump, from bush to bush, stopping often closer to the cherished nizinke. Here and in the field and on the huge pool of corn, on the other hand, also is filled portion. But, as I was not cautious, careful to hold the geese can not. Some flocks raised on the wing and making a small circle, seated again. But taking off a huge flock.

Before I did not immediately realize that it’s ducks and geese formed a joint perch. They fill the horizon, and the field was still covered with gray bloom! What will happen, if they will rise at the same time ?! It is worth to see! Do not be afraid to pass «office hunter», We are not talking about hundreds of copies – Thousands!

I make a few shots, approaching a little more. Now take off the geese. Over a field of spinning, so coveted by any hunter, a real carousel of goose flocks, where some birds fly, the other approach, and above all this dance at all «levels». Yeah! When will the hunt, this will not see – so now I’m the one in the land.

Quite unexpectedly appears on the display: «battery low». That is because the bad luck! In the excitement, I did not pay attention to the charging indicator. A spare set, of course not. We assume that the testing of new equipment went well. Birds apparently realizing my unarmed, quickly calm down. You should not bother them anymore. And I’m happy, back to the car. Good spring!

Let’s wait for the opening.

Vladislav Shatilov9 April 2014 at 00:00

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