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Memorable scenes

Memorable scenes

 Catch on board Donkey is unique and gambling. Moment bite here, probably one of the most exciting among this type of gear.
Storozhok quietly caving in under the pressure of currents, sudden stops, sharp bends down, then, helplessly leaning back sharply and nervously begins to shake, causing the ringing bell. Most often it takes bream likely – large. And bream take about the same, but still character poklёvki large bream characterized some solidity and imperiousness, which is determined immediately. Just sit out on the water a couple of days, you start to distinguish all of these features.

On board

On the previous fishing Donkey shore fishing on board. On the feeder tackle and zakidushka came across quite a large fish. A boat caught only silvery minnow. It was an unpleasant surprise at first, but then I remembered the Volga fishing when suddenly bream and ides refused to take the field before catchability at the right of the fairway and the hilly banks of the Volga. There, at a depth of seven to ten meters and the rapid current, kept flocks zolotobokih bream and ide, carp fishing rod broke and tore the line. But something happened under the water, and even stopped to peck gusterki with the ubiquitous ruffs. Comes heaviest anchor, start the engine and go-to look for this artful and masterful fish. Finding cases, the low left bank, on some sand spit where the depth was less than four meters. But the fish took just Donkey with light hanging on the line trough. Our heavy and rough «koltsovki» We were in shallow water and low flow completely inappropriate and helpless. Peck only donki-«Chuvash». And then I had to throw them downstream, or under the boat could not wait for a bite. Fish just afraid to approach a strange large object on the surface, all the while from a distance some sounds. In a bowl dural it was impossible not gromyhnut something, even just going to the other side.

And here, in the forest Big Kokshaga was the same situation. But this time we got stuck with a light feeder feeders weighing 20 grams. Lowering his first at the bottom of the 40-gram, convinced that nothing has changed: they fell to the bottom of a meter below the boat that is fishing line went almost vertically into the water. When lowered into the jet flow of light feeders, they immediately fused five meters from the boat, and there lay on the bottom. Lifting them and bleed even lower, we started fishing. That first bite! .. Not like the last time… Comrade cock bent almost to the short side and stab attacks. Depending on the line of elastic large Roach. He took the steamed peas. Then shook my cock. This bream. Here, everything is easier. He picked up a worm to him podsazhennym painted maggots. Bait traditional – «a sandwich»… The first fish on a hook. And it is not brisk sorozhonki with palm. But here, on the right and the steep koryazhistogo coast where floods constantly bring and where to snag fall podmyta trees, another problem – hooks. Breaking off the underbrush off the leash, trying to feel out the bottom of the sinker with a hook tied up on a soft wire. Comrade close, too, cursing, takes out a piece of fishing line and looking at my strange behavior:
– Not enough of something, balandaeshsya in the water?
– Pobalandatsya better way than to clean the bottom of the hook snags, – I notice.
Soon I felt relatively clean bottom is closer to the boat, and the fish pecked without interference. We catch the morning is not a lot, but a fault. I took mainly medium-sized bream, but occasionally there were also quite decent fish.

Three cast – Three predator

I came once to his old friend, Leonid, who lives in the village Senyushkin. Previously, the village was normal the villages near the Volga River. But when I came to Big Water reservoir, high Yar became a steep bank of the Volga, of course, a stretch – Volga… Under Krutoyarov stretched shallow bay, overgrown with grass, where the bumps pushing krupnotelye golden lines and warm nights bream sucking, licking the underside of the pads Miscellaneous Water trifle. Vodilsya here and carp, almost all heavy, like a bar of silver with copper. Per kilogram of weight across carp, but avoided the bait. Only the net and came across. Immediately below the village, in the Gulf, local fishermen put the muzzle-Jacky. Often you can see, like some brisk old woman wielding oars, checking gear and got out Zhakov the tench, the crucian carp, catfish and even on zharehu.

