Mystery .32

How many mysteries and puzzles to keep domestic hunting weapons! Pilot and experimental production, small series, non-standard gauges — all this says about the richness of Russian weapons history.

Mystery .32

TOZAN Terminal-B 32-gauge.
It as well as on the trunks with fore, the serial number is stamped gun «2».

Issue one of the most popular OTE­-quality weapons systems — Tula model «B» — It has been launched in 1902 and lasted from minimal changes to 1956, and taking into account the more serious modifications to 1990, t. e. to virtually end of existence of high-grade production of hunting weapons Tula.

In the 1880s in Tula produced breech-loading shotgun under customary for all chuck central battlefield. Despite construct visually close to modern weapons, it was a relatively imperfect rifle, designed for use only with cartridges black powder charges.

The story of the first modern model of hunting weapons «B» associated with the name of the captain Sergei Alexandrovich Zybina — Head of the workshop of hunting weapons Tula Arms Factory. It was he who, after a trip to 1902 , at the European arms companies offered to organize machine production hunting rifles as it did in the Belgium. By his proposal of new models of rifles, combine the best of western and OTE­-quality developments, called simply: «A» and «B». Technological preparation of production was carried out in as soon as possible, and the end of the 1902 model «B» first came out of the factory floor. But at selling it appeared only a year later small in 1904.

Initially, this gun is available in four calibers — 12, 16, 20 and 24th. Choke tulok beginning of the century were of two types: standard — «cylinder — chok» and custom — «poluchok — chok». Hammerless model «A» It was first released in 1903, and its serial production began in 1907. Her story is very interesting, but Now we are only interested in the production of Tula kurkovok.
In August 1914, the Russian Empire was involved in First World War. Almost immediately, our army suffered hunger weapons, and all the power of the empire were directed to production of military equipment. Issuance country hunting weapons was renewed only 1922 to the Civil War, and interrupted only the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, with in order to continue in Military 1945.

Soviet Tulku issued in mainly most popular 16th caliber was less significant issue of guns of the 12th and 20th caliber. Many of the weapons, the authors note that the quality of the release of the Soviet model «B» It was significantly lower than before revolution. This, of course, not So. Weapons became more technologically advanced, introduce interchangeable rifle elements were working on reduce the cost of production, which undoubtedly affected quality of external finishes, but no worsened fight and reliable weapon.

In 1957 model «B» forearm appeared a new type of lengthened tail pads, locking assembly has been finalized. The new gun received the designation «BM» (model «B» modified). AT mid-1960s Tula Arms Plant started manufacturing shotguns 16-gauge TOZ-63 and 12 gauge TOZ-66 chromed bore. AT 1974 has been developed following modification kurkovki TOZ-54 12 gauge. AT In 1988, a model TOZ-80 looks a lot like TOZ-66. There was another rare model Tula Kurkova rifles TOZ-50. In fact, it was a processing model TOZ-BM a small 28th and 32nd caliber. These guns were intended for commercial hunting.

Such a detailed excursion into history of formation and development model «B» It was not made nothing. The reason for this was the mysterious Tula gun on his mind is completely appropriate model «B», but… .32. References to no production of such weapons.

What does it represent? Externally, it is common kurkovka, only smaller. Block horizontally welded barrel length of 26 ¾ inch (679 mm), the diameter of the barrel on the left muzzle 11.85 mm, right — 12.3 mm. Locks classical skid, with triggers lights out. Steel parts are covered with modest weapons with engraving Traditional floral ornaments. Lodge semi-pistol on She deposited the classical rhombic corrugation, often incorrectly called a notch. On and butt barrel unit fitted sling, at the top muzzle and copper alloy is low fly. Forend classic «beshnoe», Push-button, short tail pads, as appropriate Model «B».

Typically, weapons contains sufficient information to determine when and whom it is released. Top barrel unit in breech on each of the shafts is applied to the stigma in the form of letters T triangle, which clearly indicates the Tula Arms Plant. It first appeared in the Tulku in 1925, but a modification to «strange» shotgun 32 caliber posing with 1928. Reduce by pillows trunks on front projection pads with the inside of the forearm, the serial number of the gun caused — 2. Other stamps on Steel parts of weapons available. It would seem that useful information here quite a bit! But on actually we have all necessary data for which can be installed during manufacturing rifles.

