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Finally, the sharpness of the fight. The modern interpretation of this concept is very flexible. But in the public mind this concept is characterized by penetrative force separate grains.

In continuation of the above

Photo by Ilya Lipin

Our ancestors invested in this concept different meaning. They listened to the sharpness. Not far from the shield located «listener»Defining as the fraction hit the shield. Is it fused, whether crushed blow… I must say that the shield can not stand. An experienced hunter hears a distinct blow himself. The theoretical explanation of continuous strike that enough pellets hit the target with the same speed and predetermined instant shock and cardiac arrest, and as a result, game no blood. Prior to the subtleties in my childhood hardly anyone think out, but the guys were shooting at the forge of the disk harrows, comparing the fight. Even in adulthood, I realized that in the first approximation, the sharpness of the battle in this primitive way, you can determine on any shield shooting.

That is, our ancestors were based on modern concepts, based on the following. The penetration depth is proportional to power pellet. Therefore, sharpness – it is the total kinetic energy of impact pellets hit the target. Those. harshness – it is a blow. The shot is a projectile loses slaughter not only on reducing speed as on the reduction of the density fraction. And the firing range to a greater extent due to progressively increasing spread of pellets.

To be sure of the shot, it is better, of course, understand the tandem gun – chuck, shooting at a target. To assess the battlefield in terms of hunting is best suited 16 Dolny target. But, unfortunately, there is the problem of where and how to fix it, and the price has jumped so that it is easier to look resembling sheets of cardboard packaging from household appliances. Because the result is important first of all for yourself, from the classical canons, and you can withdraw.

Personally, I have long been used for this purpose b / y fiberboard sheets measuring 600 by 600 mm. To establish such a sheet as a target simply. And the size is enough to deal with the quality of the shot. The size I chose this because of the convenience of transportation and in the car and in the trunk. Secondly, knowing the fight of his gun, simply cut off from the peripheral attention of grains at a much slower speed of the target, as first and foremost concerned about the quality of the talus. To achieve an ideal based unpretentious weapons and ammunition is not first class, of course, impossible. That figure out whether there is a critical window in the target and their number. For example, for hunting ducks at 5-6 fractions allows two windows, which can be saved Chirkov at a distance to the target is 35 m.

Assessing the battle for themselves, no matter how to measure distance. The steps or meters «parrots». It is important to imagine in what the account «parrot» the possibility of rifles and ammunition have their limit.

But it is equally important to determine the sharpness, and not just from penetration Stu individual pellets, and all the shell as a whole. Recommendation: enclosing a central part of the target segment of the board may determine the penetrating ability of the central pellets. Or sharpness, so if you wish.

I define possible accuracy killer pellets on the materials at hand. But some of the archers in this regard is quite original. Someone even suggests to determine the sharpness of shooting at the old China-sky down jacket. I shot 5-6 shoot on two sheets of hardboard, suggesting that it is quite viscous material, as pressed from fine, sawdust impregnated with glue. A target thickness 8-9 mm. If the roll fails the second sheet, the speed it has exactly enough. And very clearly visible scree was slaughtered pellets. If the damage to the second sheet is insignificant, that is a signal to the fact that such a cartridge to be used at shorter distances.
It is suitable for this purpose and crates for vegetables from birch planks 6 mm thick. They churn out a small shield and determines how many pellets number 6 of the guard flew breaks through. If there are a lot of pellets, this is a milestone for the cartridge.

And finally, check penetration of pine board. Search dry boards planed, sawed, etc. troublesome and costly, few such deals seriously. Somehow in my shop were unused pine plank thickness of 19 mm and a length of 500 mm, are used for technological purposes. A few years shields are used to determine the penetration pellets. Penetration fraction in the wood, of course, different, and talk about it in detail can be long. Too many nuances that require interpretation. A hundred years say that the penetration of the two diameters satisfactorily for three – good, four – excellent. I read other assessment, and on it from 1.5 to 2 diameters – satisfactorily, from 2 to 3 – well above 3 – excellent. Unfortunately, I can not refer to the author, because clipping from an old magazine «Fishing and hunting» in the country. Credible author’s arguments, for that shot 240 rounds of ammunition of different shot, including a nickel-plated.

It is appropriate to some theory. By Zhurne, the destruction of parts of the animal body, accompanied by bone fracture, occurs when the corresponding game 4-5 pellets of weight at a speed of at least 150 m / s. According to his research the penetration of grains in a pine plank on two of its diameter corresponds to the speed of 162 m / s. The figure, of course, relative. And speed, determines the reliability of the defeat of game is much higher. But the higher the density of the debris, the smaller within a reasonable speed can be shot at a meeting for the purpose.

Probably, to determine the suitability of a patron at various distances, provided that most of the pellets at this distance at zero temperature gets less than two diameters should be considered for this chuck distance of little use.
«Dalneuboynost» gun on a specific distance determined fairly evenly thick talus and reasonable speed. Those. Only the combination of these conditions will provide a reliable defeat game.

In developing cartridges often have to make compromises in favor of a single parameter. Provided in standard shooting ranges, you can sacrifice some speed in fractions in favor of density and uniformity of the talus.

Confessing these principles, I successfully hunt. I was heavy on his feet, so my hunt mostly from a boat. In the course of the roll 3, 5, 6. Consumption «Three» small.
I in October shot duck get around 5-6. Sometimes we finished off, but the special problems somehow does not arise. Do not mix up the slopes. As usual run down beat from the left barrel. I enclose a photograph taken on October 14. «Troika» extracted a coot, the rest fraction 5-6.

I am a supporter of small fractions, within reason, of course. But sometimes it is to abandon the rule in view of the battle of his gun. Often barrel loves his shot, not necessarily that it has been agreed. For example, estimating the fight at 37 meters, I was convinced that the number of pellets number 1 and number 3 the number of pellets from the barrel of my gun right virtually identical at about the same debris due to the difference in the percentage of accuracy. And the left barrel difference in amount between the target pellets in «Five» and «Troika» only 10–17 pellets in favor «Five». Scree «Three» It allows to hope for success shoot at Mallard and Pintail at this distance. In such cases grains preferably with greater energy.

I expect criticism over the fact that I do not mention the rate of a fraction of 230 m / s. It is said that there are no unnecessary harshness. Watching that a sharpness to understand. If the penetrating ability of the fraction, then I kind of disagree. It happens that the bird through, and is alive and abundant blood. I grew up in the belief that the desired speed of 150 m / s, then 170 m / s, long worshiped directory approving speed of 190 m / s. Now these things look easier. The main thing is not to shoot beyond the clouds, do not abuse buckshot, and the possibility of guns and cartridges represent a more or less objectively.

The result of my last season Zorka on the hood. I hope no one would ever think that all of this I can take 15 meters.

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