Kings and hunting

Hunting base «Royal Hunt» is not far from Moscow. In total 164 kilometers from Moscow on Novorizhskoe highway and you will find yourself in an unusual place.

Kings and hunting

On the basis of all created  conditions for hunting, fishing and recreation. The beautiful nature, comfortable rooms,  home cooking, sauna and billiards. 

In addition to the base has its own system for making antler baths.  Antlers — it neokostenevshie horns filled  blood, velvety-looking.  Blood,  resulting from antlers  deer,  called the elixir of longevity. And if in the past, in order to get the antlers had  produce a deer, but now thanks  development of reindeer  while cutting the antlers will not suffer any animal.Kings and hunting

Antlers marals best price for its healing properties. Nature has blessed these deer  most powerful  Regeneration:  deer – only animals   horns  which grow in just 90 days. Baths from their antlers  contribute to the restoration of physiological  functions and male power,  raising immunity, increase resistance  illness, fatigue, nervousness and stress,  stimulate the process of removing toxins and improve blood composition.  People check for yourself  the miraculous power of antlers each year fly to the Altai Mountains to undergo another course of 10 baths. Now, this course can be passed not far from Moscow, the more so as an expert — consultant invitation  Altai,  said that comfort here  far exceeded the taiga. So you can combine business with pleasure: to restore health and to hunt.

Experienced rangers «Royal Hunt» organize different types of seasonal  hunting in the woods and in the aviary. Aviary  spacious and  conditions here are as close to the wild,  it prey on deer and sika deer. Although some believe that hunting in a cage — «Guaranteed», At the same  actually,  Hunting is as much as any other, where the same is not easy  get the beast, and  just great  the role of luck and professional hunter. Kings and hunting

Recently ended the hunting season for moose in the roar, it is worth noting that this is one of the most exciting hunts. And experienced hunters know how difficult it is to produce elk during the rut, and  those lucky ones who did it, can be proud of this trophy.  A  season ahead of driven hunt for moose. Since November, the big teams to 10 – 12 people  come  hunt and relax  friendly male company. Kings and hunting

During the year, depending on the season in «Royal Hunt» hosts a variety of types of hunting  on: 

sika deer (to approach);

Moose (”to roar”, Pen);

deer (”to roar”With towers);

grouse (in the current);


Woodcock on traction

In addition to organizing and hunting  breeding of wild animals,   Agriculture is actively farming  activities all  dishes  cooked for guests  made from  Environmental own products (cream, sour cream, cottage cheese and cottage cheese).  There are bred cows, sheep, chickens, pheasants,  rabbits and nutria (meat latter is especially valuable for its dietary characteristics). If you have small children, it will be very interesting to visit the farm on a field trip. There in the economy and their own apiary, which produced a certified honey.  So if you  decide to go hunting or fishing, take a break from the hustle and recuperate, to drink tea with a delicious honey or undergo antler baths, you know where to go! 

Base «Royal Hunt»

Pogoreloye Gorodishche village

Tver region, district Zubtsov 

tel. 7 (919) 766 10 67 

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