Losevka on Macht

Makhty, large and small — two secret lake on the right bank of the Ob in Mochalovskom district of the Tomsk region.

Losevka on Macht

Most of the moose antlers begins to drop in January. Therefore, December, Hunter still have a real chance to get the trophy animal.

Hummocks on belt mile impassable thickets of bird cherry, and willow currant … Karasu Macht as a spade shovels, one on a large frying pan with hardly fit. AND come here for the city fishermen fishing line and singing springy eversion of the wells dvuhkilogrammovy perch. We also had to Macht Close license Moose …

Huntsman Maikina in last farmer, to draw me to hunting, amorous, sociable man, soul feast. Externally Victor Maikina snowman reminded of two balls: a large head, kruglotulovischny, short-legged. Vital principle it was the motto «Rest is not more than it happens». Seems to me he and his invented.

Hunters Victor met, always lying on couch, expression of discontent on county­Scrap face, which clearly show reluctance to go somewhere and to do anything. First came all sorts of excuses: «Bearings (or tracks) on snowmobile must be changed». «Kum Daniel returned yesterday from the other side — broke up, I suppose, the beast». «Frost on River went»… But we are not pay attention to his grumbling, realizing that all this, and for the sake of Jaeger maintain credibility. To look into house, assorted shopping bags, children were treated to sweets. There were two: svetlenkie, angelic daughter Nastya son Tolia — small copy Bun Maikina.

Vladimir Karpenko, Grand Master of the brewing, chemical engineer with closed plant, quickly filled the decanter blue glass chemergesom of cherished cans. AT then time «no alcohol law» He raged on expanses of Russia. People «He escaped» at and basically moonshine counterfeit vodka.
Victor’s wife, Valentina, was bustling on kitchen, knowing that we are hungry after a long road. Himself a Maikina ostentatious reluctance to sit down edge of a chair, all kind of showing that we have not arrived during.

Mother-in-law, who lives on neighborhood karpenkovsky chemerges sensed a mile away as a hound — hare, and occurred on the threshold with some innocent question. Not to invite «mom» to table — blood grudge against in-law, not telling about us, she thought, loafers.
— Sit down, mother. The children, move, give grandma a place.
It began nailing maykinskoe — issues.
— Bearings brought?
We, as exemplary students, while nodding their heads, while continuing to have a snack first drink sauerkraut, famous Valentina bryushinki roll of pork, stuffed with garlic, spices and cooked Frostbitten; or nonsense of the starlet,
that gold flowed juice on wheels plate from the heat of the furnace.
— A Rollers brought?
We again nodded in unison as their mouths continued to be engaged delicacies maykinskoy wife-mistress. Her arms, bare to the shoulders, full, flashed, arranging plates soaked cranberries, draft cucumbers, pickled milk mushrooms, steaming crumbly potatoes …
— It’s cold today. AT night, gave up forty squeeze. Just listening to the news, — said second flushed from wine glasses «Mama». Our questioning glances rested in «the god of hunting».
— Means, not We are going?
— Yes, go, go! Just like tsutsiki frostbitten. Hunting closes after week, first through January 5 at the given time export, and export nothing. All right, enough dally, let’s go do «Blizzard».
They put on a snowmobile towbar chock weakened caterpillars. A few hammer blows Maikina broke unfit bearings, then added to the the aforesaid instrument scrap water pipe, planted a new, changed, and rollers an hour later «tore» technique on limit modes garden, testing imported parts, and then he rode through the yard to the machine. Perekidat in backpacks and sleds went to change all that is needed for two to three hours drive away open sleigh …
The sun was hanging in murky gloom on southwest, when the three of us raced to snowmobile sledges for main street Sokolov flew on Ob ice pack. It was evident that Maikina hurry, and frost was intense.

* * *
Zimove ondatrovschika Yatkina frozen, it seems every cubic centimeter. Inside, it was even colder than outside. Zimove cut from a thin aspen, it was meant to autumn hunting, but It was closest to Macht, where, assumption rangers, animal should be «thick as black berries». Domestic issues decided quickly. Bulky and solid fuel burning stoves vetlovye dry wood pushed cold.

— Stoke have all night, — stated Maikina or to no one addressing, and He added after a pause: — «Blizzard» I would have wound up in the morning. Carburetor not necessary forget to remove.
And now howling sled, swaying from bumps on mound. We agreed that we will move on South parallel course, guided by sound «Burana», on a kilometer away from each other, to track or stall. AT case of animal Maikina will urge the moose on us.

Losevka on Macht

Shot. One, two — inflated, damn! Another cooldown. Moose accelerated the move, and the bull disappeared.

We are Karpenkova in camouflage for two hours, changing places, demolish virgin snow. Left on the right edge of a very long tongue without vegetation width of about 20 meters. Maybe it was swamp or stream, but not under the snow tell. AT narrowing, a hundred yards away from us, for the willow toe, we saw three clouds of steam rising up. It was a moose, stronut Maikina. But out of the shelter animals do not hurry. Uncovered — danger. The sound of the engine was a bit behind and on moose, but inexorably approaching. So Maikina caught on the track and beginning of the trail.

