Path Russian hunting — a subjective opinion

… In October 2013, in the Tver region, in the afternoon, a pair of wolves (seasoned with a wolf) almost openly hides right in the village of my husky.

Path Russian hunting - a subjective opinion

…In the spring, even on the ice, I climbed to the island, completely cut off from the world, and after the opening of the river during the floods. And while here on Zaimka not got over the shepherds with a herd, I was then full owner. Languages ​​my stretched six vents in length and two to three in width. I kept watch in waterlogged willow geese, ducks shot spills, blocked the duct networks. Lack of people – This feeling of inaccessibility to their wiles.
Oleg Volkov, «Enshrouded in darkness».

Bright sunshine, the weather was beautiful. My friend and Condi-Shaman out of grouse. Carefully examine the area for signs of – the village got into the habit to walk brazen bear. Primer garden just outside the house, vdёt the forest, where it comes from an animal. No trace – Only the recent bearish heap. But when he returned after 3-4 hours, it is there, next to the morning traces of huskies, clear prints wolf paw – skololis still gray in this place, they found themselves.

It is clear that the Shaman night slept in the hut, and not on the street, in spite of its active protest. In the morning, wolf tracks were on the far end of the plowed in the winter garden. The reason for this, in my opinion, is the same: the absence of the main component of the wolf’s diet – wild boar, virtually cut off for several years the regional authorities, in the prevention of manic ASF.

The consequences here they are: in the midst of chernotropa (!) Day (!), 300 km from Moscow, wolves agree well in quiet residential village, without fearing to the same 2 people with guns. But it is logical and natural. It would seem that a particular example, a trifle. He says a lot.

System destruction of wild boar in the Tver region lasted the full non-interference of the RF Ministry of Natural Resources and its ohotdepartamenta. Only recently the minister Don somewhere «He stood up for the wild boar» — When those no longer exists. On the consequences of his intercession so nothing is known.

I believe that hunting, as a sector of the economy, destroyed the liberal reformism heirs «immortal teachings» Gaidar and his European-American guru. Activities of the hunting authorities in the field of hunting and hunting (OiOH) – no more than a haircut cats: squeal a lot, a little wool. Today OiOH concentrated in two official structures. It said the Ministry of Environment and the Association of POPC. In them I see two incompetent and inefficient body in charge of Russian hunting.

Ohotdepartament Ministry of Natural Resources — stillborn entity known as a dependent education, traditionally «fastened» in another department (after the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation with veterinarians yes phytosanitary). The activities of this body, as well as most «the body»Of which he is hunting and the hunters do good for all time the existence not given. Opposite – aggravated the situation. Motivated by the transfer of epochal «exploits» Office:

  • Forcible introduction OBEFO with openly illegal condition of information about a conviction.
  • Forced and inspired drawing Russia in AEWA.
  • Punching the idea of ​​so-called «production control» in the grounds and «public» hunt inspectors.

This is when, for example, a former hero of criminal wars of the last century, and now the elite of society, bought a bit of land on the occasion (often with poludohly village), myself and a friend on a fun, calling-designed it all «private game farm»He hired as «gamekeepers» some lumpen ready for servitude master everything.

That they now have the right to check the documents of persons who wandered in with ruzhishkom aristocratic land and transfer their «materials» to law enforcement agencies. And that — production control, you know!

By the way, how many of these controllers will be with the criminal history is unknown, although easy to imagine. But check the documents they OBEFO holders who do not have criminal records of citizens who – no doubt — will be more and delay (here as easily foreseen specific situations and their consequences).

  • Berlozhnyh bans hunting with simultaneous sacralization bear hunting (This is the inheritance of the princes… need for self-affirmation…). As a result of population growth, and as a consequence, the increasing attacks on human bears, «problem» Bears from human dwellings northern and eastern areas of the country, what is regularly reported in the media.

The same priority in the construction of hunting ungulates (elk and wild boar, deer, elk), which currently revolves around just about anything in hunting, including lawmaking. For what pushed back hard and endangered hunting with hounds, huskies, melochnitsami with, and in some places — even with gun dog: «hunting grounds users» jealously guard the peace ungulates his main «breadwinners», Which organize commercial hunting.