So, I came to work longer. Asked Leonid adjust the piano’s granddaughter yes acquaintances in the neighboring village of Arda. The first day I went out on a boat to leave for a short while spinning. But only the left on the bottom of your trusty lure «Rapala»Which brought me not a pike. Predator did not take. Yes, and I had to work. I spend the night in the bath, Leonid. Hurt at first this old friend, they say, why are you not in the house? But it is not clear to him who lives near the water and fish, having in excess windy pure air of spaciousness and freedom that mean for the city dweller, these simple pleasures. If you can not sleep by the fire or in the fishing hut, so at least in the bathhouse protoplennoy listen to the singing of embers and tasty crunch of pine logs… And when I was able to explain to Leonid – he beamed and seemed to understand me. Although I put a little differently than I thought: «So you are not extreme enough to get it! Ha-ha-ha! .. Sniff smoke ?! In a ditch to lie ?! Ha-ha-ha!»

Well, explain this… Okay, one more pirate Leonid. They drank a little with him, remembered how used to look at the moon and the dark-eyed sleep.

In the morning I went out to the workers to leave Leonid spinning before work. Like the day before, I did not take the predator. And then he heard from the shore: «CA-A-nya! Swims!» Lenya awake. At the beginning I was not able to push apart it, and then woke up the old sluggard…

Okay, I swam. We drank with him on the bank of tea and so I’m going to start again and build a local piano repair them deserted and dusty, mechanics, completely proedennuyu eaten. But before that, I decided to leave everything else to clear my conscience spinning. But like all too I went through the bait, except that this is not tried… Black, speckled scarlet rotating «Blue Fox» I gave the elder son. It seemed to me this blesenka empty baubles. But nothing else was gone. Okay, I pinned her. Check so checked. Casting! .. And immediately stop! .. «Grass?» – Leonid laughs. But the grass is gone suddenly strontium and soon the boat circles the pike came to a little over a kilo. And there appeared Kukan. It’s interesting. As the body shiver ran gambling, familiar to all fishermen. Another cast and stop… This time spinners tee perched perch on the shelf.

While I vyvazhival fishes, the boat pulled off to the side of a grassy bay. I had to go back. And on the third casting took third consecutive big fish. It was the asp!

Only a fisherman I understand how difficult it was to me a spinning reel and go to the beach – work…

Float nostalgia

Whatever you say, but catching float rod among mirrored tihovody, carotid reeds and egg capsules was and is the most beloved and popular fishing among the Russian population, from small to large… This moment, when suddenly falter krasnoverhy float in calm water, drop in the warm water and dive into the depths, will not replace any new-fangled spinning bait feeder equipment and onboard Donkey, which so violently take large bream, carp and ides. All the same in genetic memory and childhood memories were sweet simple catching the bait to float, albeit of cork or goose feather. Sooner or later, the very narrow professional spinning can overcome this anguish, and he will return to the time of his childhood fishing rod…

I wandered all morning among the islands and islets flood zone Cheboksary Reservoir, making his way in a rubber boat at the most hornwort thickets and reeds in the shallows where lazily tossed the sleepy from the heat pike. Throws up her «nose» nezatseplyayka-spinners. But pike, gleaming golden side, just lazily Fade island, turning away from the bait. Sometimes melknuv in the grass, it set in shallow water. It was clearly seen in the supernatant water sandy shallows. And this is even more bitter was sitting in a boat with spinning like a worthless stick. Not interested in pike as wobblers and worms balandayuschiesya the very grass. Sam would have pecked at a live game…

But I know how to catch the old pike, muzzy from the heat. Swam to the island, I cut short willow poles, stuck them on the edge of the grass bordering the small island. Hung on six summer zherlitsy-flyer and then unloaded onto the shore.

I need live bait. You could catch from the boat, but I was already thoroughly wrung from long sitting in her cramped. And here under the lindens, birches and alders just shady and comfortable. Neglected for a pair of light grass on the float rods worm and maggots, I lay down on the cold sand and stretched blissfully droning feet. When another bite? ..

But the lie did not succeed. Floats, just shook her, dived under the water! At the beginning of the fishing rod fun to take a medium-sized, but the plump rudd – Golden beauty calm waters. For fishing and I did not notice the thickened warm twilight. Recollecting himself, he sat at the oars and went to put the bait. Late course… But a couple of pike I still took off zherlitsy. Pike took the night.


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