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From above came a plaintive squeak, thin, though pleading for help. We ran up the stairs. On the floor lay a tiny blind kitten and shivering.

Toffee for Chara

Mom took fluffy ball and put it in the palm. Feeling the heat, baby squealed even louder, if realized, that he had a chance for salvation.

– Hungry! Probably, nurse calls, – I said.
– Very weak! – Mom confirmed.
Kitten trying to keep my head, but I could not, and all the time cold nose poked into her mother’s warm fingers. Father asked:
– Do you want to take?

Mom nodded.

– The main thing is not crushed Chara! – apprehensively father said.
– She’s smart and will understand…

Mom closed her kitten coat collar, and we went home. I was filled with love for their parents.

The front door opened, clicked the switch in the hall light went on. Chara hovered at his feet, whimpering and tsokaya claws on the old parquet floor. Feeling a strange smell coming from the mistress, she tried to understand its origins and, with his nose noisily sucked the air. Taking prigrevshegosya kitten from her bosom, my mother held out her hands to the Char. Dog, frozen, wet nose buried in her hands. Suddenly the kitten plaintively squeaked. Chara recoiled, but then again, wagged his tail, put his nose into her mother’s arms. Soon, the dog is licking the kitten food, if your puppy…

All our fears were unfounded: Chara took the kitten and replaced his mother. I went after him, licked, warmed its warmth. The kitten was a girl, and we called it Iriska. Initially fed her milk from a pipette, but soon she was Lacan from a saucer, funny sneezing and snorting, and then, well-fed and contented, came to Char on a bed and curled into a ball, pressed against her, shut her eyes and purring contentedly. Then, in the mature dog has already visited the mother woke up tenderness. Chara tried to lick the sleeping child, but Taffy, turning over on his back, began to naughty, launching into long claws dog ears.

As time went on. From a small fluffy kitten has grown beautiful cat. On a gray shiny snow-white hair stood out tie feet were dressed in white socks and a rounded snout adorned with a large black blotch, so that from a distance it looked like the cat’s nose tucked into a jar of ink. Dogs and cats almost never parted. We walked together, eating from the same bowl and slept on the same mat, huddled together.

Once the country’s father quietly called me and smiled, he pointed at the dog. Chara was sitting on the carpet between the beds and looked in the direction the mouse Toffees. Catch the mouse, the cat brought her to the dogs paws. Chara gratefully accepted hospitality. Convinced that delicacy eaten Toffee stealthily disappeared in the green beds again and waited patiently Chara new portion. One day, walking in the yard next to the tennis court, Chara found lost in the grass yellow ball.

Arriving home, the dog opened its mouth, and the ball, banging loudly on the parquet, galloped around the room. Instantly gray shadow darted from under the table. Toffee, grabbing the ball forepaws clutched his sharp teeth, having driven by inertia half a meter. Then he pushed his hind legs, «Fly» for him, funny «probuksovyvaya» cornering. Since then, the tennis ball was her favorite plaything.

So we lived in one room six of us, loving and supporting each other as one big family, – people and animals, dogs and cats, kids and adults… Winter changed the spring and brought on the wings of migratory birds warm welcome. On the streets of baleen troubadours sang serenades, arranging a fierce fight for the heart of a favorite friend. The cat Toffee soul flew free wind of love. Prompted by passion, she’s been on the street at night, forgetting everything.

We’re all worried about her, but most of all – Chara. An old Irish red shadow went from corner to corner, quietly whimpering and finding a place for himself. Then, apparently charter, trailed to the litter, and long twisting, trying to lie down, but after a moment, raised his head and listened to something. And the middle of the night suddenly jumped up and clicked his claws on the parquet – I could not sleep.

A few days later there was a prodigal child. The cat slipped into the room and slept for about a day. The parents came home from work and saw her asleep, relieved.

– Well, the old lady? – fluttering behind his ear to reassure Chara, my father asked. – Do not go to a fortune – become a grandmother!

Soon Toffees were five kittens. They were very similar to his mother, and another cat from next door. Fluffy and vociferous, small and helpless. Sometimes when Taffy ran out on urgent business, kittens crawled to the Char. She lay on her side and his eyes closed, barely breathing when inexperienced kittens blind muzzles poked at her nipples.

All the neighbors came to look at the dog, brings up the second generation of kittens. Wise Chara did not pay attention to people’s surprise. She lay there, eyes closed, warming its warmth beloved children, and it did not matter what color they are, and breed. It is important that they need it…

Soon kittens apart, and Chara with Iriska left alone. Something has changed, and the cat and the dog, as if life had become for them a memory or expectation of something. They often lay close to each other, and looked blankly into the distance. B eyes were longing – for children, in happier times, it is gone forever.

In one corner stood a bowl full of food, but neither Chara nor Taffy did not touch her. The cat walked along the corridor and plaintively calling their kittens. Not finding them at home, I sat opposite the entrance door and requested the street. She felt that the children need her help. Taffy ran out into the yard, metal, looking at all angles, and calling, calling her «lost» children.

In the evening, there was not a cat. Everyone waited, but she did not come. In the morning, only the dawn broke, all went outside to look.

– Toffee! Toffee! – No one spoke.

Suddenly Chara did stand near the road. The heart suddenly sank in a terrible premonition. We hurried to Char, driving away bad thoughts, but alas! The grass lay Toffee. Her fluffy glossy hair was smeared with mud and blood. She wheezed heavily in his green eyes was pain and anguish. Gently lifting the cat, we carried it home, washed the wound and give pain medication.

Heartbroken Chara went around a dying Toffees, whimpering softly, not knowing how to help her. Sometimes a cat waking up, trying to crawl on the front legs. Every movement was given pain in a broken spine, but she crept persistently, because it is not used to shit in your own home. To help, Chara pushed her nose.

Quietly creeping, she clung to the trembling toffee and gently licking its wounds. When the body of the cat went cramps, Chara recoiled in horror and whined. And then wailed in despair and grief…

So the dog was left alone. Now, she was lying on a bed and pressed forepaws old yellow tennis ball. She lay quietly, eyes closed, something thought. Maybe she heard the quiet footsteps of furry paws Toffees and hitting balls on the old parquet…

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