This indulgence of development «pig hunting»As well as a captive quasi-hunting, led to the almost complete disappearance of the hare, ground nesting birds hunting devoured (especially during the breeding season) omnivorous wild boar.

  • «Famous» distance from the water’s edge when hunting waterfowl.
  • Dates of opening and duration of mass spring hunting.
  • Last bureaucracy documentation procedures permitting hunting, new and meaningless forms of these documents; the requirement of passport data, TIN, and hardly any great-grandmother’s maiden name for the discharge permit to hunt, – OBEFO the presence of, among others (check SMERSH defector because the front line is resting!). Needless to say, the ground for bribery is delightfully fertile. And only here?
  • The introduction of the Russian language, in the formulation of laws and other regulations, fixing them with a glossary of terms and set phrases that hardly perceived by the brain of the normal average person (the famous «bird language» legislation – the achievement of democracy!). But we are talking about legislation that must be understood is not often tempted people – simple hunters. Do you think they overpower such texts and word freaks?
  • Intentional self-elimination from any reaction to the cases of resonance with the so-called poaching VIPs — Helicopter shot argali in the Altai team nobles led by presidential envoy to the Duma Kosopkin, poaching of ungulate group of some sort «cuts» and resource of top managers in Dmitrov and Zaraysk, immediately subsequent to the prosecution and the court for the rangers, who dared to be honest prevent violations of the law.

You can continue. But, I think, not worth it.

RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz Association. This structure, in contrast to the previous, long ago outlived its – the essence and concept.

However, the side grip clinging to the sinking, but laden with a myriad good, OiOH vessel. In the face of POPC see any intentional maintenance of state power (useful because: cloudy water – good to catch fish) some quite bizarre and incomprehensible education. And indeed, like public organization…

But somehow a separate state, functions and huge land areas throughout the country and freely trading in the federal property – objects of the animal world as their own. However, neither the hunting public, no ordinary hunters have no effect on the activity of «Public» the organization can not provide for the definition, namely in connection with the conversion of blessed memory in the notorious POPC POPC Association, which now deals only with legal entities (companies R & R).

Active Association for the hunters again turned into empty space, though serviceable receipt of contributions from this faceless mass largely form the budget of the Association, providing, for example, very good life of its functionaries. What the heck? We live in Bantustans, by the rules? One would like to use slang: «Some left office, in kind!»

…Since the beginning of the 90s stretches spell: «The market will regulate everything!». No sir, no way. And it has long been obvious – so that the words are superfluous. The policy also states reduced to obsessive desire to convey everything with which it can not (will not) deal in saving, in their view, private hands. Oh, they’re wrong! Even longing takes.

…I often argue — in the affirmative: «Glavohotu not recreate!». And added textbook: «No money». But why? – I ask and ask justification. And also I add that now created a myriad of all sorts «Federal Agencies», Different gos and growth «Supervisors». «adjustments», Threatening committees and departments — regularly otkushivayuschih budget (although, happen that, just try, find among them responsible or guilty!).

Path Russian hunting - a subjective opinion

Velvet season in the north. Photo by the author

So, for some reason, you can create, and only hunting central board with effective experiences for some reason you can not revive… Finally, it is ridiculous. I never get an answer.

So I do not doubt that:

  • Ministry of Natural Resources Department of hunting should be immediately abolished — as a useless, incompetent and a dependent, and undesirable for the Russian hunting structure. At the Ministry of Natural Resources to remove all features hunting management of Russia as his unusual, with which it can not cope by definition, as well as a multi-functional agency. None of the current leading cadres of the Ministry of Environment and its ohotdepartamenta can not hold leadership positions in the new structure, which should be and must be created.
  • The Association POPC have to remove everything, without exception, hunting grounds; deprive him of the right to sell the federal property – hunting animals for the purpose of hunting. For example, MGOOiR not have their land, does not trade in hunting. And what of it? Never mind. He is respected, it is beautiful there. So you can somehow without land and trade licenses for prey? Ask about it at AP Kaledin – scientist, university teacher, a hunter, a public figure and writer. I have the honor be to MGOOiR and experience the pleasure of communicating with its chairman.

