Once again about monsters

Keep in mind that hunting through our huge hands held a unique zoological material. Each animal is unique! Perhaps after you extracted animal or bird in nature will not be the same the other!

Once again about monsters

Our fleeting time gives us more and more amazing «discoveries». One well-known magazine has written about capercaillie weighing 8 kg 100 g How to treat a sensational publication? Especially that the journal was written earlier about the hunter who shot wood pigeon, then ringdove (and this is one kind of — Columba palumbus).

But one thing — the simple story of the hunter, and quite another — article bears the famous explorer, doctor of biological sciences VS Pazhetnova. In domestic ornithological literature is an indication of prof. AS Malczewski (1951), which «They have the greatest weight Pribaikalskaya capercaillie. Weight males to 5.7 kg, coach weighing 6–6.5 kg are very rare.

Author section «chicken» in the multi-volume «Fauna of the USSR» Sc.D. RL Potapov (1990) writes: «One of the myths about hunting Capercaillie related to the size of these birds. Even now… you can hear the assurances of some hunters on the production of birds, if not in a peck of weight, it really is close to 10 kg. Such a mass for the capercaillie — fantastic when you consider that the average weight of the male spring is 4 kg small.

This led me to carefully examine the accuracy of such messages, browse the extensive scientific literature, and now I can confidently testify, record weight for capercaillie, reliably reported, at the moment, — 6450 city Such was the weight of two or three birds caught in the west area (in Central Europe) and the east (in the Trans-Baikal), and it is many thousands of carefully measured and weighed the birds! Yet reports of mining grouse larger mass should be attributed to the usual hunting… «exaggerations».  

So the data on the weight of the capercaillie, published not a simple hunter, and a doctor of biological sciences, have forced us to turn to the author for clarifications. On what scale is weighted: kettlebell, Bezmenov, spring? What is the degree of reliability? If weighed separately goiter? What he was filled? At what time of the year, the day was produced bird? The geographical location of production?  

Dear Valentin Sergeyevich graciously replied that unique grouse is sourced 10–November 13th, 1959 on the left, the marsh side of the Yenisei River, 650 km downstream of Krasnoyarsk (pos. Krivlyak Yenisei region). «We weighed it on a normal postal scales. Of course, no survey of this bird was conducted, there was no notion of some kind of registration. Capercaillie and grouse! On the uniqueness of the instance I thought only when he began to study the hunting-knowledge. So all the words and no scientific evidence» — said, VA Pazhetnov.  

We doubted the possibility of hare weight of 50 pounds (20 kg). So far, we know the maximum weight of 7 kg hare was 900 But here we get very reliable information that near St. Petersburg bagged hare, weighing 11 kg 360 g rusachina That’s not what the Ukraine, in the south! Still, it is almost twice less than 20 kg!  

When I wrote about the weight of mute swan, I secretly kept in the memory of a message in the Polish ornithological literature that male mute swan can reach a weight of 22 kg, and the female 11 kg («Fauna Poland». Volume III — «Birds». Polish Academy of Sciences, 1977). However, this is not Russia, but also the neighbors of Poland, East Germany, indicates the weight of only 9.5 kg (Wolfgang Makatsch, 1969). And in Latvia, where the mute swan nests, too, scientists have not observed such epic proportions (mass).

The flagship of our hunting periodicals magazine «Fishing and hunting» number 2 in 2010 provides data on the number and weight of the swans, indicating that the mute swan weighs 13–15 kg, and its numbers in Europe 250 thousand individuals. This puts an end to the arguments about the weight of mute 22.5 kg.  

Do not be lazy to inspect and weigh each has got to pet your hands. All observations should be written down, rather than relying on your memory. The personal diary or journal hunting — it is an invaluable document that you are also 10–20 years will read with lively interest.

Modest Kalinin21 May 2014 at 00:00

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