Not disdain cormorant

     Many hunters coming autumn in the Volga delta on the coast, probably repeatedly seen a string of cormorants or departing to places of feeding or returning for the night. Of course, hearing from the rangers and local residents that the meat smell of fish cormorant hunters try not to shoot them.

     But sometimes there are such situations when there is simply no other game. That diving ducks focus on open stretches where the hunter nowhere to hide, the other reasons are forcing him to only watch the gulls and cormorants flying by.
     We must make a reservation that cormorants Ponizova in two types — large and small. Great Cormorant — one of the most common birds of the Volga delta, in contrast to the small, which is rare and banned for shooting.
Looking at the cormorant, we can immediately identify the features of its environment. The long beak with a hook on the end, with webbed paws talk about adaptation to life in the aquatic environment and the nature of power. Cormorant — Ichthyophagi, ie It feeds exclusively on fish. He’s a great diver, able to stay under water for a few minutes and swim long distances. Weight cormorant — up to three kilograms. Wingspan — more than one meter. The plumage is black with a metallic luster. Only in the spring, during the breeding season, there have cormorant white feathers on the neck and sides of the abdomen, above the shin. In the words of the local hunters’ Cormorant he wears the pants. » Cormorant nests large settlements, the so-called colonies, which are located in trees or reed creases. According to the number of nests of the colony are very large. For example, at the site of the Astrakhan Reserve Obzhorovsky number of cormorant nests than 8 thousand. But typically several hundred colonies nests. Creek cormorant — a hoarse croak. In laying usually 4-5 eggs. Chicks are born naked, after four weeks of incubation by both parents. Adult birds fledge half-digested fish. Chicks in the nest are about a month, then begin to climb the branches. By the end of the second month of life, the chicks begin to fly and find food on their own. The breeding grounds are kept until the end of the summer, arriving here for the night. Sit cormorants trees with full goiters, resting, wings spread as flags, dried them. After all, unlike ducks and geese, cormorants feathers are not greased and quickly get wet. Therefore, poultry and dried after each feeding. Cormorants fly away for the winter in Azerbaijan and Iran. Hold them in the delta until frost.
     As a hunter can not agree that the Cormorant — game of the second grade, but at the same time it is suitable for human consumption, especially the skillful preparation. On a typical shulyum what we are used to prepare from ducks and coots, cormorants will not do. However, if produced with cormorant Skinned with the subcutaneous layer of fat (and the bad smell was in it), remove the esophagus and stomach, as well as cut the lower part of the body above the base of the tail, the cormorant is quite digestible meat.
     We only need to soak it 2-3 hours in salted water with vinegar. It is also often prepare and hare carcass. That’s cormorant, braised (not boiled) with spices (bay leaf, pepper, spices), but with stewed potatoes, and under the goblet, then very well.
     The procedure for removing the skins with proper preparation can take no more than five minutes. Prior to this, it is necessary to take a piece of twine or string, make a loop at one end, into which the threaded head and tightened the noose around his neck. The other end tied to a knot or attached to something, hanging bird. The wings and legs removed at the first joint, the lower loop around the neck incision extending along the chest. Then the skin is removed and trimmed stocking above the base of the tail. Esophagus, stomach, intestines removed. The carcass is cut into four pieces and soaked. After soaking quenched with a small amount of water for an hour. The young cormorant meat is much more tender. Young cormorants are easily distinguished from the old and white abdomen (old completely black). From personal experience I know that, if necessary, of the cormorant can be cooked stew, which is rolled up in a glass jar is stored for several months. According to the stories of old residents, during the War of cormorants made canned meat and supplied the hospitals, of which there were many in Astrakhan.
     I would add that the cormorant is very strong on the wound and can podranok zanyrnut, after which it will be hard to take. Therefore, it is necessary to shoot no more than 30-35 meters fraction number 3 or even 2. And yet — mined bird easier and better tear immediately or after a short time. Good luck!

Dmitry BONDAREV29 May 2007 at 14:22

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