In connection with the foregoing, I propose the concept of the vision of transformation, preservation and development of hunting and hunting business in Russia:

1. Controls, organizational and legal foundations for their activities.

It is necessary to create a single and independent Federal Center, self-administering all, without exception, the issues of hunting and hunting in Russia on the basis of the uniformity – by type Glavohoty USSR (hereinafter and conditionally – «Glavrosohota»), Which should take the whole learning experience by applying it to the conditions of modern realities.

This body is completely independent, is not included in any of the executive branch. Participation in the so-called «public-private partnership» not provided. Submission: President of the Russian Federation, direct and immediate. This body is endowed with the fullness of power and competence in the field of amateur and professional hunting and recreational fishing.

He is the only managerial and scientific-methodical center whose orders, directions and recommendations are binding on all individuals and legal entities engaged in hunting and artisanal fishing in the territory of the Russian Federation — irrespective of the nationality of natural persons, their property, social position and status, and regardless of country of the legal person.


General Administration — is stationed in Irkutsk, perhaps in the city of Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, and Moscow. It has territorial control in the capital of subjects of the Russian Federation, and the grassroots units (regional / inter-regional). Submission strictly vertical. No addictions of all levels «Glavrosohoty» from local authorities, including the management of entities is not provided.

Goals and objectives.

  • Development and implementation of state policy in the field of development of hunting, fishing and hunting.
  • Promotion of hunting and fishing, as a cultural and social aspects of the life and existence of the Russian people and Russian ethnic groups.
  • Achieving and maintaining an appropriate level of diversity of fauna of Russia, the increase in the number of game animals and wildlife, not related to hunting (endangered, specially protected, etc.).
  • Development and implementation of hunting and fishing laws, changes and amendments. Creating a maximum uniformity of legislative framework in the field of hunting and fishing — on the entire territory of the Russian Federation, in order to avoid parochialism and separatism and tyranny of local officials, the eradication of corruption and bribery.
  • State wildlife protection. Control and supervisory functions in the field of professional and amateur hunting and recreational fishing, environmental and sanitary surveillance of areas related to hunting and fishing – everywhere. This activity is based on the Constitution and in accordance with administrative, criminal procedure and criminal law, and the federal laws of the Russian Federation.
  • Ohotoustroitelnaya activities, analysis and examination of the hunting and fishing grounds.
  • Regulation of the number of hunting and game species in order to Epizootic, sanitary and environmental well-being on the territory of the Russian Federation, the conservation of species diversity and balance, as well as prevent the negative impact of wild animals on the environment, life, work and life of humans (as is the case in cases of beaver in the present situation with rabies distemper — primarily foxes and raccoon dogs, etc.).
  • Ensuring the availability of hunting for all citizens of the Russian Federation, respect for and protection of their rights in the exercise of legitimate hunting (within departmental jurisdiction), security and the rights of foreign hunters in the exercise of legitimate hunting in Russia.
  • Providing conditions for quick and easy registration documents hunters for hunting – the whole territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Implementation of conduct of hunting and fishing, breeding of game and fish strictly to the principles of the state and the interests of citizens of the Russian Federation, scientific-methodical, scientific-practical and organizational activities.
  • Creation and maintenance of the state forest field-hunting farms (gloh) and game-hunting farms (HRP) on the entire territory of the Russian Federation, with the functions assigned to them by ohotustroystvu, dicherazvedeniyu, accounting wildlife bandwidth land, control of epizootic situation, but without the right to organization of commercial hunting activities.
  • Creation, maintenance and expansion of the entire territory of the same type (in the organizational and methodological point of view) of stationary and mobile Jaeger state hunting and fishing items (EGORP), the purpose of which is: optimization procedures for receiving and processing of documents for the right to hunt, bandwidth control land, Tracking the status of populations of hunting and fishing fauna, illegal felling of the forest and the organization of illegal landfills.
  • Development and introduction of clear procedures and criteria for accounting animals, unification of procedures and bringing them to the greatest possible uniformity.
  • Control of the circulation of fur and fur products in the territory of the Russian Federation, including wholesale and retail trade.
  • The development and implementation of state policy hard to counter the so-called environmental or exalted animal protection organizations acting against the interests of Russia and Russian hunters, but in the interests of foreign companies and corporations like «Greenpeace». Conducting counter-propaganda against demagoguery antioohotnichih various movements and organizations pursuing their own selfish ends, acting under the cover of slogans about animal rights.
  • The contents of existing and creation of new reserves and sanctuaries, their protection; protection of specially protected areas (PAs), created by the relevant decisions of the federal authorities or the subjects of the Russian Federation. The entire security of these areas must be carried out «Glavrosohotoy»And none more – in order to avoid inter-departmental confusion, mutual buck, as well as to the maximum to avoid the waste of, or inability to control the budget by various departments, formally responsible for the protection of protected areas, but in reality, inactive at public expense.
  • In order to improve its performance «Glavrosohota» working closely with relevant research institutes, universities, relevant non-core departments of universities of Russia with foreign scientific-practical and scientific organizations.
  • «Glavrosohota» It is the only managerial, organizational and methodological and scientific-practical center of the Federal hunting dog breeding in Russia. It carries out control and supervision of breeding, hunting using hunting dogs breeding work, the book leads VPKOS; It provides the most favorable conditions for hunting with dogs – huskies, beagles, Norn, greyhounds, cops and Spaniels – as the most used by Russian hunters, fully contributes to the development and preservation of domestic breeds of hunting dogs. «Glavohota» conducts international cooperation in matters of hunting dog breeding, control the import and use of hunting dogs from abroad – in order to avoid the negative effects of hereditary genetic and physiological nature of working in the domestic breeds of hunting dogs, adverse effect on the quality of their work. In it are run by specialized nurseries like Irkutsk, Kirov VNIOZ the Soviet period, which is necessary to create, at the same time returning to the hunting dog breeding kennel – instead the club has not justified itself. Club dog breeding remains at under full control «Gdavrosohoty» Delegation «Glavrosohotoy» powers for the hunting dog in any non-governmental organizations, such as RKF (FCI), POPC, or MOOiR RWC, etc., is excluded, in whole or in part – except when the organization (assistance in the organization, participation in the equity) of certain activities that clearly limited by the types of exhibitions, competitions or tests. At the same time the organization of refereeing and the procedure for such actions are a prerogative of unconditional «Glavohoty».
  • «Glavrosohote» must have its own departmental organ of the electronic version, is the media, among other main purpose of which is to open promptly informing the population about the activities of the Russian Federation «Glavrosohoty», State hunting economy and hunting, changes in profile and related legislation.

