In the bitter cold to go fishing

In the bitter cold to go fishing

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Warm clothing and footwear – things for granted, but there are some tricks that help the fish in the cold grave. And although in the dead of winter, I try not to go on a fishing trip, for many years, I have accumulated some experience of confrontation frost.

Keep your feet warm

Of course, in the winter fishing shoes – perhaps the most important thing in fishing ammunition.

In recent years it becomes a very popular winter footwear that has a special multi-layered stocking. It perfectly keeps warmth and wicks moisture, but few people know that at long walking moisture does not have time to leave the stockings. This greatly reduces the overload quality multi-layer stocking. Somehow deal with it helps uncovered the top of the stocking. This evaporation is more intense, and less prone to stocking frosting. Who are the fishermen had to be like fishing in boots and rubber shoe covers (UGC), who knows how much more moisture accumulates in the boots if fill top shoe covers inside the boots.

You can catch and gloves

Most often, I fish from Polartec gloves with cut fingers. With a good start to the first frost usually they freeze the little finger and ring finger. When a fish bites are rare and account for a long time to persuade her, I buckled frozen fingers and hide them inside gloves. This udilnik keep the remaining three fingers like a fountain pen. At the right moment the fingers to easily slip out, because the glove is not adhesive qualities of the hand, such as neoprene. But the most crucial moments in the winter fishing I save nude phalanges specific enough.

It is well known that when fishing on bezmotylku often left hand supports the right to udilnikom. At the same time the right hand passes udilniku certain fluctuations, and the left hand takes the excessive tension of the forearm and helps to make a slow smooth rise. So, some time in the cold, I began to hide the fingers of his left hand in a glove, right bend, thereby warming them. Once the fingers of the right start to freeze – I have had enough, and have left glove Gray bare fingers of his right hand. This method works well when the cold to 15° and is the primary means for me, allows to catch in some gloves. The material has a unique quality Polartec – He warms even when it becomes wet. Nevertheless, I recommend having spare gloves. Lots of space, they will not take, but to replace the wet, icy glove is sometimes very useful.

The accumulated heat of hands

Once in the local competitions had to act in the bitter cold. The thermometer in the car showed -29°. Of course, in such a crucial moment I caught wearing gloves, but not without the help of gloves! It is noticed that the hands more freezing in the transition from well to well and drilling of new wells. For a long time I warmed the hands exclusively for drilling wells and of themselves conjured holes in the gloves or without. With the active search of fish, this method greatly rescued. In the event I mentioned I was fighting with frost exactly this way. Wear gloves, mittens and top drilled three wells. I fished them only with gloves. However, it was very inconvenient to remove gloves, but I did it only after the first bite. Further already worked the accumulated heat of hands and the same adrenaline competitive process.

Still, in the dead of winter, I think the gloves superfluous. It is much more productive spacious gloves off and put on again. If the heat does not have time to leave the hand mitts, respectively, putting their hands continue to generate heat rather than to deal with the cold. The mittens I fish mostly at catching on a rocker or a jig to fry. At the same gloves should be spacious and fur. I like the gloves of sheepskin. Yes, they are heavier than all kinds of synthetic analogues, but it’s good! Their smaller blows on the slippery ice, and easier to get rid of them. It is enough to shake the wrist down. More often than I do when biting large fish. Adrenaline dangling from the gravity forces to forget about the cold, quickly warms the body and bare fingers easier to control landing of large fish. A medium-sized fish (eg pike of up to two kilograms) I pull out of the hole, winding fishing line «mill» udilnika whip between his thumb and left gloves. When the fish is removed on the ice, I udilnik I stick into the snow, and mitten to remove and put a number, pulling slightly coiled coils of fishing line. Once the fish off the hook, I straighten the tip (or skewer the new fry), wearing the right glove, then left and take the right hand udilnik. So I’m ready to quickly drop the bait into the hole, already basking in warm mittens. This followed two very important, in my opinion, the moment. With this method of fishing line on the ice is not confused, so that the rate of fishing is not lost. When suddenly attacked the flock of walleye – It is paramount. The second point – I expect the next bite in the gloves. That is absolutely ready for a new unexpected biting! It often happens that the fish bite just when the hands are quite podmerzli and we decided to still wear mittens, which are scattered around the wells.

Auxiliary heaters

In addition to warm clothing and footwear in the arsenal of fishing, winter road may be other useful things. For example, electric dryer for shoes. It often happens that fishing accounts for several days, and dry shoes is very difficult. Sometimes simply due to the fact that the angler greater than seats for drying shoes. A heater, and a lot of shoes, or a place near him not at all. The most common heaters are flat oil cooler, which is impossible to put anything. In this situation, just come to the rescue, electric dryers. Just insert them in stockings and plug it in. In the morning most of the moisture has evaporated from them, and they will be relatively dry.

Perhaps even need to talk about this useful thing as a heating pad hand. I use a heating pad Pocket Warmer company Kovea. Hot water bottles is enough for 20-22 hours, and that is enough. But I must say that I often do not hand it to Gray, but only a pocket, which is, for example, a mobile phone. Then in the pocket will not freeze box with bloodworms, discharged battery in the mobile phone. And, of course, you can always warm their hands.

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