Mystery .32

FACTORY KLEYMO.S long time gunsmiths put their «brands» on the product. These signs help to significantly increase the cost of weapons and are a guarantee of quality. The Russian producers were set to stamp the time when the shooting of the system were made in the Armory at monasteries. Over time, the main production of domestic weapons concentrated at state arms factories, which still exists today. Sestroretsky arrow Tula Hammer and Izhevsk bow and arrow should be well remembered in the countries whose armies were defeated by Russian arms. These are decorated with time stamps and factory products for hunters. In Soviet times, we sought to get rid of the legacy of the tsarist regime. Touched it and markings stamped on the weapon: for example, Tula Hammer transformed into a star. It seemed that the traditional symbols of weapons are gone, and yet hope for their return remained. Indeed, our gunsmiths managed to keep the old logo of the Tula arms factory, designed in the form of letters T in the triangle. What represents this sign? In fact, this image of the same hammer that adorns the Tula gun to this day. The only pity is that hunting rifles Tula was almost not released.

From 1922 to 1932 on Tula gun was applied only to the factory and the stigma serial number, with no marks indicating the date of manufacture without put. AT 1932 Plant branded rifle coded number 1517 indicating Year of manufacture (15 + 17 = 32). The same code, but with the addition of an asterisk was placed to the right During the first nine months of the next 1933. FROM October 1, 1933 instead of the asterisk was beaten out letter X. On 1934 to code 1517 added to the right of the Roman numerals I, II, III, and IV, indicative of quarter production. FROM In 1935 after the last digit of the serial number and sign «—» It has come to signify the year of manufacture. After the war, Tula rifles year of manufacture was indicated not audio and two digits after the number and sign «—» or hit completely. Now it is possible to clearly indicate during the production of rifles 1928 — 1932.

Branding on gun make us more surprises. The thing is that guns do not butt a fore-end, as if someone had cut a rifle under him, especially since end butt traces neat sealing holes for screws. A careful analysis of the surface of the butt end of the process revealed two stamps on tree: letters K at circle and F (similar to those used in the process of production of weapons of Tula arms factory).

Mystery .32

Percussion lock virtually unchanged passed «inherited» from the archaic capsule dulnozaryadnogo weapons to quite modern hunting guns.

What kind of gun? What model? You can definitely say that it is a previously unknown variety of models «B»Or TOZ-B 32-gauge, designed for hunting and fishing produced in late 1920 or the beginning of the 1930s. How many of these rifles were produced? Small, isolated instances. Quite possibly, it was a pilot batch manufactured by request an organization associated with the hunting, but due to some reason need This weapon has disappeared. Our gun was operated very short time, with its poorly cleaned and carelessly stored. This, in Specifically, the mark to say Butt end: on fishing gun on them and there would be trace after a few months of use.
It may seem that the TOZ-B — predecessor TOZ-50, from which «grew» more modern model. But it does not So: «fifties» It came much later, and structurally very different model. They are just the same caliber of the barrel.

Mystery .32

Fore-end TOZ-B 32-caliber for some reason removed, holes for screws neatly patched. At the same time on the back of the stock are present nezatertye technological stamp, indicating that the small-time operation of the gun.

Now such a weapon called the ladies of the small caliber lightweight. It’s misleading to become a part of hunting and everyday life almost became truth. But the ability to use the shot gun of small caliber — special art: No wonder it is called fishing. Fishers are not City Hunter emerging on day hunt. He goes Forest on long, while taking with a lot of supplies and equipment. Shotgun for him — professional tool, which must meet certain requirements. AND «mysterious» TOZ-B fully complies with them. I sincerely regret that such an excellent and weapons are not good went to and a series of its existence few people realize.

Mystery .32

TOZ-B 32-gauge. Today is unknown no documentary evidence on the issue of guns.

Rarity and Even the uniqueness of this rifle is not doubt. But raises questions about its performance: how good it in really?
Shooting guns showed remarkable accuracy and sharpness, which is not surprising: Tula trunks at all times were beyond praise.
Today to small calibers are from some prejudice, and at This is primarily due to wide spread of weapons under the cartridges .410 caliber. By Essentially, this is a purely «Infotainment», Hunting use which is rather limited.

Mystery .32

TOZ-B 32-gauge. Today is unknown no documentary evidence on the issue of guns.

Consider that the weapons of the 28th and .32 Intended for entertainment, you can not: it is full hunting rifles. They just require a hunter of skills that one
check in hunting season can not be obtained.

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