Path Russian hunting - a subjective opinion

Red devils. Photo by the author


Because of the state budget. In addition, the inspector-Jaeger part of employees (ie, exercising on a regular basis its activities directly to the lands – to the staff of the department is not the case!) it is also possible to fund additional, earmarked, due to:

  1. direction of the target as deductions of the tax revenues from business activities of individuals and entities engaged in the trade of hunting and fishing gear, hunting and fishing tourism in the territory of the Russian Federation, providing various services to hunters and fishermen (but not related to the immediate process of hunting / fishing hunters and fishermen — for example: Repair of hunting weapons and ammunition, arms trade, weapon tuning, ranging services, accommodation, meals, entertainment, on preservation of trophies and products of hunting, taxidermy, a special edition of the subject literature, including hunting periodicals, etc.). At the same time these tax agents should enjoy significant benefits.
  2. direction of at least one third of the amount of one-time payments of annual hunting or fishing, or fishing and hunting fee to be paid by each hunter, a fisherman, a hunter, a fisherman in the federal budget (or better at the expense of «Glavrosohoty» or its territorial offices in the subjects of the Russian Federation). Control of spending these allocations be conducted by the competent authorities, with the obligatory participation of representatives of hunting and fishing community, the frequency of inspections 1 time in 2 years. Thus, it will be possible to eliminate the age-old, boring everybody sobs inspector-hunter service (in this case, «Glavrosohoty») Regarding the lack of fuel and lubricants for official vehicles and related speculations about the impossibility of this to carry out effective protection of wetlands.
  • Given the social importance for the population of the Russian Federation of hunting, fishing and gathering wild plants, with «Glavrosohote» to act on a permanent basis of the Public Council, composed of the most authoritative and respected members of the hunting and fishing community and public figures of Russia who are not hunters and fishermen, but appreciate a healthy lifestyle, wildlife, sympathetic and loyal to the hunters and fishermen. All crucial decisions «Glavrosohoty» taken only after consultation with the Public Council, which, in turn, can be agreed only after the last broad public discussion – by voting.


