Kvadrotsikah in Australia — the first intercontinental expedition to the technology and the flag CFMOTO!

February 28th, 2014 in Australia, will start the first intercontinental expedition CFMOTO!

Kvadrotsikah in Australia - the first intercontinental expedition to the technology and the flag CFMOTO!

The international team, which included European, Chinese, Australian and Russian riders will ride a quad bike 2,500 kilometers of exciting and challenging route South Australia.

There fever of all stripes,

Tarantulas and lots of snakes.

Guoan here and kangaroos,

Bushranger and dzhekeru.

There voracious swarms of rats,

Here bandicoots, ants,

Wilderness rare rains

From the shade of the leaves here do not wait.

Former Australian folk song (translated by Galina Usova)


45-degree heat, alternating with tropical showers, difficult rocky terrain, rolling in the endless desert, inland lakes, red dusty roads, the unbearable heat and the scorching wind – very incomplete list of difficulties that will be faced expedition members. 

A basic pleasure – unexplored continent and totally unfamiliar companions. All members of the expedition in the best traditions CFMOTO-Club will see each other for the first time. The lives kvadrotsikletnoe European Community, is different than the Chinese way of management of the Russian ATV as it sounds kvadrotsikletny Esperanto go and what Australian farmers – everything about it is anyone’s guess. 

The team will start in the capital city of South Australia in Adelaide. The first part of the expedition will take place on the scenic southern coast of Australia, then the route will lie to the north of the known world and the team will go in the direction of the legendary Outback, where everything is so monotonous and predictable at the same time. Zakoltsuetsya route back to Adelaide. 

This expedition — a kind of reaction products in the technology intensive growth of interest in the brand by the users. Every year around the world a growing number of owners of off-road vehicles, which see their cars as a means to travel to inaccessible and beautiful places on the planet. In Russia, the total weight of ATVs sold its leading position in terms of market firmly holds the mark CFMOTO. In other countries, this brand appliances also gaining popularity and trust of users. It is a great responsibility and has to much. That is why the idea of ​​a joint technology manufacturer CFMOTO, as well as its Russian and European distributors to conduct intercontinental expedition – It is just the beginning of a series of interesting projects in different parts of the world. 

The Russian side is taking part in the expedition team «Azimut 66.ru» — Ural branch CFMOTO-Club. CFMOTO-Club – real and very tangible community enjoy quad biking, implement such as a foreign expedition «Escape from Tibet». «From the Vikings to the Greeks». «Unknown China». «Journey Beyond Three Seas». «Eastern Campaign». In 2013, the year the club members traveled 16,000 kilometers in the framework of yet another unique project – Quad-Relay CFMOTO 2013, which combined off-road routes half of Russia from the Black Sea to the Barents Sea. So the question is, why now Australia – no problem! To visit this exotic continent dream of many travelers: a tempting distance, interesting stories, unusual for us landscapes, breathtaking scenery.

Sightseeing Australia, especially movement in the territory of the largest country on the ATV, and of course, international kvadroistorii become final few heroes movies shot during the trip.  

Follow the progress of the expedition on the site of the official distributor in Russia CFMOTO.




February 27th, 2014 at 13:00

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