Naro-Fominsk zherlitsy

Naro-Fominsk zherlitsy

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This construct zherlitsy I spied one fisherman from Naro-Fominsk, with whom I was lucky enough to go fishing together. Alex caught her homemade zherlitsy and its companion — Shop «skeet». Interestingly, caught by their tails was 8: 3 in favor of homemade zherlitsy who were not only catching capacity, and… perhaps, let’s all in order.

Every year I try more and more zherlitsy. There are several podlednikov, there are so-called «flags on a platter»There homemade zherlitsy, there is even one American «tip up». All these zherlitsy I’m trying to catch, but whenever such attempts are random. For a long time I could not decide for themselves the main question –what design zherlitsy for me personally is the most convenient. I had long since decided for myself that I prefer such zherlitsy, which show bite. This makes catching momentum and excitement as opposed to systematic verification podlednikov.

But design «flags on a platter» I was very not happy. With «shot» zherlitsy plate strove to jump and roll over. Is pressed against the plate snow does not always work because of the banal lack of snow here in the Volgograd region. On top of that unpretentious reel snatch pike quickly threw the loop and fishing line tangled. You had something to do with it. Or modifying existing zherlitsy or acquire new ones.

In a nutshell, homemade zherlitsy, which will be discussed is an ordinary shaft length of 30-40 cm. At one end is fixed ordinary provodochnaya coil and the flag on the clock spring. One end zherlitsy stuck in snow or ice sludge obtained after the drilling of wells, and the other end of the coil and a flag sticking out well above the hole. I just wanted to fill up his collection zherlitsy, but everything turned out differently. On one of the fishings Alex demonstrated to me the specifics of fishing zherlitsy.

Infrequently, you know, see how fishermen run from one to another burning zherlitsy. When the bait fish once. When the bait pike tearing out of the hands when lowering it into the hole. How many shots – and do not count them. Of course, after that I was fishing rushed to the nearest store and bought provodochnyh coils 9 and 9 flags in the pantry «unearthed» a couple of pieces of wood and suitable to midnight managed to make 5 zherlitsy at the front by type «Naro-Fominsk». Stands I made a length of 40 cm. In the coils slightly unbent mounting foot, using a drill to drill a hole and self-tapping screws «planted» Coil on wooden racks.

The only thing I brought myself – coil is placed opposite. That is, in the working position the brake coil is not firmly locked, and Ratchet. Practice has shown that it is very convenient. Even when sometimes forgets to remove the spool of the brake ratchet not allow pike break snap. Looking ahead, I will say that after fishing, I had to further develop the coil. The fact that the coils, just bought in a shop have burrs on the spool by casting. These burrs and strive to captivate the line into the cabinet, and wound on the axis. I understood all the coils and removed these burrs. At the same time more carefully tightened the nuts, which are easy to unscrew the cold and falling snow.

Flags I pressed a wooden rack ordinary rubber bands for money, which are sold in stationery departments. Apparently, after a year they need to be replaced with new ones. Sami flags to the springs had to re-stick. What to do, these are the realities of modern mass production – the quality of care should be taken. At first there was a fishing incident: I left stranded Dolov bait and suddenly notice how the wind blows past me red flag… So some zherlitsy «fired»! Now such is possible, everything is kept tight.

What kind of fishing line to equip zherlitsy? This is a question I have decided hastily, and at night. I caught the eye of the fishing line Momoi Carp Line (0,4 mm – 15 kg). I think I’m going to catch a pike on live bait in the fall, sending them on a big float on driftwood in the water, but did not vouchsafed to such fishing. Unwinding 150 m made it possible to equip all 5 zherlitsy, which I did. I wound on each coil of 22 meters. For fishing in our floodplain lakes is enough. Perhaps the practice of fishing on the fishing line is still not enough, but I was completely arranged. At no time during the operation of the coil zherlitsy beard was not formed from the fishing line. That is, the line was not swells because of its rigidity. Not to say that she was very soft and had no memory. Slippery, strong, moderately flexible.

Another liked the color. Dark brown streak looked good on the white snow, and it has never caught on foot, neither I nor my friend. But most have triggered zherlitsy crowd of more than one angler. I’ve been a couple of times hitched foot colorless fishing line zherlitsy strangers. The wind does not hear shouts, and when you walk through the snow to the bucket of bait fish, lost in their thoughts, quietly pulling for a someone zherlitsy, which for some reason has been extracted from wells.

In general, it turned out that I was unfamiliar fishing line wrapped. And only when she liked my work, I got into the Internet to read about it. It turned out that his zherlitsy I wound monofilament fishing line with a multilayer structure having an optimum slip (for feeder fishing developed since), increased wear resistance (not prevent) the minimum visibility in the water (here I do not judge), and protection against freezing. The latter was a surprise, we were caught in the plus temperature and is absolutely not suffered freezing woods to the ice, but on these fishings, I’ll make sure this point. Another manufacturer claims some protection against UV rays. Well, time will tell.
For its nine firm MarkFish zherlitsy I sewed a special bag, which is convenient to put themselves zherlitsy and flags. With this bag has become even more convenient to set and collect zherlitsy.

Alexey Kolomiets December 22, 2014 at 13:48

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