Provision of the staff inspector-Jaeger composition and social guarantees for them.

  • «Glavrosohota» forms a professional staff of employees (game wardens, biologists, biologists, zoologists, ichthyologists, ecologists, lawyers). Provided direction and targeted training in specialized educational institutions in the direction of future employees «Glavrosohoty» and its territorial offices, with full or partial funding for targeted education in public schools and a mandatory 5-year working off of the profession in the Office of graduates trained for a full account, 3 years – for partial tuition. It is also advisable to ask the government of the Russian Federation for the return of the public distribution system for graduates of specialized secondary and higher education, graduated from the budget department or faculty on specialty «hunting-».

For the head of the central board and the territorial divisions «Glavrosohoty» can not be assigned to persons who have no higher or secondary professional education («hunting expert». «Game Biologists». «biologist». «zoologist»), And in the composition of the inspector-Jaeger – persons who do not have higher or secondary special education on these specialties, as well as the specialty «jurisprudence».

  • «Glavrosohota» conducts training novice hunters and fishermen on the basis of specific departmental training centers, the divisions: «Hunting animals». «Ecology». «Fundamentals of hunting and fishing legislation». «Treatment of hunting weapons». «Veterinary science». «Health care». Graduates of the center pass the exam, and then get the right to firearms hunting weapons with smooth or rifled barrel, but not automatic. Automatic smoothbore and rifled guns can be acquired only said nationals after 5 years of ownership of non-automatic hunting rifle, not subject to the commission of crimes related to illicit trafficking in weapons, drugs, illegal hunting, crimes against life and health, hooliganism with a weapon). Bodies of the Ministry of Interior should be excluded from the regulation of hunting weapons, acquired by citizens for the purpose of hunting. Long-barreled hunting weapons purchased for self-defense, remains the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior.
  • In the performance of their duties these officers should be provided with all the rights, powers and responsibilities which are provided to employees patrol, department of private security services and precinct inspectors of the Ministry of Interior; Rules of compilation (and later review by authorized officers of the relevant departments «Glavrosohoty», Decision-making on them) protocols on administrative violations in the field of professional and amateur hunting, fishing, recreational and sport fishing.

Self-stimulation and the investigation of criminal cases is excluded. But the materials for the initiation of criminal cases related to crimes in the sphere of hunting, fishing, ecology, arms trafficking, production of hunting, against the interests of hunters and fishermen, against wildlife, etc. crimes should be sent only to the prosecuting authorities or the RF IC (in any case, the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

In this period of pre-investigation and the decision to initiate criminal proceedings or refusal to initiate, given the specific nature of conditions and circumstances of these crimes, the constant possibility of effective and permanent loss of physical evidence and clues (intentionally, recklessly, or for other reasons) should not exceed 10 days.

Need to develop and relevant amendments to the Administrative Code, Criminal Procedure Code and the Criminal Code. Excluded transfer any legal entities and individuals, even a small part of the powers and rights provided for inspection staff «Glavrosohoty». Any natural or legal persons may participate in the activities «Glavrosohoty» solely as volunteers, and subject to rigid restrictions and clearly marked with the regulation of their activities in a given situation.

Path Russian hunting - a subjective opinion

The responsibility for the attempt on the life and health of employees «Glavrosohoty» in the performance of their duties last, attempt on the life and health of their families, the threat of such attacks (including their families), intentional destruction or damage of their personal property, or the threat thereof, resisting officers «Glavrosohoty» or insult them in the performance of their duties, disobeying their legitimate demands should be prosecuted criminally, in complete analogy with the way prescribed by law for such actions against the police officers or FSSP (Federal Bailiffs Service).