Huntsman galsiroval among the bushes, knocking down a moose confused sound of the engine. This has a my hunting practice is not It was. Before, everything was done in a second, and instantly guided moose left, choosing the safest course. A and here are waiting. Far away, of course, for the smooth trunks. But you can not move, if we notice the moose, go like ghosts, and the second time to press them open space is unlikely to succeed. Now they are certainly closely examined, fearing a trick.
Air movement was and our side us hand. Holders would frost let down! Huntsman and added several times throttle and moving parallel to the trail. Let it be known that he sees fresh maturation. Understand what they do companions, put yourself in the their place — it is half the success of any collective hunting. A elk continued to stand. Standing and we are waiting for their entry into open place. Approximation snowmobile still forced to withdraw from saving animals bush. One after another, showing us the right side, they began to briskly cross the clearing. Ahead, as an icebreaker, a large pile of snow parted the bull, black and brown, with red tan already hornless. Snow cover was for him belly. He was followed by the cow and third blazed the trail was a smaller calf.

My first shot hit base of the neck of a bull, a bullet cut in the jugular vein. The second bullet went below. Clearly considered a fountain of snow. Second on overcharging. The next couple of rounds in left hand. Shot. One, two — overestimated, damn! Another cooldown. Moose accelerated the move, and bull disappeared. Two more shots on … All of a cow. Gone.

The world has shrunk to Corridor in which it was the only moose, and recharge shots. What was Karpenkov not saw. Shots did not I heard even forgotten its existence. I started to go back to reality. I turned found that tinkering with Karpenkov Open gun, trying to remove the knife from the chamber liner. They said to him, throw Papkova cartridges, reloaded bullets Brass or plastic! — not I listen.
«Blizzard» stalled.
— There is?! — there was a cry huntsman.
— Gone! — responsively I shouted.
— Your mother!
— Would shotgun but a dozen rounds in store, — dreamy said the engineer.
— What do dream about what is not! — I spat vexation.
— How many times had time to shoot?
— Two, both by cow.
— Got?
— Not Sure.
— We come to understand what to shoot. Bull seems well hooked.

I wound up «Blizzard», and ten minutes later the huntsman fell out of the bushes near a place where there were moose. His face was excised. Under­legs snowmobile, dashboard, seats were covered with small fragments of willow branches. Here it is, the true huntsman Maikina. Nor about anything but the beast is not I thought, bursting through the brush, not caring about eyes on flying in face acute bitch. They saw the tracks. Bull continued to pour at every step «cranberries» blood; cow left to the right; Another soon turned her right — its track was clear. Animals always an emergency leave one by one, so more likely to escape from the bullets or the teeth of predators.
Returned to snowmobile. They began to take counsel what to do. Pulled out of the backpack strapped to backrest, fur coats and buttoning buttons, giving crisp camouflage coveralls.

Experienced Maikina offered a cup of tea and, after a beast otlezhus continue transoms. Cooked sausage became celluloid, lard is not yet managed to promerznut, thermos, wrapped in a prudent sheepskin, steamed hot tea. Although thrifty Karpenkov had to put in a full flask chemergesa snowmobile glove box was now not to him, to gather additionally need a beast a clear head.

Rather, «pohvatali» and We are waiting for the team huntsman. Maikina not I hurry and sipping tea, thinking aloud: «Both heavy beast. Cow shot in belly, not leave. Let c lie down for an hour, «cool down», on maturation and Get out. Then go for the bull».
Forty minutes later, broke up steps ten from each other, have moved on cow trail I hope that someone will manage to perevidet beast. Gets dropped huntsman. Elk is not could rise … to flay the moose, was wounded in the stomach needed hardening and skill. Faster insides out. Liver roll in snow, snow belly rubbed. AT Three knife it went quickly. Spread meat skin — It hovered and indevelo as polynya in river frost.
After completing the deal, hastily headed elk trail. Left on Beach to the river Hay was born.
— Who is it in this also gave hay mow? — I asked Victor question.
— Jaegers reserve their horses on feed, — He explained Mike.
….Moose finally exhausted and long standing. Rested. Understand, perhaps, that if the lie, then no longer rise. AND Yet he had the power to go further. Bull passed the river and I climbed on the opposite is rather high shore. The river was the border of the reserve. Moose is specifically led us to board. By sleigh bed took the road reserve rangers. Control of detours border they did constantly. Consulted and We decided that the bull Maikina get tomorrow, the news of someone should wounded animal. We turned back. I was closed, and none bothered to think about events of the day, about Eger Maikina about cheerfulness and Stamina «our» moose.
Arri elk should definitely. On Tomorrow could be delayed. If the fall moose meat spoil, wolves Freebies. Nor ruin skotinku for nothing about what.
We had to make two trips: the first had left the meat and backpacks, second, already late at night, the huntsman brought us. Hot Tub in the completion of a long stay on cold has been very helpful. TO wire Old New Year in time.

Elk Maikina reached by the following morning. FROM maturation is not a beast rise smog. The bullet put an end to the huntsman life and proud and strong beast completed hunting season ungulates.
Only I was after these events, from the depths of the soul a little break and start fontanel throb thought: «Maybe not taking license next season?»

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