However, offenses and crimes committed by employees «Glavrosohoty» using his official position, crimes against wildlife, the environment, the interests of hunters and fishermen, both committed in the performance of official duties, and the off-duty time shall be grounds for the application to them tougher sanctions by the court in determining the measure of responsibility. Membership of the offender or the offender to the number of current employees of the agency at the time of the administrative or criminal actions should be regarded by the court as an aggravating circumstance.

  • Package of social guarantees for employees inspektrosko-Jaeger and staff departments authorized to initiate and consider cases on administrative offenses in the sphere of hunting, hunting, and fishing, and submit materials to the prosecutor and the investigating committee for the initiation of criminal proceedings shall be similar to that for employees police and bailiffs.

Supervision of the activities inspektrosko-Jaeger ended the rule of law and respect for its employees in the performance of their official duties to carry out only the prosecutor’s office and the investigation of crimes committed by employees produces only the Russian Investigative Committee.

2. Other issues of hunting economy and Russian hunting to be addressed.

A) Cancellation h. 2 Article 9 of the Constitution, according to which «Land and other natural resources may be in private, state, municipal and other forms of property» — Land and other resources of the people can and must be the property of the people, because they are, as stated in Part 1 of the same article, «the basis of life and activity of the peoples living in the area». Thus it should be eliminated and glaring contradiction contained in this article of the Constitution.

B) Everyone, without exception, hunting grounds in the Russian Federation should be available to the public – as a national treasure and the conditions for maintaining social and cultural identity of the multinational Russian people.

Private hunting areas are subject to liquidation as a phenomenon, as the interests of a tiny group of people can not prevail over the interests of the majority of the population of the territories and a giant of a great country. — Words frazelogicheskie momentum and concepts like: «ohotpolzovanie». «Private hunting». «wildlife and ascribed to hunting». «hunting resources». «Production control hunting»And other verbal and conceptual delights chinotvortsev, as well as the name kilometer laws and institutions must disappear from hunting (and other) life of Russia, as well as a glossary of the legislation, but the main thing – vocabulary and minds of hunters. Citizens of the country, the owners of which they are formally!

B) Hunting for unlicensed game species should be free everywhere, limiting the amount of output produced per animal only objective state of the population of each individual type of hunting. Under «by free» It refers to a one-time annual payment for the right to hunt on non-licensed game species, and throughout Russia. Shall be paid not later than he had on January 25 of this year, in any branch of any bank in any payment terminals in Russia.

It should be taken into account that, unlike other countries in the world of hunting, taking of game in Russia is much more difficult — due to climatic factors, the complexity and inaccessibility most of the land, including in the European part of the country.

You can not compare the conditions of hunting and the amount available for hunting game, for example, in Hungary, in Africa or in North America with those in Russia. Consider that for many Russian amateur hunters hunt more often — the way of unity with nature, rather than a desire to successful production of hunting animals and birds.

On the licensed game species provides a single payment in each case, but within reasonable limits. Price sets «Glavrosohota».

D) Restoration of fur auction in St. Petersburg (Leningrad auction) and the creation of two new auctions – in Moscow and Irkutsk, in order to promote the world’s Russian fur and fur compete successfully with foreign producers.

The revival of interest in the population of the Russian Federation and abroad to pushnomehovym articles pushnomehovogo rescue craft, as the basis of life of whole peoples or Russian bases vital interests of thousands of hunters, engaged in production of fur – professional or amateur, but in order to implement in the future produced skins. Reconstruction and development of the network throughout the procurement agency of the Russian Federation, with the presence in their state acceptance inspector pushnomehovogo qualified raw materials and other products of hunt.

This will give ample opportunity to take local people depressed areas, to keep it in place, to engage in economic-economic activities, and as a result, give an impetus to the development of the territory.

D) The legislative review for the liberalization of acquisition and registration of hunting weapons. Withdrawal of the Interior Ministry functions permitting Mr acquisition, possession and carrying of hunting weapons, placing them «Glavrosohote». Enter merely notification, but a mandatory procedure for the notification of hunters «Glavrosohoty» the acquisition, sale, loss, gift, inheritance (by law or the will) of hunting weapons.

That is, the hunter is obliged to notify of any changes in their «weapon status» bodies «Glavrosohoty» – immediately upon the occurrence of one of the above situations, no later than 10 days. Owner thus bears full responsibility for the information communicated, and the timeliness of their submission. If necessary, the police or the court seeks the right information at the «Glavohoty».

Control of rifle shooting cancel as profanity and simulation control, or hold it once in 10-15 years at the simplified scheme. At the same time take into account that all legal rifles sellers realized after recharging base pulegilzoteki Interior Ministry data on every barrel that the vast majority of rifle is not used with such intensity that changes ballistic and trasological signs it, and ammunition.

Also bear in mind that the statistics of criminal use of a legal hunting weapons, compared with the use of illegal, is negligible, since the Soviet period. Amending the Law «On Weapons».

E) to conduct a full audit of the general positive law (ie, the current legislation) in OiOH necessary to implement all the changes and amendments initiated by the hunting community. Change the name of the current Federal Law №209 «On the hunt…» FL at «On hunting and hunting in Russia»Radically revise its – with obligatory involvement of qualified practitioners and scholars in the field of game management, biological science and law, members of the public – but not nearly random people, as is the case with the development of the current version of the law, even when the legislative process has directed the person did not have the slightest relation to hunting and hunters.

Path Russian hunting - a subjective opinion

F) Adjustments and changes in the rules of getting game – to bring them to reality and practice, and not to a state of absurdity.

B) the maximum simplification and optimization of acquisition hunters and fishermen the right to exercise hunting and fishing. Complete change of forms and forms of documentation – towards simplification. The process of registration and receipt should take a few minutes and does not create extreme inconvenience to hunters and officials of hunting. The same applies to the registration of the results of the hunt.

Ii) The distribution of licenses for licensed game species in the region should be carried out only «Glavrosohotoy», Based on information from its regional offices. The distortion of such information in order to increase production quotas, must be provided for administrative and criminal responsibility, with significant penalties for officials deliberately distorted data and their leaders.

C) Decision on the accession of the Russian Federation or non-alignment to all international agreements in the field of hunting should be done openly, publicly, with obligatory involvement of the public, and under the auspices of «Glavrosohoty». It should also consultants from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, etc.

A) All possible state promotion of hunting and fishing as a way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the acquisition of skills for survival, life safety training service in the army, etc., as well as facilitate the formation conditions of a normal heterosexual person.

M) The development of shooting sports, hunting around, the network stands and shooting galleries in Russia.

H) Adding to the list of hunting dog breeding animals indicated in the Federal Law on livestock breeding (chicken, cow and pig made and a hunting dog – no). Keeping the classic Russian hunting with a dog (husky, hound, greyhound) from the onslaught of commercial «pig» and for the organization of hunting elk. It should be at the state level to avoid any attempts by international canine organizations or individuals to discredit the domestic breeds of hunting dogs, both in the world and in Russia itself, unauthorized renaming of domestic breeds of these organizations and their agents, acting on the territory of the Russian Federation (foreign agents), conducting policy rejection and denial in Russia and beyond its borders domestic breeds and denial of their Russian origin, as is the case with the Karelian-Finnish (Karelian) husky – This breed is in the foreign agent — RKF (FCI) is called «Finnish Spitz»And the absolute priority of Finland in the creation of this breed is presented as an axiom. You should also exclude unauthorized rename rocks, as was the case in MOOiR in 2010. against Karelian Bear Dog, renamed «Karelian».

================================================== ======================

Once again, I stress – Here are solely my opinion. I do not impose it. But I am sure that this (or nearly so) should be. It proposed a project. It aims for the benefit of Russian hunting – Holy things for me.

Please — Fill up, shred and critic. But at least something to do, and perhaps move the. The sobs about how good it was then, «When Russia was free, and a penny worth goose»How beautiful were once so ohotobschestva mutual slёzoizliyaniya vests in long been tired. Just as sick of the barren, melancholy-aggressive whining about the outrages of the moment.

…By the way, Condi Shaman then drove me from a young pine forest grouse cock, I got one, only the day shot.

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